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RWBY is an amazing show by Monty Oum. If you havn't seen it go check it out! This list is about the in your oppinion best characters in RWBY. Hope you like it! ^^
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1 Weiss Schnee Weiss Schnee is a former student of Beacon Academy and one of the main protagonists of RWBY. Her weapon of choice is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR) named Myrtenaster. more.

She has so much going on in her life and yet seems like the only sane person in her family. Not to mention how immaculate and unique her semblance is. She has a lot of character development and turns into one of my favorite characters.

In my opinion Weiss has the most interesting and versatile semblance. With her glyphs she can do so many things not only for herself but she can use it on others too. Plus she can finally summon! I really can't wait to see her use this ability in battle. And I hope her time dilation glyph ability is explained further. She has grown so much in personality. She is more accepting and friendly than she was at first while still keeping her cocky attitude. But I absolutely despise her father! It's no wonder she starts out the series acting so snotty with the cold and emotionally detached upbringing she had! At least she has her sister and butler to rely on.

Weiss to me was the most relatable character, next to Ruby. She was smart, pretty, level-headed, and seemed like she had everything. However, at heart, she seemed more cold and spoiled. She had problems with her parents, specifically her dad. She also had a sibling, but Weiss honestly was more distant from her sister and her dad, so she was alone. When she befriended people, she became more kind, caring, and understanding of others. She was a motivater, a forgiver, and had a lot of grit. I especially loved the spells she could pull off, and when she struggled with summoning, it showed that she wasn't as perfect as she looked to be at the beginning. Weiss also seems to be in a battle with her dark side, so I give her a few more points for how relatable I am to her.

Without doubt has the most character development throughout the series. More of a glass cannon, Weiss certainly is not the strongest... but Weiss’ desire to restore her family name, and do in her heart what she believes is right sets her apart in my mind... seeing the family she came from, and how she is exploited from her father as an object truly sales that you cannot always judge a book by its cover, or background. She does not have it near as easy as everyone assumes, and despite every excuse she could use to be indifferent, and just live in luxury, she chooses instead to become a better person. Weiss is truly best girl.

2 Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long is one of the main protagonists of RWBY. She is the half-sister of Ruby Rose and the former partner of Blake Belladonna. Her parents are Taiyang Xiao Long and Raven Branwen. Her signature weapon is a pair of twin shotgun gauntlets named Ember Celica. She alludes to the fairy tale character more.

I love Yang so much. She has had a lot of character development and is extremely strong. Her semblance is a literal temper tantrum but when she uses it right it become like a power up. As if she ate a mushroom while racing in a kart. She is such an amazing character and I hope she doesn’t lose any more limbs.

Honestly, she's the character I care the most about. Which made the events of the volume 3 so sad for me, really...
She is strong, physically but more importantly mentally. Her semblance is perfect for increasing the tension during fights, and represents her overall strength at overcoming hardships. And I particularly enjoy the fact that her fighting style (boxing) could have easily been given to one of the boy characters. But no, they went for one of the 4 main female characters, and they managed to make her tough (cow-boy and biker look, puns, wearing shorts), sunny (smile, puns, yellow color) and feminine (long blonde hair, sexy clothes). This makes for an amazing and complex character. And her relationship with Blake is the main reason I come back every year for the next volume : might just be the "parner" thing going on, but I really see Bumblebee moments as romantic ones...

Why is Yang so low?!?!?! She is amazing *without snobby weird fans ruining her (ahem Yangwick)* She is so tragic and brace and cool. She's not overpowering *ahem Ruby* which makes her more interesting and relatable. My favorite moments with her are the parts in the tournament, especially when she hits Murcury when it's all just an illusion that he was running at her. Yes, she is a powerhouse, but she never wants to hurt anybody. I cannot wait to see her in the 4th volume

I don't know why people ship bumblebee. Its as if relationships can't be platonic these days. Yang and Blake obviously care for each other but I see more in a sisterly way than a romantic. Also Yang didn't care that Blake was dancing with Sun or when she blushed when he waves at her.
Bumblebee is probably not going to happen and the writers are clearly just ship-baiting people to lure in more viewers.

