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21 Zwei Zwei

He's to cute

22 Velvet Scarlatina
23 Winter Schnee Winter Schnee

Just like weiss, but better, stronger, and more beautiful.

24 Salem
25 videogamedunkey V 1 Comment
26 Neptune Vasilias Neptune Vasilias

He's like Generator Rex! Except wit blue hair and doesn't have hands that can literally change into every weapon in the world. Still a pretty cool character though. - OnyxDash

27 Mercury Black Mercury Black

I gotta say he may be a villan character but he's pretty awesome. I want the good guys to win but he kinda makes me root for the baddies. His moves in that tournament fight were just jaw dropping! He took control of that fight and kicked ass! All basically using his metal legs the whole time to get the advantage over team CFVY. Plus his jokey attitude and snark won me over before I even saw him fight. I enjoy him and Emerald's interactions. Just an all around badass. - NerdBunny

Cool dude...face that says 'you like jazz? '

How does Merc not even have an entry? He has an interesting design and concept, potential for an awesome backstory (From what we've seen so far it could end up being pretty good), and the most entertaining fighting style in the show.

Plus he's voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the 3rd Volume! I mean, who wouldn't want a baddie who's voiced by Sasuke Uchiha of all people! - OnyxDash

28 Tyrian

He got a shot at qrow. Maybe killing him? don't know for sure yet. It hasn't come out yet. But still. QROW. TYRIAN POISONED QROW. And, his personality is like a metal insane psychopath. Need I say more?

29 Adam Taurus Adam Taurus
30 Caboose

Church, I'm your best friend, that's what I am to you!

31 David

From Camp Camp

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