Top Ten Rush Songs Hardcore Fans Want to See Live


The Top Ten

1 The Fountain of Lamneth

Although everybody would love to see the full majesty of 2112 live in concert again, I think it's just a bit too much for each of the members at their age, especially for Geddy's voice. Even if they could all perform it, I think the hardcore fans would like to see this. The Fountain of Lamneth is a great composition that should have been played live in every tour. - lavillaof2112

Lets face it guys... People that disagree with this being number 1 just don't understand it or just haven't heard it. Hopefully the guys will continue after R40 and treat the fans to at least one part of this epic song. - zachary14

2 2112

We need to see the whole story to truly appreciate this life-changing song. - zachary14

3 Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

The whole damn thing... Including vocals. - zachary14

4 The Necromancer

For the truly hardcore Prog Rock Rush fans out there, Caress of Steel is a favorite of ours that simply does not receive the attention that it deserves from the members of Rush. Granted this track is very Spinal Tap at its moments, but most of us hardcore fans don't care if it sounds dated. - zachary14

5 A Farewell to Kings

This is one of their best, if not their best, album openers. So why not make it an epic show opener. - zachary14

6 Fly by Night/In the Mood

Here are two songs that I was surprised they didn't revive for R40... I mean COME ON! The whole way the show was laid out for R40... This would have fit in perfect. Oh well, maybe one day. - zachary14

7 Different Strings
8 Broon's Bane/the Trees
9 Cygnus X-1
10 In the End
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