3 Qrow Branwen

This man has struggled with the burden of a semblance he can't control all his life, and its led him to a life of despair and drunkenness. Despite all this, he still strives to be the best uncle he can be for Yang and Ruby. He's such a great character who adds humor but also offers wisdom to Team RWBY, the remaining members of JNPR, and even Oscar. He's gone through so much and has been on the brink of giving up so many times that it reminds us that life isn't easy sometimes and there will be times when you're a hair's breadth from giving up

A really awesome character. I hope we will get to know more on his background with his clan and sister. I feel like his semblance suits him and adds such a tragic air to his character but he's got such a great sense of humor about it all. Not only are his fighting skills top notch but his weapon is one of the coolest ever, a sword/gun/scythe! I love watching the fighting choreography with his battles. The way he fights, it's like his weapon is a part of him.

Now this dude is an example of a broken hero, one who in spite of his physical and emotional scars, soldiers on. He as a man feels that he has to do things himself to keep those he loves outta harms way. Regardless he loves his nieces and unlike other heroic characters recognizes that he is flawed but presses on regardless. by the way I ship him and Winter Schnee

Plus, he's voiced by the legendary Vic Mignogna! Seriously! The fact that Rooster Teeth literally got him to voice this guy makes him all the more cool!

4 Ruby Rose

I love Ruby. She's so adorable and funny and awesome. She's my favorite part of RWBY, and the reason I watched it in the first place. I was very interested in her, and when I watched the first episode and saw her tossing one of Torchwick's goons out the front window, I wasn't disappointed.

I love watching her. I haven't gotten to Volume 4, and because of how pissed I was when I found out how terrible the show gets after Volume 3, I don't plan to. But in those first 3 volumes, she always made me smile.

She's my favorite RWBY character, and one of my favorite characters. I think she could be a little better, I'd like her to have some character development, but I still find her extremely cute, funny, and awesome!

I love her. I love her so much. She has such a bubbly personality and an extremely strong will to survive and save everyone else around her. She tries so hard and is so wise for her age. She gets up again and again and doesn’t deal with anyone’s nonsense. She’s amazing. I wanna be just like this lass.

You know, for a series called RWBY, which is literally named after the main character and the team she leads, she never really got that much development unlike the other members of Team RWBY. And that's really sad because I really do like Ruby's character, but it would be nice to see her change as a character. Yes, we do notice her motives as a leader since the time gap between Volumes 3 & 4, but I want to see her evolve as a character. Give me a reason to why she's the main character of the series! Give me a reason to why she should be my absolute favorite character! Also, Lindsay Jones, as much as I enjoy your performance as Roobs, at least make her sound a bit older. Why did she sound like she was 17 in Volume 1, and she currently sounds like she's 10. Shouldn't that have been the other way around?

Nonetheless, she's easily my least favorite of Team RWBY, and I really do like her character. So please, Miles & Kerry, give Ruby a reason to why she's the main character of the ...more

A funny, optimistic girl who never gives up. When she loses her friends, her school and even her own sister she didn't stop moving forward. Even when a friend of her's died and another friend of her's died in front of her, she still went on a mission to find those enemies with her other friends. For a teenage girl, that's impressive and admirable.

5 Lie Ren A black-haired student at Beacon who dual wields machine pistols with attached blades, collectively called StormFlower. His Semblance allows him and his targets to avoid detection from Grimm. Ren lost his parents during a Grimm attack on Kuroyuri, the village he lived in.Vol. 4, Ch. 10 He and Nora are more.

I love Ren, and I always have. He went through such a traumatic experience and instead of laying down and giving up, he strove to better himself alongside Nora, who uses a giant war hammer all thanks to the little wooden hammer Ren gave her as a kid.

RWBY seems to make some... rather... not-as-good male characters (luckily they improve over the series), usually... But Ren, however, is the best character I have seen in the entire series. Who couldn't love an intelligent, quiet, athletic, yet good-looking guy? He was such a good character in the beginning that the character improvement just made me love this character more! Usually, I'm the kind of person who likes characters that are somewhat opposite of me, different... but then I see this character and my entire mind was changed. He's the all-time best character there is, and that's that.

Give him back his kung fu style, his design is easily one of the best in the series and It is commandable for CRWBY to make him his own character in V7 if it wasnt for the inconsistensy in schnee mantion I would be more excited but still a bit curious.

