Top 10 RWBY Characters

RWBY is an amazing show by Monty Oum. If you havn't seen it go check it out! This list is about the in your oppinion best characters in RWBY. Hope you like it! ^^

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1 Weiss Schnee Weiss Schnee is a former student of Beacon Academy and one of the main protagonists of RWBY. Her weapon of choice is a Multi Action Dust Rapier (MADR) named Myrtenaster. more.

She and Ren would literally be my entire personality, mixed with a little selflessness (otherwise known as Pyrrha).

Gotta say, Weiss has come a long way since the first season, some of the best character development this show has had to offer in my opinion. She went from being a cranky mean girl to a caring and more understanding person. She's elegant and feminine while at the same time a kickass and won't take any bs. She's had a rough life behind closed doors but has still managed to overcome it and stay strong! Plus her semblance is pretty cool if you ask me. Her strengths and weaknesses are well executed and do you know anyone else who can fight that well in a dress and heels?

In my opinion Weiss has the most interesting and versatile semblance. With her glyphs she can do so many things not only for herself but she can use it on others too. Plus she can finally summon! I really can't wait to see her use this ability in battle. And I hope her time dilation glyph ability is explained further. She has grown so much in personality. She is more accepting and friendly than she was at first while still keeping her cocky attitude. But I absolutely despise her father! It's no wonder she starts out the series acting so snotty with the cold and emotionally detached upbringing she had! At least she has her sister and butler to rely on.

Best girl for best character development, and trying her best to bring honor back to her families name, when it would be easy for her to just sit back and go with the flow... her decision to do right instead of what’s easy has cost her, and she has gone through a lot for a girl born in privilege. She might not be the strongest, or the the battle hardened... but as we have learned ever since volume 1, there is far more to Weiss Schnee than meets the eye.

2 Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long is one of the main protagonists of RWBY. She is the half-sister of Ruby Rose and the former partner of Blake Belladonna. Her parents are Taiyang Xiao Long and Raven Branwen. Her signature weapon is a pair of twin shotgun gauntlets named Ember Celica. She alludes to the fairy tale character more.

Honestly, she's the character I care the most about. Which made the events of the volume 3 so sad for me, really...
She is strong, physically but more importantly mentally. Her semblance is perfect for increasing the tension during fights, and represents her overall strength at overcoming hardships. And I particularly enjoy the fact that her fighting style (boxing) could have easily been given to one of the boy characters. But no, they went for one of the 4 main female characters, and they managed to make her tough (cow-boy and biker look, puns, wearing shorts), sunny (smile, puns, yellow color) and feminine (long blonde hair, sexy clothes). This makes for an amazing and complex character. And her relationship with Blake is the main reason I come back every year for the next volume : might just be the "parner" thing going on, but I really see Bumblebee moments as romantic ones...

I love a girl who can kick my ass.

I love everything about this character. Everything.

I don't know why people ship bumblebee. Its as if relationships can't be platonic these days. Yang and Blake obviously care for each other but I see more in a sisterly way than a romantic. Also Yang didn't care that Blake was dancing with Sun or when she blushed when he waves at her.
Bumblebee is probably not going to happen and the writers are clearly just ship-baiting people to lure in more viewers.

She's strong. Everybody in the show has her as a wall they can lean on.

Ruby as a sister.

Weiss, Jaune, Ren, and Nora as friends.

Qrow as a niece.

and recently (I'm taking the end of volume 6 as confirmation) Blake as a girlfriend.

She's always there when they need her, she always comes back and she'll always put her life on the line for any one of them. And she'll do so with a smile on her face.

3 Qrow Branwen

He's always seen as this cool uncle type until Ozpin's secret is suddenly revealed in which he hit his lowest point
His character development is good to watch

Now this dude is an example of a broken hero, one who in spite of his physical and emotional scars, soldiers on. He as a man feels that he has to do things himself to keep those he loves outta harms way. Regardless he loves his nieces and unlike other heroic characters recognizes that he is flawed but presses on regardless. by the way I ship him and Winter Schnee

A really awesome character. I hope we will get to know more on his background with his clan and sister. I feel like his semblance suits him and adds such a tragic air to his character but he's got such a great sense of humor about it all. Not only are his fighting skills top notch but his weapon is one of the coolest ever, a sword/gun/scythe! I love watching the fighting choreography with his battles. The way he fights, it's like his weapon is a part of him.

