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Hey guys, it’s TwilightKitsune here, but you obviously already know that. I’ll be reviewing RWBY so you don’t have to watch it (Lolol get who I’m referencing?). Let’s begin.

(Dedicated to Ultron123, a BIG RWBY fan and a great friend of mine)

So, a little background. RWBY is an American Web Animation created in 2013 by Monty Oum. It was released by video game company Rooster Teeth. Oh, and Red vs. Blue fans, yes, it’s that Rooster Teeth. Each episode is six minutes long and there are 12 episodes in each season. However in Season 4 the episode length was extended to 15-20 minutes. Look it up on YouTube.

Now, here’s the setting: In the world of Remnant, humanity is at the mercy of creatures known as Grimm – dark, animal-like creatures who are attracted to negative emotions such as hate, fear, disgust, loneliness etc. However, there is hope – Dust, a mysterious element, that helps humans fight back against these monsters.

In the area of Vale, Ruby Rose, an ordinary girl, sets out to attend Beacon Academy, a school so that she can finally earn the title of a huntress, someone who protects the innocent from the Grimm. With her teammates Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long and her trusty scythe Crescent Rose, she kicks Grimm butt and saves the day.
But each member of RWBY have their own stories. Weiss, the heiress of the largest Dust company in the world, is legacy obsessed. Blake, a faunus, wonders how she can undo so many years of pain and suffering. Yang, Ruby’s half sister (same dad, different mom) is in search for her mother Raven Branwen, and wants to know why she abandoned her after birth. All this while dealing with Salem, an evil being hellbent on destabilizing peace and harmony in Remnant.

Why is it called RWBY? Well, if you haven’t noticed yet….

R – Ruby Rose
W – Weiss Schnee
B – Blake Belladonna
Y – Yang Xiao Long

In Beacon Academy, students are paired up in teams of four each with a partner. Ruby (team leader) gets paired up with Weiss and Blake gets paired up with Yang. And the Team name is made up from the initials of all of its members first names (or last names).

Other teams at Beacon are Team JNPR – (Jaune Arc, Nora Valkrie, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren), Team CFVY – (Coco Adel, Fox Alistair, Velvet Scarletina, Yatsuhashi Daichi), Team CRDL (Cardin Winchester, Russel Thrush, Dove Bronzewing and Sky Lark), and most importantly, the team that matters the most: Team STRQ (Summer Rose, Taiyang Xiao Long, Raven Branwen, Qrow Branwen).

Team STRQ was the team in which both Ruby and Yang’s parents were in. Even after graduating and becoming hunters and huntresses, Team STRQ stuck together doing missions for the good of Vale, until Raven Branwen did something to break it up.

A little more clarification. Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long are Ruby’s parents, while Raven Branwen and Taiyang Xiao Long are Yang’s parents. Qrow is Raven’s brother which makes him the uncle of Yang, but he is the honorary uncle of Ruby. And each RWBY team member corresponds to a STRQ member.

An interesting thing though. Raven Branwen is connected to all Team RWBY members. She has the same colour scheme as Ruby, uses a weapon similar to Weiss’, is cold and condescending and a faunus like Blake, and is the mother of Yang.

Okay, now all that aside, lets’ rank the characters: Best To Worst.

#1: Blake Belladonna

Blake is my favorite character in the entire series. Her backstory is something I can relate to. Ever since she was a child, she was discriminated against because she was a faunus. Her faunus trait are her cat ears. The faunus are a race of human like species with animal traits. They’re not evil or savage in any way. They’re just like us and want peace. But due to discrimination and being treated like lesser than equals by humans, they rose up in rebellion and went around creating chaos in Remnant. Their headquarters are the White Fang.

Blake was a part of the White Fang. At first, the White Fang did peaceful protests about how they wanted to be treated right. In every protest, Blake took part and tried to show that both races can live in harmony. But after that didn’t work, the Fang grew violent. She took part in that too, but realized that it didn’t have to be like this and left them.