Should be higher on the list... I mean, compare him to Jaune... Although Jaune improved, he started out really weak... Ren, however, was already strong, he still improves later on in the storyline. "He's practically a ninja"... Even Nora says so UwU

6 Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha was such an inspirational character who was always there for the ones who needed her even if they didn't realize they needed her, and the fact she knowingly went into a fight she knew she stood no chance of winning just to try to protect those she loved... that's a level of dedication I feel this world needs more of

Pyrrha's attitude alone makes her the best character in the series. How she acted around Jaune was funny and touching. In addition to this, she's an epic warrior who fights with the purest and most skilled form out of both RWBY and JNPR. Her chemistry with Jaune formed the best relationship within the series. She stole (More say, earned) the spotlight at the Ballroom episode. She played a vital role in V3 and her death left me in absolute shock. It was ironic that out of the eight characters, she was taken. Rest in Peace Pyrrha.

Omk my lil sis and I can't even listen to the song 'Forever Fall' because my sis cries over Pyrrha lol
She was a queen and her death should never be forgotten

Gone to soon. Pyrrha was a hero, knowing she couldn't win she still chose to throw her best self forward for her friends and her Love in Jaune. I miss her. oh well we will always have Chibi

7 Jaune Arc

Jaune is Awesome. I think Jaune is the one character that everyone can relate to the most, he thinks very low about himself in the beginning and as the story progresses he becomes more confident about himself and his abilities. He shows that with support from friends anything is possible. I personally think that he is the most developed and had the greatest character arc. He is the person every one is trying to be.

He is the most loyal out of all of them I believe. He is the one getting the most development. I think it was kind of charming how he tried to woo Weiss even with all the rejections showing his devotion to the heart, if I was him I would have given up on the first "no" and moved on to the next dance partner. He even told us he was interested in her because of how beautiful her voice was and played the guitar pretty well in front of her door, pretty sure that anyone that is this sweet would have had more options* like nikos*. He also is pretty relatable to just about all normal human being like us at the beginning. Even when still in mourning he went with ruby along side nora and ren to fight cinder and shows quite a bit of different emotions through out the show. All in all he is our lovable goofball turning fierce huntsman.

One of the most developed characters.Personality wise ,he actually feels like a human,he can make mistakes.V7 was empty for the guy so I am losing hope that he might not be relevant anymore but has a great potential to open subplots for the series.Though I got complains too ,I hope they don't try a V5 with him where they forget who the protaganist is but that doesn't mean they should forget him.One more thing,give him something to do that isn't related to Pyrrha.

He develops more and more with each season. He as a pure heart and a strong sense of Justice and friendship. Although he has been for many comic relief.. I feel there is tons more to see from this character. I really wanna see him stand toe to toe with other stronger characters and see the full use of his semblance

8 Nora Valkyrie

Who doesn't love such a bubbly powerhouse? Shes adorable but in Volume 4 they show how she used to be all alone until she met Ren and how she's the only one capable of getting through to Ren when he loses himself to blind rage.

Personally...I think she's overrated compared to the much more complex characters. Such as Pyrrha, Yang, Blake, Ruby, Ren. Well pretty much almost everyone, thankfully in Volume 4 they actually made her a real character. Volume 4 fixed a lot of problems I had with Nora, but it took 3 Volumes for me to actually care about her.

How can Nora be this far down the list?! She's so crazy amazing! Her and Ren's past and relationship is so moving. I really hope we continue to learn more about these 2. She's a quirky, pancake loving, spitfire wielding a giant war hammer/grenade launcher! What's not to love?

Nora is just so bubbly and sweet, but then she's a total powerhouse! I just LOVE that combination!

9 Blake Belladonna

Mixed feelings once again. She has been through a lot and struggled in ways no one else in the story can compare to. Yet she always seems to make her own life worse and pushes other people away. But a total badass and an amazing character.