This became everyone's favorite character within 5 minutes!

4 Ruby Rose

You know, for a series called RWBY, which is literally named after the main character and the team she leads, she never really got that much development unlike the other members of Team RWBY. And that's really sad because I really do like Ruby's character, but it would be nice to see her change as a character. Yes, we do notice her motives as a leader since the time gap between Volumes 3 & 4, but I want to see her evolve as a character. Give me a reason to why she's the main character of the series! Give me a reason to why she should be my absolute favorite character! Also, Lindsay Jones, as much as I enjoy your performance as Roobs, at least make her sound a bit older. Why did she sound like she was 17 in Volume 1, and she currently sounds like she's 10. Shouldn't that have been the other way around?

Nonetheless, she's easily my least favorite of Team RWBY, and I really do like her character. So please, Miles & Kerry, give Ruby a reason to why she's the main character of the ...more

She's hilarious, awesome, and adorable, and overall just a very likable character.

How is Ruby not in the Top Three at least? Ruby is the main character and her team is basically her name, and she is very important to the series as a whole. Please move her higher on the list!

She's Ruby and Ruby's are red and red is blood. Ruby is so cool

5 Lie Ren A black-haired student at Beacon who dual wields machine pistols with attached blades, collectively called StormFlower. His Semblance allows him and his targets to avoid detection from Grimm. Ren lost his parents during a Grimm attack on Kuroyuri, the village he lived in.Vol. 4, Ch. 10 He and Nora are more.

RWBY seems to make some... rather... not-as-good male characters (luckily they improve over the series), usually... But Ren, however, is the best character I have seen in the entire series. Who couldn't love an intelligent, quiet, athletic, yet good-looking guy? He was such a good character in the beginning that the character improvement just made me love this character more! Usually, I'm the kind of person who likes characters that are somewhat opposite of me, different... but then I see this character and my entire mind was changed. He's the all-time best character there is, and that's that.

Silent and collected, when he talks he talks deep and he doesn't talk when he doesn't need to

He's the type of guy you would want to be with in a library

Should be higher on the list... I mean, compare him to Jaune... Although Jaune improved, he started out really weak... Ren, however, was already strong, he still improves later on in the storyline. "He's practically a ninja"... Even Nora says so UwU

I absolutely love his new look in season 4! In the words of Nora "He's basically a ninja." I love his fighting style very Hyuuga clan from Naruto in some ways when he wields his aura. I enjoyed learning more about his background in the new season and got to see another side to his usually calm demeanor.

6 Jaune Arc

He develops more and more with each season. He as a pure heart and a strong sense of Justice and friendship. Although he has been for many comic relief.. I feel there is tons more to see from this character. I really wanna see him stand toe to toe with other stronger characters and see the full use of his semblance

He is the most loyal out of all of them I believe. He is the one getting the most development. I think it was kind of charming how he tried to woo Weiss even with all the rejections showing his devotion to the heart, if I was him I would have given up on the first "no" and moved on to the next dance partner. He even told us he was interested in her because of how beautiful her voice was and played the guitar pretty well in front of her door, pretty sure that anyone that is this sweet would have had more options* like nikos*. He also is pretty relatable to just about all normal human being like us at the beginning. Even when still in mourning he went with ruby along side nora and ren to fight cinder and shows quite a bit of different emotions through out the show. All in all he is our lovable goofball turning fierce huntsman.

He needs to be higher, the development on him through the series is great, both emotionally and as a fighter

Hands down probably the most adorable, handsome, and cutest RWBY character.

7 Pyrrha Nikos

Gone to soon. Pyrrha was a hero, knowing she couldn't win she still chose to throw her best self forward for her friends and her Love in Jaune. I miss her. oh well we will always have Chibi

Wise and strong, and yet, her kindness towards others is what I admire the most.

:( tears starting to overflow me just by thinking about her! I HATE YOU CINDER!

Since nobody left a comment here, I will. I think this is one of the best characters in the Show. She is praised by everyone she meets and it distances herself from her friends, and she faced a big challenge in Volume 3, not being sure who she is.

8 Blake Belladonna

I like how her semblance has such unique usage she's like a ninja using substitution.

I've never watched this series, so I don't know many of the characters, but isn't Blake one of the four main antagonists? Shouldn't she be higher or is her character development not as good as the others? I'm just curious, I'm in the process of watching the show actually, although I'm only up to episode 3 season 1 so far, I've heard it's got really good character development, not to mention the ship between Blake and Yang, so I have high expectations.