Of all the main four characters, Blake took the hardest hits. It was an emotional whiplash having to fight your friends all over again, even your boyfriend. And she took it all in without a peep of protest until she had an emotional breakdown in Season 4 (c’mon, you have to admit, what she went through was horrible). Damn, Blake, you’re the strongest and most amazing character in all of Rooster Teeth. I want to be just like you, girl. In the eyes of many you may be just a faunus but to me you’re more than that – you’re my hero.

#2 – Ruby Rose

Ruby is my sunshine. My one and only sunshine. She makes me happy when the skies are gray. Please don’t take my sunshine away. She’s sweet, kindhearted and welcomes in you like a sister. The main reason I love Ruby is because no matter how feline or metallic you are, she’ll always take you in and love you. Like the time she found out Penny was a robot, she (grab the tissues) HUGS her and says she’ll be treated like an equal no matter what. And in the S1Finale where Blake ran away and then was re-united, Ruby told her that humans were here to make the world a better place. The Aww level is over 3856487649764685907906 x 844967497859786979 + 7895968507685 + (74767677887 x 46577668). Goddamn it I love this character.

#3: Yang Xiao Long

Yang is the half sister of Ruby, partner of Blake, half Chinese and in search of Raven Branwen. She’s the ‘aggressive one’ of the group. But while she may come off as a dumb blonde at first, she’s actually a sweeter character underneath. If you harm Ruby, lord help you, because Yang’s gauntlets wouldn’t. Like in the third or fourth episode where Weiss is being a bitch to Ruby, Yang steps in and shoves some sense in Weiss’ empty head. She also has this wicked cool motorbike and xtreme skills. If I had to pick another character to be the team leader instead of Ruby, Yang would be my best bet.

#4: Nora Valkyrie

Nora is like Team JNPR’s Yang. Personality wise, she’s a mix of both Ruby and Yang, but with a twist of her own and hammer. I think she’s the strongest JNPR member (after Pyrrha). She’s also the cutest character in the whole damn show and her voice is so adorable. She’s the queen of the castle. And she dominates RWBY Chibi. Good girl.

#5: Jaune Arc

Jaune is definitely an interesting character. He starts off as an awkward kid, but he has a heart of gold. He’s nice to people and while he may not be a knight in shining armour, he’s a snugglemuffin wrapped in tinfoil. One thing though, I wish he wasn’t so dense and noticed Pyrrha liked him ( Poor Pyrrha ;()…..

In Volume 4, however, he becomes the dad of the group. He’s selfless, looks out for his friends and does what is best for them. Selfless, caring and motherly. All the things that Pyrrha was. Owww, why must you do this to me Rooster Teeth……

#6: Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha is the most selfless character in all of the RWBYverse.

People treated her like she was a superior, but she still wanted to be loved as an equal.

The boy she liked liked someone else even though that girl rejected him multiple times. And instead of going all yandere-y or telling him to give up, she encouraged him to try again because she wanted to see him happy.

And her heroic sacrifice in Season 3. The sacrifice that angered many Pyrrha fans, horrified many Jaune fans but brought tears in the eyes of all.

Pyrrha is a saint.

#7: Lie Ren

This guy is basically a ninja. He cooks, cleans, fights, and lives with stealth. He’s my RWBY crush. And you know the best thing about him?

He has a cooking apron that says ‘Please do nothing to the cook’.

#8: Neopolitian

#9: Velvet Scarletina

I love this bunny ^w^. Every time she comes on the screen I have to resist pinching her cheeks. She has the greatest semblance of all: Weapon projection. Personally I think she gets the shortest end of the stick in her team. She gets bullied by first years just for being a Faunus, she fights the least in battle and not many people acknowledge her. Well I do, Velvet. I love you, and screw those bullies, we’ll kill em together. Oh, and do not search her up on Pinterest or you’ll die of kawaii overload.

#10: Winter Schnee

Weiss’ elder sister and former heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. She works in the military alongside James Ironwood. She is centred in Atlas, the richest part of Remnant. We have not seen much of her apart from a few episodes of Season 3, but I love her. She’s stealthy, pretty and the only Schnee in the entire show who isn’t a prick. She’s such a great character Game of Thrones always tells you when she’s coming.

