Best RWBY Weapons


The Top Ten

1 Ember Celica
2 Crescent Rose

It is a gun and scythe

3 Gambol Shroud
4 Qrow's Sword/Scythe

Honestly, it's better than Ruby's scythe... so...

5 Myrtenaster

Beautiful rapier/revolver - RaidenRain

6 Miló and Akoúo̱
7 Magnhild
8 Crocea Mors
9 StormFlower

Ren is literally my fave character, so ofc I love his weapon lol

10 Ruyi Jingu Bang

The Contenders

11 Melodic Cudgel

No OnE cAn JuSt DeFlEcT tHe EmErAlD sPlAsH

12 Neo's Umbrella


I'd pay to have an umbrella like that - TwilightKitsune

13 Adam’s Sword

Dude that sword is AWESOME

I believe this thing can bypass auras

14 Wilt and Blush
15 Penny's Swords
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