I wish she was higher up, I identify with her the most and I love her motives and how she asserts herself and opens up with everyone. She made some big mistakes but her motives were good and she has grown a lot.

Blake is easily the best out of all the given top 10, although Jaune is a close second

9 Nora Valkyrie

How is she not the greatest, she's an adorable ball of energy that could rip your head of at any moment

How can Nora be this far down the list?! She's so crazy amazing! Her and Ren's past and relationship is so moving. I really hope we continue to learn more about these 2. She's a quirky, pancake loving, spitfire wielding a giant war hammer/grenade launcher! What's not to love?

Personally...I think she's overrated compared to the much more complex characters. Such as Pyrrha, Yang, Blake, Ruby, Ren. Well pretty much almost everyone, thankfully in Volume 4 they actually made her a real character. Volume 4 fixed a lot of problems I had with Nora, but it took 3 Volumes for me to actually care about her.

Nora is just so bubbly and sweet, but then she's a total powerhouse! I just LOVE that combination!

10 Roman Torchwick

He was a very independent, versatile, and self-made character, even if he was a "Villain." Wish he lived longer, the show would be better.

Seriously? How can you not love him and Neo? They are the best

Best. Clothes. Ever...

Also amazing cane.

He is only my favorite because of chibi

The Contenders

11 Penny Polendina

She was completely useless in Volume 3, and was not really funny...

"i am combat ready" plus the fact she destroyed a dustjet by herself

Pyrrha turned Penny into quarters.

12 Professor Ozpin

Calm and wise but still bears a weight of responsibility that only those in the know would be aware of. He gives off that sage master vibe that anyone can turn to. Though he had secrets he did so to protect those around him. I feel kinda bad for him in the sense that he asked to return to the afterlife to be with Salem only to learn that she is alive and became corrupted by her own desires, and even when she got what she desired, it wasn't enough for her. He wasn't enough.


He is hot in ways of mystery, beauty, and power. I lovvveee him. I love his distinct uniqueness that I can't help but pair him with other favorite in the show (ahem-Q..Q-ah-row-ahem). His personality and looks are perfect in sync. Plus, I hadn't thought headmaster can have that much content of smexiness.

Sassy bitch of awesomeness

13 Neopolitan

A badass mute? Had no idea such a character existed!

(shows Gordon Freeman and Chell)

Shut up those are from games.

The queen has returned and she's out for blood.

Why is she not higher up on the list

The cutest villain I've ever seen.

14 Emerald Sustrai

Emerald, because of her witty and snarky personality. I really like her Illusion semblance and her backstory is realistic to me. Her design is really cool and I hope to see more of her.

15 Atlas Pilot

Holding the whole show together

A smaller more honest soul

The Best Character Ever

He needs to be top

16 Sun Wukong

Wild and free spirited and in some cases socially awkward, Sun is the opposite to Blake's semi cold and solitary character who desires to be left alone.. I think this changed a bit due to her time with team RWBY and Sun's influence. (I ship these two also)

Voiced by Michael Jones a.k.a. Rage Quitter

Those abs

Monkey Boi

17 Bartholomew Oobleck Dr. Bartholomew Oobleck is a teacher at Beacon Academy. He is first seen in "Jaunedice, Pt.2" teaching history to the students, specifically teaching about the war between the Humans and the Faunus, which appears to have taken place a few generations before the start of the series. more.

He's just entertaining with him bouncing off the walls, having a mug as a weapon and being a fellow history nerd

They managed to give him a defined personality, and a reason for doing what he does within a few episodes. And sadly, those are things RWBY usually struggles with a lot. Also, one of the funniest characters in the main series. Oobleck is the best character, fight me.

He stole my coffee

Caffeine Addict

18 Adam Taurus

He's just a really cool villain, even with the disappointing showing in volumes 5 and 6. The guy had it all, menace, style and a cool backstory that never got explored.

He ha my vote dude sure he is evil kinda maybe, maybe an anti hero but I like him I also like to ship some girls with him like Blake obviously Weiss,Ruby and yang probably if this was my list I put him number one

HIS semblance is just being a dick

a badass

19 James Ironwood

Ironwood... Hmm... OH YES!