#11: Kali Belladonna

FINALLY, a RWBY member that has a mom who isn’t dead/missing/what happened to Mrs. Schnee anyway? I love Kali. She’s a kind and supportive mom, and doesn’t push Blake or anything. I think the mother-daughter bond between her and Blake is adorable. Don’t you agree, Sun?

Sun (hiding in closet): Yeah! Blake and her mom are so- WAIT HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS IN HERE

#12: Sun Wukong

Sun is Blake’s boyfriend. He is a monkey faunus but has never had any affiliation with the White Fang in his life. He is the leader of Team SSSN, hunters at Haven Academy. He’s extra supportive of Blake and tells her not to beat herself up over the things she’s done in the past. In Season 4, he meets Blake’s parents, and dear god, those episodes were hilarious and the best of S4.

#13: Mercury Black

Mercury Black is one of Cinder’s faction members. He had a tough life. His dad, the famed assassin Marcus Black, was an alcoholic and beat him up everyday. One day Mercury couldn’t take the abuse anymore and killed him. Cinder happened to witness it and took him in.

He has a social, quirky nature and is hilarious, despite his dark past. Uh, do you remember Lacus Welt from Seraph of The End? You know, the purple haired vampire who killed Yoichi’s sister? Mercury is exactly like that. If he met Lacus, they’d be good friends.

#14: Emerald Sustrai

Emerald is another of Cinder’s faction members. Like Mercury, she also has a tragic backstory. She was a street thief and used her semblance to steal until Cindy took her in.

#15: Bartholomew Oobleck

I would trade my Chemistry teacher for this guy to be my teacher

#16: Qrow Branwen

I ship him and RoseRedFlower

#17: Summer Rose

I want to know more about her. Did she know that the silver eyes were special? How did she die? Will we ever see her again?

#18: Cardin Winchester

Cardin can go die in the fiery pits of hell along with his retard teammates. They act like they’re better than everyone and even harassed poor Velvet. I hope he suffers the same fate as Roman Torchwick.

#19: Adam Taurus

What he did to Blake and to Yang was horrible.

#20: Weiss Schnee

We’ve done it people. We’ve finally reached my least favorite character.
The following paragraphs may be offensive to some Weiss fans. Dear Weiss fans, I’m not trying to offend you, I’m just stating my opinion. You guys are awesome. I respect your opinion if you like Weiss. Please respect mine.

I just hate Weiss. She acts like a self centered bitch who’s entitled to everything. She constantly acts like a bimbo throughout the series. In fact, in many ways, she’s the antagonist of RWBY more than Cinder or Salem or anyone else in the show.

Let’s take Season 1 for example. She acts like a bitch to Ruby for something that was an accident, and then blames HER for the dust explosion, when it was in fact her own fault for waving dust around like it was a toy or something. And then her lines:

“Aren’t you too YOUNG to be here?”

Well, Weiss, aren’t you too RICH to be here? Oh and if Ruby’s young that means she’s a prodigy and can do a better job of being a huntress than you.

She constantly goes around saying ‘I’M WEISS! I’M THE HEIRESS OF THE DUST COMPANY! I’M WEISS! I’M THE HEIRESS OF THE DUET COMPANY’ in front of EVERYBODY’s faces. Just shut up Weiss. Nobody cares.

That’s not all. When Ruby gets picked to be team leader and she doesn’t, she throws a MAJOR tantrum and says many hurtful things to Ruby. She’s the heiress of the largest Dust company in the world and she’s throwing a tantrum because she isn’t the team leader. Oh boo hoo. Grow the hell up. Even Ruby’s two years younger than you and more mature. Then Port has to tell her to suck it up and she finally deals with it.

Still have faith in her? Well the *ssholery doesn’t end there.

In the S1 Finale, she discriminates against the faunus. She says they’re bad because
“Over the years I’ve had family friends disappear because of the White Fang!”

Yeah, Weiss! We feel so sorry for you! So sorry that you had to go through the trauma of losing ‘family friends’.
This sounds like a really lame excuse. First off these ‘family friends’ sound like random people you barely even know. In the White Trailer you claimed to be the ‘loneliest of them all’. So it seems like these people didn’t actually matter to you at all. All of this sounds like you just want to be an ass to the Faunus.

