Best RWBY Weapons

The Top Ten

Ember Celica

would wear them all day

Crescent Rose

favorite weapon of all
"its also a gun"

It is a gun and scythe

It's also a customizable high-impact sniper rifle

Gambol Shroud

it has a ribbon

Qrow's Sword/Scythe

Honestly, it's better than Ruby's scythe... so...


Miló and Akoúo̱

They are the best weapons I have ever seen


Beautiful rapier/revolver - RaidenRain

I have never seen someone fight so elegently


I have these ideas for weapon upgrades, and hers is my favorite...if they could figure out a way to trigger the hammer by slamming it on the ground, it could cause the metal to come in contact with lightning dust gems inside the hammer, causing the lightning to go coursing through her body, and she could use her semblance whenever she needs it!

inspired by nora's child hood

Crocea Mors

it's a classic


Ren is literally my fave character, so ofc I love his weapon lol

Melodic Cudgel

It's a cane, and it's a gun

No OnE cAn JuSt DeFlEcT tHe EmErAlD sPlAsH

The Contenders

Ruyi Jingu Bang

I love Sun, and I love his weapon

Neo's Umbrella

I'd pay to have an umbrella like that - TwilightKitsune

its also a hidden blade


Wilt and Blush
Adam’s Sword

Dude that sword is AWESOME

I believe this thing can bypass auras

Penny's Swords
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