Top Ten Russian Video Game Characters

In Soviet Russia, Videogame play you.

Tired jokes aside, these characters are usually very extreme or comical, probably because of how stereotypically thick the Russian accent is and that all Russian men are buff basically. Anyway, there isn't much to say here, so please enjoy the Top Ten Russian Videogame Characters.

The Top Ten

1 Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2) Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2)

I am Heavy weapon's guy
And this is my gun.

I am heavy weapons guy

He's a funny guy

I love this guy his meet the viedio is what got me into tf2 :3

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2 Zangief (Street Fighter Series) Zangief (Street Fighter Series)

I don't know much about Street Fighter - but Zangief is supposed to be really well liked so I plopped him here. His muscular build and thick accent solidify him as a true Russian. - DapperPickle

€If Zangief wasn’t villain, why would he crush mans head like sparrow egg between * slaps thighs * thighs? ” The famous quote from Zangief. - IceFoxPlayz

3 Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid Series)

Again, I don't play much MGS, so I can't really say why he is here. But I do know he is a recurrng character who appears in basically all the games, so I think he is a pretty good contender for this list. His body isn't as massively muscular as all these other Russians are, but that's what unique about him, he isn't a big walking stereotype. - DapperPickle

You're pretty good. - cjWriter1997

4 Soda Popinski (Punch Out Series) Soda Popinski (Punch Out Series) Soda Popinski is a fictional Russian boxer from Nintendo's Punch-Out!! He first appeared in the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! in 1984 under the name Vodka Drunkenski before being renamed Soda Popinski in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! for censorship reasons. Soda's offense consists of throwing super more.

Okay, now this guy is just a big walking stereotype.He walks around the frosty wastelands of Russia bare chested and has superhuman strength. Hell, he used to be called Vodka but they had to change that for obviou reasons. Soda truly embraces the stereotype and even though everything he says is in Russian he is really quite entertaining and a good, hard opponent in the game. - DapperPickle

Do the developers know -ski is Polish, not Russian? -sky is Russian! - 445956

5 Karnov (Karnov Series)
6 Sofia (Battle Arena Toshinden)
7 Millia Rage (Guilty Gear Series)
8 Nikolai Belinski (Call of Duty)

Probably the funniest russian video game character on this list

9 Dr. Bosconovitch (Tekken Series)
10 Zarya (Overwatch)


The Contenders

11 Bayman (Dead or Alive Series)
12 Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken Series) Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken Series)
13 Alexander Nesterov (Cryostasis)
14 Gregor (Fire Emblem Awakening)
15 Visor (Quake Champions)
16 Kudryavka Noumi (Little Busters)
17 The Son (Hotline Miami 2)
18 Viktor (League of Legends)
19 Yuri (CoD: Modern Warfare 3)
20 Viktor Reznov (Call of Duty)
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1. Zangief (Street Fighter Series)
2. Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2)
3. Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid Series)
1. Zangief (Street Fighter Series)
2. Soda Popinski (Punch Out Series)
3. Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2)


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