She’s such a bitch she makes Blake run away in tears. And I felt like punching her just then. She’s just like a female version of Cardin.

She doesn’t get any better in Season 2. Oh, and in here, her hypocrisy is proven. She says ‘Boys have always chased me for the perks of my last name!’ and says she hates fakers. Oh, just one thing…. THAT WAS THE SAME THING SHE DID! Remember back in Season 1 when everybody was being paired up n stuff? She asked Pyrrha to be her partner. Then there was a soliquoy of her where she said she only wanted Pyrrha to look good in front of everybody else. Of course Pyrrha completely saw through that crap and refused.

In Season 3, she continues her behavior until Winter comes and knocks some sense into her. I call it karma.

In Season 4, she is no longer the heiress of the SDC. And I admit that the blonde lady who said Vale had it coming should have died a painful death but Weiss shouldn’t have snapped like that publicly, just maybe attacked her from behind. Snapping in public was a stupid thing to do. I guess being a prick runs in the family because Whitley is an even more retarded version of her.

In many ways, Weiss is the opposite of Pyrrha. Pyrrha is selfless and gives more than she takes, but Weiss is never satisfied and takes and takes. Weiss sees her celeb status as an asset while Pyrrha takes it as a liability. Weiss flaunts her name everywhere whereas Pyrrha keeps it under the radar.

I honestly wish Weiss died instead of Pyrrha.

Alright that’s done.

Some more tidbits are…..

(1) Some characters allude to famous figures in reality and fiction

Ruby Rose – Little Red Riding Hood
Weiss Schnee – Snow White
Blake Belladonna – Belle (Beauty and The Beast)
Yang – Goldilocks
Jaune Arc – Joan Arc
Pyrrha Nikos – Achilles
Nora Valkyrie – Thor
Lie Ren- Mulan
Cinder Fall – Cinderella
Mercury Black – Roman god Mercury
Emerald Sustrai – Aladdin
Roman Torchwick – Lampwick
Penny – Pinocchio
Neptune Vasilias – Roman god Neptune
Coco Adel – Coco Chanel
Ozpin – Oz
Glynda – The Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz
Bartholomew Oobleck – Dr Suess’ Oobleck
Peter Port – The boy that cried wolf
Qrow – Welsh mythology crow
Raven – Welsh mythology raven

(2) Each character’s name refers to a colour

(3) The series was heavily inspired by Naruto

So, overall. To me, RWBY is a great series. It’s seriously worth a watch and believe me you’ll love it. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone ever say it’s bad. Not on YouTube, not on, not anywhere.

Not many users on this site know about RWBY, but here are the ones who do, so if you wanna talk about RWBY to anyone, try these guys.

Yours Truly

Alright guys, I’m exhausted. I hope you guys like this review and I hope you guys get the chance to watch RWBY. This is TK signing off for now.



Its meh - visitor

Nice post.

Here's my two cents on ranking the major characters.

1. Jaune
In a way, Jaune was more of a protagonist than Ruby was. He was affected by everything in his way, and only gets better because of it. Also, I relate to him on a personal level.

2. Yang
I hated Yang at first. She was the stereotypical "well-endowed" character with no real purpose. But once her backstory is explained, it all becomes clear; Yang is actually an interesting character. And she embodies the message of the show better than any other character: Keep moving forward.

3. Weiss
I must disagree with your assessment on her character, Miss Kitsune. Yes, she's insufferable at fist. But Weiss was always one of my favorite characters as a result of one thing; subtext. Right down to the slightly off-center ponytail, Weiss was clearly raised to be something she had no interest in being. As for the White Fang thing, it's important to note that no matter how good the message of the group, the White Fang are still terrorists. I see Weiss as a tragic character to an extent. She lost more than family friends, she lost her childhood to her father's conditioning to be the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. There's more, but I must move on.

4. Ren
Ren isn't great until season 4, but that's where he becomes amazing. For the sake of spoilers, I'm moving on.

5. Nora
See Ren.

6. Pyrrha
Read the post. It explains her pretty well.

7. Ruby
I hated her for the fist three seasons. She was a Mary Sue who got everything to go her way and almost never fought her own battles. But it took the loss of two friends and her sister's arm to wake her up to the world. And s4 was when she got good. She fights in battles instead of leaving it to her more powerful teammates and displays good leadership qualities. Based on season 4 alone, she might have been higher, but her initial disappointing performance prevents this.