I don't like her volume 7 outfit, she isn't involved in the plot other than talking with Yang...(which is not relevant at all!) I feel like Rooster Teeth is trying to make her useless! And to that I say...SHE IS THE B IN THE TITLE! MAKE THEM WORK AS A FULL TEAM AND NOT JUST PAIRS! YOU ARE DAMANGING THE ENTIRE SHOW BY MAKING THE TEAM BE SPLIT UP LIKE THIS CONSTANTLY! SERIOUSLY! ok...rant is complete...but still you could try harder, maybe leave Yang's side once in a while, which I get they are BESTIES or whatever, but still...make her talk to other people. I still like her tho, I will always love kitty-girl! and now I understand how people make long entries like this...sorry

I've never watched this series, so I don't know many of the characters, but isn't Blake one of the four main antagonists? Shouldn't she be higher or is her character development not as good as the others? I'm just curious, I'm in the process of watching the show actually, although I'm only up to episode 3 season 1 so far, I've heard it's got really good character development, not to mention the ship between Blake and Yang, so I have high expectations.

I wish she was higher up, I identify with her the most and I love her motives and how she asserts herself and opens up with everyone. She made some big mistakes but her motives were good and she has grown a lot.

10 Roman Torchwick

Roman Torchwick is a lier, stealer, cheater, but he's still a favorite character to some people, but now he died by a Grimm and now there's a volume 8 coming soon November 7th and that makes me think.. What if he comes back because he could use his cain to bust his way out the Grimm.

We don't really know that much about Roman, but he still deserves so much more love. He was Neo's everything and he was such a sassy and versatile villain who was a true nemesis for Ruby. I hope as the story progresses we learn a bit more about him and Neo both

Who doesn't love the evil dudes? Not to mention his entire... Personality or whatever. Totally fits (and reminds me of Janus Sanders, from SS/TS)

only villain that Ruby has bonded through random encounters .I wish his words in V3 echo in Ruby's mind,make her question if the world is a fairy tale but that dream was crushed and with that the only good villain died out.

The Contenders
11 Penny Polendina

She was completely useless in Volume 3, and was not really funny...

"I am combat ready" plus the fact she destroyed a dustjet by herself

Pyrrha turned Penny into quarters.

"Sal... U... TATIONS!"
Robo girl is just her best and she's a great person

12 Professor Ozpin

Sure, sure, he kept secrets and stuff but can you blame him? He is trying to do what's best for the world. He's trying to save the world. He means well. He's been there for so long anyways, he deserves to keep his secrets and they shouldn't be forced out; it ain't fair.
Also, what would any of you do if you were made to feel ashamed and stuff for having secrets, or whatever? It ain't fair at all.

This man, despite having secrets that he kept for the sake of those he cared about, is such a great character. He tries his best to protect the ones he loves but he also struggles with the immense responsibility the God of Light gave him. Yes, some secrets he shouldn't have kept, but he still tried. This is a man who has lost everything multiple times over and over again and still does what he has to do to try to protect everyone.

I don’t blame his for his secrets, he’s had everything taken away from him over and over again and still gets back up. The love of his first life turned into a monster and he’s meant to bring humanity back whilst she still roams the earth. He’s given a pretty much impossible task and tries his hardest to save humanity and gets faulted for having some secrets. His teenaged students get upset. Because he didn’t share every single detail. Of every single moment he’s lived. Stupid. He kept secrets because he was scared of how they would react and they react exactly how he was scared they’d react. Anyways I digress. I think he has the most interesting backstory and motives and tries so hard. I love this man with a burning passion and he will always be my favorite.

Calm and wise but still bears a weight of responsibility that only those in the know would be aware of. He gives off that sage master vibe that anyone can turn to. Though he had secrets he did so to protect those around him. I feel kinda bad for him in the sense that he asked to return to the afterlife to be with Salem only to learn that she is alive and became corrupted by her own desires, and even when she got what she desired, it wasn't enough for her. He wasn't enough.

13 Neopolitan

Honestly, I love how Roosterteeth did something you don't really see often: they took a handicapped person and turned her into a badass ball of awesomeness whose sass I STRIVE for!

Neo Politan is won of my favorite characters because she's mute but she's still a good character even though she's on the bad team so keep up the good work! :D

Love this char for being well developed even if she cannot speak. Yet I'd like to know more about her background and her relationship with Roman.

A badass mute? Had no idea such a character existed!

(shows Gordon Freeman and Chell)

Shut up those are from games.

14 Emerald Sustrai

Emerald, because of her witty and snarky personality. I really like her Illusion semblance and her backstory is realistic to me. Her design is really cool and I hope to see more of her.

