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The Top Ten Best RWBY Ships/Couples

1 Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie

I love it with all of my heart (also is rooster teeth going to explain the problem with Ren, or is it just going to be another thing they forget about?)

I love how Ren was crying after Neo looked like was absolutely beautiful/genius

when volume 7 began, all I could think was..."OH, NO! THE HARMONY OF THE THUNDER FLOWER HAS BEEN THROWN OUT OF WHACK!"

THEY ARE THE CUTEST EVER. And they have the most beautiful backstory

2 Blake Belladonna x Sun Wukong

Sun needs an upgrade...I have an idea for one, but I can't do anything about it because I'm not rooster teeth. (But if we're being serious, Sun has been in the first 5 volumes, plus the first episode of volume 6, every other character has gotten an upgrade...even Penny...who was dead for 4 of those volumes)

sun was really the first person blake opened up to...and that was after he waited 2 WHOLE DAYS for her to talk...I need a sun in my life!

AW MAN! I'm crying just thinking about it! Why did Sun have to go to Shade Academy!

rooster teeth put them on a LITERAL SHIP!

And people say it's never going to happen?

3 Neptune Vasilias x Weiss Schnee

I think they could be good for each other... and if Neptune finally gets a girlfriend, he might not be so flirty! ( that a pro or a con)

Neptune needs to settle on a girl so he doesn't flirt with every girl in existence! (Seriously! He would probably flirt with SALEM if given the chance!)

it was pretty much confirmed at the dance
(back in the old days)

We need Neptune to not be chasing every girl this could really help him

4 Yang Xiao Long x Sage Ayana

I think more people would get behind this if they interacted at least a little bit

I hope they run into team SSN again, and they get some interaction

just let it be known, if rooster teeth does it right, it could be the best ship in the entire series...maybe...(except Arkos, RoseGarden, and FlowerPower...also Blacksun) (but it could be wonderful!)

rooster teeth need to make this thing canon...until then...look at fanart or something

5 Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long

Bumbleby has been built up since the Red Trailer, ever since we got the lyric "Black the beast descends from shadows, yellow beauty burns gold," comparing them to Beauty and the Beast. Since then, they've gone through so much development; while it can be read as platonic in V1, Yang clearly flirted with Blake in V2, and in V3, Adam targets Yang because he recognizes her as "someone Blake loves." Not "cares about," "loves." Sure, you can argue that she would've reacted the same way if he maimed Ruby or Weiss, but stories are written the way they are for a reason, and this plot point tied Blake and Yang's narratives irrevocably.

It's also really telling that in V6, Adam has the line "What does she even see in you?! " Given that he's Blake's ex, this is pretty heavily romantic-coded. At the end of the volume, the scene where they're holding hands in an airship parallels the scene where Ren and Nora were made a couple. As of the ...more

This ship is the best ship in rwby is soo popular well even ten and Nora, BUT! There are a lot of bumblebee moments, and I think sun and Blake just have a platonic relationship, bumblebee is gonna be cannon not blacksun, one more thing SAVE THE BEES!

And well sing for a while as I drink and you smile and it feels like a dream has come true my head starts to buzz and my heart bursts with love over you baby can't ya see you should be with me we can live inside our garden of extacy...

Come on Rooster teeth, you know it will be heart, just let this ship happen

6 Taiyang x Summer Rose

created the cutest of all, Ruby

7 Ruby Rose x Scarlett David

Yeah Scarlett is gay by the way they confirmed it in rwby manga

8 Velvet x Fox
9 Taiyang x Raven Branwen

I could see it

10 Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee

Favorite.I just grew to love it and I really want to see it happen

There is obviously a reason for Ruby and Weiss being partners, it is DEFINITELY NOT a coincidence.

I love this one it make more sense to me than Neptune and Weiss

I love these two so much

The Contenders

11 Pyrrha Nikos x Jaune Arc

Pyrrha was the first person to believe in Jaune...but now she's gone...forever

Jaune has been more and more distant from Pyrrha with every episode

It was canon! The Shipping Wiki said it was "semi-canon"! WELL THAT IS ALL BALDERDASH! IT WAS CANON ALL YA HATERS!

me: *sobbing uncontrollably*
my sister: "*my brother*! What ever show you showed her is making her cry in the corner!"
me: *just watched the season 3 finale*

12 Weiss Schnee x Jaune Arc

Weiss' voice actress once said it was her favorite Weiss ship

Jauney-boi needs someone to be there for him...even if not romantically (I ship it tho)

This is honestly my OTP for this show. Their relationship ship shows the growth each character has gone through.