8. Qrow
A cool mentor. Like an alcoholic Obi-Wan Kenobi.

9. Torchwick
Man, he stole every scene he was in. If only he was fleshed out a bit more.

10. Taiyang
A good father.

And now, my least favorite characters.

1. Blake
Good lord, where do I even begin? Blake, from Day 1, has done nothing but make life miserable for her teammates. She has no character development, no likable personality traits, and no original parts of her character. She's supposed to be the character with "the dark past," but that doesn't work when just about every character in the show has a dark past to some extent. On top of it all, she's a token minority. The new chameleon faunus (I can't recall her name) is what Blake should have been, but wasn't.

2. Sun
Annoying little chap. Can't stand him.

3. Cinder/Salem
Both are supposed to be series villains, bu the real villain here is how boring they both are.

4. Cardin
No originality. At least he's been written out.

5. Neptune
Wasted potential. He was funny, but written out. - Sop

Ilia Amitola is the chameleon faunus - TwilightKitsune

OK, Raven is my new favorite character. - Sop

About Weiss, go read "Weiss's Tragic Childhood" on the RWBY Headscratchers page of T.V. Tropes - TwilightKitsune

There's so many interesting facts about RWBY that you can find and make your own theories. I have a theory that Ghira is based off of Bagheera from Jungle Book and Kali is based off of calico cats. And all calico cats are females. It hasn't been confirmed but that would be pretty neat. - RoseRedFlower

Ghira was based off- WAIT HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT - TwilightKitsune

I have PLENTY of RWBY theories where that came from lol. - RoseRedFlower

Adam is the beast from Beauty and the beast. They're both bulls... - TwilightKitsune

#1. Blake. Hands down. She’s extremely relatable and in the series, she took the hardest hits (emotionally, because it’ll be impossible to choose who took the hardest hits physically) and is responsible for some of the best scenes in RWBY, she proves that she can always get back up.

#2. Yang. Umm...duh. She’s Yang.

#3. Ruby. She’s so adorable and sweet and kind, sort of the human version of Sunny from the Wings Of Fire series. She always does the right thing and treats everyone (barring the villains) with sunshine and rainbows. Also, did I mention she’s adorable?

#4 Pyrrha. She’s probably the kindest character in RWBY. Even though she’s a celebrity, she doesn’t follow the typical celebrity stereotype and is extremely selfless. She sees everyone as the same. And even though the boy she liked was a little thick skulled, she doesn’t go all Yandere on him, proving how level headed she is. Hmmm...that reminds me of someone. Percy Jackson, get over here right now.

#5 Jaune. Easily the most relatable character in the series and also the most hilarious. When he wore that dress to the dance and when he played...ummm...(it’s either the guitar or the ukulele. Or are they the same thing? ) to woo Weiss, I was laughing so hard. And eventually he becomes the Pyrrha if the group (after know)

#6 Sun. I ship Blake and Sun to hell. He’s extremely supportive and always reminds me of Goku. (Because of his attitude and his tail. Heh😅)

#7 Lie Ren. A ninja that cooks, fights and cleans, who also has a dark past. What more can you want

#8. Weiss. I’m sorry TK. She’s probably the one that undergoes the most development. In season 1, I hated her. She was an alpha b*tch and she was absolutely unbearable. But when season 4 rolled around, she became different. Yeah, she shouldn’t have snapped in public but other than that, she wasn’t the typical brat she was back in season 1 and 2.

#9. Oobleck. I would love to have him as my teacher.

#10. Velvet. She’s so cute. I can’t resist.

Honorable Mentions:


Dishonorable Mentions:

Cardin (and the rest of his idiot team) - Ultron123

Yay ♡♥♡♥♡. Also how's IASW going? - TwilightKitsune

Thanks and the Reboot is going great - Ultron123

I enjoyed RWBY, my favourite character is Ruby Red. I hated Weiss in the 1st 2 episodes I watched - visitor

Correction: Raven isn't a faunus - TwilightKitsune