Her Looks is amazing, and her Semblance is Awesome too!

Emerald is a cool character that's all I had to say :/

Loyal to a fault.

15 Atlas Pilot

Carrying the whole show, we honestly need more characters like this.

Holding the whole show together

He's the Han Solo of the show

A smaller more honest soul

16 James Ironwood

He is the best written character in V7 but he has gone mad .his emotions are described through action so that's a plus .Though because he has gone mad I am not looking towards V8

Dude absolutely CARRIED Volume 7

17 Sun Wukong

Wild and free spirited and in some cases socially awkward, Sun is the opposite to Blake's semi cold and solitary character who desires to be left alone.. I think this changed a bit due to her time with team RWBY and Sun's influence. (I ship these two also)

This man saved Blake's life and then helped her rebuild it,whatever people might say to me he is the best boy and his weapons are cool to watch

He’s a total Chad, but in the best way. An amazing character and good comic relief.

Sun is a cool, nice and funny character and just keep up the good work :)

18 Bartholomew Oobleck Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck is a teacher at Beacon Academy. He is first seen in "Jaunedice, Pt.2" teaching history to the students, specifically teaching about the war between the Humans and the Faunus, which appears to have taken place a few generations before the start of the series. more.

Bartholomew Oobleck is interesting, funny and fast talking person and he's won of my favorite characters also keep up the good work with all of the characters! <3

They managed to give him a defined personality, and a reason for doing what he does within a few episodes. And sadly, those are things RWBY usually struggles with a lot. Also, one of the funniest characters in the main series. Oobleck is the best character, fight me.

He stole my coffee

Caffeine Addict

19 Arthur Watts
20 Oscar Pine

Such a sweet baby Boi! I wish we could get more back story on him, and I look forward to watching him grow. And I know he's not gonna just be another one of Ozpin's lives

Oscar is a well written character with a kind heart and a very cute design

Come on Oscar is adorable get him higher

I love how he has grown as a character!

21 Mercury Black Mercury Black is an antagonist in RWBY. He is an associate of Cinder Fall and partner of Emerald Sustrai.

I gotta say he may be a villan character but he's pretty awesome. I want the good guys to win but he kinda makes me root for the baddies. His moves in that tournament fight were just jaw dropping! He took control of that fight and kicked ass! All basically using his metal legs the whole time to get the advantage over team CFVY. Plus his jokey attitude and snark won me over before I even saw him fight. I enjoy him and Emerald's interactions. Just an all around badass.

How does Merc not even have an entry? He has an interesting design and concept, potential for an awesome backstory (From what we've seen so far it could end up being pretty good), and the most entertaining fighting style in the show.

Plus he's voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the 3rd Volume! I mean, who wouldn't want a baddie who's voiced by Sasuke Uchiha of all people!

I love him with all of my heart...also where was he in volume 7

22 Tyrian Callows

He got a shot at qrow. Maybe killing him? don't know for sure yet. It hasn't come out yet. But still. QROW. TYRIAN POISONED QROW. And, his personality is like a metal insane psychopath. Need I say more?

Why tf is there a picture of Tai?

23 Glynda Goodwitch

! Glynda is so perfect because she has a visually intriguing semblance to viewers and also doesn't have a limit to the awesomeness. At first glance, a lot of people categorize her semblance as "telekinesis', but it is definitely much more than that. You can't telekinetically (if that is a word) move a cloud and make ice dust rain from the cloud. It is magic, yes it is!

Really a good witch.

24 Adam Taurus

He's just a really cool villain, even with the disappointing showing in volumes 5 and 6. The guy had it all, menace, style and a cool backstory that never got explored.

HIS semblance is just being a dick

He isn’t just so cool and cute!

He ha my vote dude sure he is evil kinda maybe, maybe an anti hero but I like him I also like to ship some girls with him like Blake obviously Weiss,Ruby and yang probably if this was my list I put him number one

25 Coco Adel

Extremely overrated. Only has 3 scenes in the entire show, and in one of them she had her ass kicked by Emerald.

She only appeared in one episode so far and instantly became my favorite character of the series.

Such a badass. Shame she only had a few apperences in the show

Dude just look at her

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