I feel like they could happen

13 Ruby x Oscar

Ozpin has been joined with married guys before...Oscar having Ruby wouldn't be as weird as everyone says

Really it's just diabetes sweetness to support these cinnamon rolls, how can I not

last night I was designing characters for one of my oldest stories

I knew what they were going to look like since the beginning

two characters get together by the end

and I realized the girl has black hair and silver eyes (which by the way I didn't know rwby existed when I made this story) and she was kinda timid

and the boy (who is adorable by the way) has brown hair (lighter brown than Oscar) and dark green eyes, very outgoing and optimistic too

Yes Oscar obviously has a crush on ruby

14 Qrow Branwen x Winter Schnee

according to the shipping wiki...

Their current voice actors are in a relationship

Winter was based off of Monty's wife, while Qrow was Monty's OC

Their new volume 7 outfits are based off of each other

Winter's voice actor says Winter's type of man is "tall, dark, handsome, and AVIAN" (if you don't know what avian means, it means related to birds)

(look at rwby shipping wiki in Snowbird trivia for more awesome evidence)

Who knows, we may see it someday.. - TwilightKitsune

he needs someone to be there (poor guy)

even though it won't be canon...I love it

15 Jaune Arc x Ruby Rose

great ship and it makes sense, they were each others first friends at Beacon.

Jaune would have fallen apart after Pyrrha's (spoiler) but I think Ruby can help him slowly move on.

They share some great chemistry, and how they look at each other, and the hug!

They have similar personalities and they both have endured the same trauma.People sometimes forget,they write how two people become a couple but they don't think what they talk about after they become a couple,I think Jaune and Ruby will have no problem there sharing their opinions.

16 Qrow Branwen x Summer Rose

even if ruby isn't qrow's daughter...I still want this to be a thing

Why choose between Hummingbird and Snowbird, when you can have both?

let this be a thing

it would answer a lot of my questions

17 Roman Torchwick x Neopolitan

I could see it.
also she is trying to avenge him, she just doesn't know he was swallowed whole by a grimm

how did she get hold of his hat?

I see them as having a father-daughter relationship rather then being a couple - TwilightKitsune

My favorite ship

18 Coco x Fox

she touched the butt

it could be canon...very easily...

19 Zwei x Chicken

Zwei not

20 Mercury Black x Emerald Sustrai

YAS! THEY DESERVE NUMBER ONE DUDE! (Am I the only one who doesn't ship Nora and Ren? )

I won't lie, Merc and Emerald are adorable together. He may annoy her sometimes but they are really the real Romeo and Juliet - TwilightKitsune

These two are so cute the way that mercury stood up for her as well I think they are gonna happen

21 Coco x Velvet

Yes (I think Velvet is close enough to human) - RoseWeasley

22 Ruby x Penny

they're best friends

I love it so much ❤

23 Ruby Rose x Penny Polendina



Its not gunu hapen but I wish it did. WHY ROSTER TEETH

Nuts and Dolts is a wholesome ship, They deserved better, and they deserve each other 💘🥺

24 Qrow x Ozpin


25 Oobleck x Zwei

I don't know

26 Nora x Pancakes
27 Qrow Branwen x Clover Ebi

I think that clover is good for crows mentel health because his bad luck wont hurt anyone

How do you just say that clover hasn’t been flirting With Qrow?

28 Emerald Sustrai x Cinder Fall
29 Salem x Ozmar (Ozpin)

They were married! Salem was just super selfish. (Stupid Salem)

Uh... I think it's not the best ship anymore because they are both enimies……. - galaxygamer8921

30 Blake Belladonna x Ilia Amitola
31 Sun Wukong x Neptune Vasilias

Sea monkey it’ll be alright it might stay away from bumblebee and uhh...oh I forgot about Neptune and Weiss ship name well by the way they might be a great couple.

32 Ruby x Sun

I say this because their voices actors are married in real life...

33 Black x Elia

Such spelling much wow just-just why

34 Yang x Weiss
35 Ruby Rose x Jaune Arc
36 Ozpin x Glynda Goodwitch

Awww, to bad he's in oscar now - BobaTea

37 Yang Xiao Long x Coco
38 Yang Xiao Long x Neo

baked Alaska only makes sense

39 Nora x Jaune
40 Sun Wukong x Yang Xiao Long

It’s just a good ship

41 Cinder Fall x Jaune Arc
42 Salem x Grimmzilla
43 Nora x Pyrrha
44 Ilia x Emerald
45 Jaune x Neptune
46 Oscar x Nora
47 Qrow Branwen x Neo

The drunk uncle and the mute girl.

48 Nora x Penny
49 Jaune x Neo
50 Yang Xiao Long x Mercury
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