Qrow's Ex-Daddy

20 Glynda Goodwitch

! Glynda is so perfect because she has a visually intriguing semblance to viewers and also doesn't have a limit to the awesomeness. At first glance, a lot of people categorize her semblance as "telekinesis', but it is definitely much more than that. You can't telekinetically (if that is a word) move a cloud and make ice dust rain from the cloud. It is magic, yes it is!


21 Mercury Black Mercury Black is an antagonist in RWBY. He is an associate of Cinder Fall and partner of Emerald Sustrai.

I gotta say he may be a villan character but he's pretty awesome. I want the good guys to win but he kinda makes me root for the baddies. His moves in that tournament fight were just jaw dropping! He took control of that fight and kicked ass! All basically using his metal legs the whole time to get the advantage over team CFVY. Plus his jokey attitude and snark won me over before I even saw him fight. I enjoy him and Emerald's interactions. Just an all around badass.

Cool dude...face that says 'you like jazz? '

Mercury is obnoxious

How does Merc not even have an entry? He has an interesting design and concept, potential for an awesome backstory (From what we've seen so far it could end up being pretty good), and the most entertaining fighting style in the show.

22 Oscar Pine

Oscar is a well written character with a kind heart and a very cute design

Come on Oscar is adorable get him higher

So underrated character...

He needs to be higher

23 Coco Adel

She only appeared in one episode so far and instantly became my favorite character of the series.

Extremely overrated. Only has 3 scenes in the entire show, and in one of them she had her ass kicked by Emerald.

She's sassy, sarcastic, fashionable and tough. But most importantly she's AWESOME!

Dude just look at her

24 Winter Schnee

Just like weiss, but better, stronger, and more beautiful.

She needs to let it go...

25 Zwei

My burnt marshmallow baby...

Best boi enough said

origin of cuteness

He's to cute

26 Salem

I really really really really want to know why she hates humanity I have a feeling I'm gonna like her back story.

27 Raven Branwen

She is best mom. Her design is also badass.

Her sword is so badass.

She's a milf

28 Velvet Scarlatina

all about her bunny ears and her weapon

Bunny Lesbian

29 Maria Calavera

"I thought you knew their jargon! "

It's old lady Katara

30 Tyrian Callows

Why tf is there a picture of Tai?

He got a shot at qrow. Maybe killing him? don't know for sure yet. It hasn't come out yet. But still. QROW. TYRIAN POISONED QROW. And, his personality is like a metal insane psychopath. Need I say more?

31 Hazel Rainart
32 Cinder Fall A mysterious woman who possesses fire-based powers and uses a pair of blades that combine to form a bow that she uses to fire arrows.Vol. 2 She also fights with glass and has been noted to have fused Dust into some of her clothing. Cinder is a very cunning and secretive woman, with goals of gaining more.

I love all the villains from volumes 1-3 but Cinder by far is my favourite villain and also my favourite character in the show.

The only character to actually get anything done in this show.

I would marry her

Cinder is probably the only character with a decent backstory

33 Caboose

Church, I'm your best friend, that's what I am to you!

34 Sarge

He is so awesome

35 The Malachite Twins
36 Peter Port

He buys his husband coffee

Ooblecks Husband

37 Summer Rose

The shortest character...she's 6 feet under...


38 Shopkeep

He's in, like, every episode, I swear

my man

39 Scarlet David

From Camp Camp

40 Neon Katt

"Cause you're"

"And now you're bottom-heavy too! "

She's great and has an amazing song.

Nyah cat! Meow! Bright colors pow pow pow. Never miss a beat!


41 Taiyang Xiao Long

"I'm gonna impregnate my entire team"
"Entire. Team."

Best dad

42 Leonardo Lionheart
43 Ozma
44 Neptune Vasilias

He's like Generator Rex! Except wit blue hair and doesn't have hands that can literally change into every weapon in the world. Still a pretty cool character though.

Just get this bastard higher then Neon

"I'm gaining the higher ground! "

Very...very annoying.

45 Ilia Amitola

Her redemption may have been a bit rushed, but I absolutely love her.
Although Roman and Winter are pretty great as well.

I love Ilia so much. I love the fact that she was able to change. She is awesome.

46 Sienna Khan
47 Flynt Coal

"Do you like jazz? "


48 Arthur Watts
49 Clover Ebi

Qrow's Daddy

Lucky Boi

50 Jinn
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