RRF: My Favorite Things From RWBY Volume 4

RoseRedFlower I really enjoyed this volume of RWBY. It's not perfect and I don't enjoy it as much as the third volume but I loved it. I'm going to go over my favorite moments of this volume and then later write some of my least favorite. Now, this is all my opinion and you're free to disagree and have your own opinion. I would also love to hear your thoughts on Volume 4 and what your favorite moments were. Let's also try keep the comments cool and not get into internet fights. Emphasize on "try". Now, for some honorable mentions:
Soundtrack: The soundtrack is always awesome for RWBY and I can't wait till it comes out.
Voice Acting: RWBY has some new great voice actors that are in the series. Kent Williams, Mike McFarland, Cherami Leigh, Josh Grelle and one of my personal favorites Christopher Sabat. I know there's some I missed but you get my point. I can't wait to hear from them again.
Now for the real deal!
3: World Building- I loved the world building in RWBY Volume 4. Whether it was the story with the two brothers of light and darkness or the land of Menagrie. I loved how we weren't just told these different places but were shown too. Sure, there's still a lot of explaining but Ioved it when Weiss in episode 2 was just walking through her giant mansion with no words of dialogue. I got the feeling of isolation and loneliness that she had in her life. This was the first time we were outside of Vale and exploring other areas of Remnant (excluding that one bit from the end of Volume 3 with Salem). To see these different worlds, their laws, how the people act and what makes these kingdoms different.
2: Animation- In this Volume they switched from Poser to Maya. Now maybe there's still some Poser animation still involved somewhere. I don't know, I'm not experienced with that. However, I really liked how RWBY looks. We've come a long way from the first Red Trailer. Everything looks some pretty. The backgrounds, the characters, the colors, the lighting and it all blended together beautifully for me. I know some people had some problems adjusting to the new style but I fell in love with it immediately. It looked like an anime. Overall, the animation was a big step in the right direction for me.
1: Characters- I love these characters. Each Volume makes me love them more. At least some, I don't like everyone. But the ones I do like, I love even more. I love how Weiss evolves. She started off as my least favorite characters of RWBY to one of my favorites. Her evolution in Volume 4 really showcases this and I can't wait to see where she goes from here. Qrow also receives very nice character development and even a little song too. I find him to the be the most sympathetic character in RWBY so far. Then we have the cherry on top, Ren and Nora. I ship them like most of the fandom do. Seeing them in this Volume grow together and learning their backstory was amazing to see. I find myself growing to care about them even more. I'm also so glad they didn't kill them off after just learning their backstory. I probably would have been very annoyed and frustrated that they pulled a stupid anime cliché like that. There's other characters we got to see more of and learn from too. Tai being a father of Yang while also coaching her again, Raven being the worst mother in RWBY so far, Weiss having a terrible father, with an equally nuisance of a brother Whitley, Blake's parents were great to see and Salem's faction. I really enjoyed seeing them with what time they had together.
So those were my favorite moments of Volume 4 of RWBY. It's probably my second favorite Volume. The third being my favorite and the second being my least. I hope you all enjoyed Volume 4 and leave some comments to your favorite moments.


In this volume they explored most of the characters' home lives, like Blake's home in Menagerie and Weiss' manor in Atlas. I mean, we got a broader view of everything that was going on in the show. I really liked that :3

Also, doesn't Ren and Nora's backstory remind you of Eren and Mikasa's from Attack On Titan? - TwilightKitsune

It did remind me of their backstory. All we're missing is the dramatic music. Like I said, the only kingdom we ever explored was Vale and it was really nice to see more of Remnant. - RoseRedFlower