Best RWBY Ships/Couples

What are your favourite RWBY ships and couples? Vote below ~ ! :3

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1 Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie

Obviously, they're the best ship! Volume 4 made my love for this couple even stronger! - RoseRedFlower

Is it bad for someone shipping Weiss x Winter? - BorisRule

They were meant to be - TwilightKitsune

YAY! Rennora is so cute! You can find so many good fanfics on the internet, and this is actually a very close second to my shipping of Lancaster.

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2 Blake Belladonna x Sun Wukong Blake Belladonna x Sun Wukong

Yay! A BlackSun shipper! I love these two together too! - RoseRedFlower

I've saq the episode Sun debuted and I shipped them at first sight - MLPFan

This ship ruins seamonkey and bumblebee but its still cute! - BobaTea

3 Neptune Vasilias x Weiss Schnee

I think these two could be a really cute couple

4 Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee

I hate WhiteRose, but I respect your opinion - MLPFan

Comparing all fanfics and all fanart I've seen, I have too say:

Cutie x (Tsundere + Useless Lesbian) = Cutest Ship of All Time

I'm a math genius!

5 Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long

How is this not at the top? , they are basically cannon

Bumblebee here we come! - BobaTea

There is obviously some tension between them!

Honestly I think this ship has the most chemistry.

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6 Ruby Rose x Scarlett David

Yeah Scarlett is gay by the way they confirmed it in rwby manga

7 Velvet x Fox
8 Yang Xiao Long x Sage Ayana
9 Taiyang x Summer Rose
10 Taiyang x Raven Branwen

The Contenders

11 Jaune Arc x Ruby Rose


Okay kidding, but I do support the shipping of Lancaster (Jaune and Ruby). Jaune and Ruby, as teammates during Vol. 4, care about each other in a way of mutual respect and friendship. However, what if it was something more than that?

Why the hell is this below Ruby x Scarlett?
Scarlett is gay.
Ruby and Scarlett are never seen together. AT ALL.

Anyways, Lancaster is just too good.

Season 1, the prom. Ruby takes a drink from Jaune's drink. Indirect kiss. She showed no remorse or embarrassment. Total ship.

They indirectly kissed at prom when Ruby sipped his punch.

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12 Pyrrha Nikos x Jaune Arc Pyrrha Nikos x Jaune Arc

This needs to be higher than Ruby x Scarlett! Scarlett's only in one or two episodes!
EDIT: Just read the manga and Scarlett has been confirmed as gay so...

Needs to be higher, in my opinion - MLPFan

It's so sad how this ended so soon…

13 Ruby x Oscar

Yes Oscar obviously has a crush on ruby

No - TwilightKitsune

14 Roman Torchwick x Neopolitan Roman Torchwick x Neopolitan

I see them as having a father-daughter relationship rather then being a couple - TwilightKitsune

yes. - BobaTea

15 Zwei x Chicken Zwei x Chicken

Zwei not

16 Qrow Branwen x Winter Schnee

Who knows, we may see it someday.. - TwilightKitsune

17 Mercury Black x Emerald Sustrai Mercury Black x Emerald Sustrai

I won't lie, Merc and Emerald are adorable together. He may annoy her sometimes but they are really the real Romeo and Juliet - TwilightKitsune

These two are so cute the way that mercury stood up for her as well I think they are gonna happen

18 Qrow x Ozpin
19 Weiss Schnee x Jaune Arc

I think there is a high possibility that this will happen no that jaune has grown up a bit

Best ship

I just ship them don’t hate me whiterose shippers 😂

20 Blake Belladonna x Ilia Amitola
21 Yang Xiao Long x Coco
22 Ozpin x Glynda Goodwitch

Awww, to bad he's in oscar now - BobaTea

23 Black x Elia
24 Yang x Weiss
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