Top Ten Sabaton Songs to Listen to First

These songs may or may not get you to like them. If there's a different song that got you into them, feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 To Hell and Back

This was my first. - Cyri

2 Primo Victoria

This is and has been the signature Sabaton song since the band is famous. It's the first song most people hear and it is probably the only song that ALWAYS find it's way into their concerts.
I'm not talking best song, I'm talking signature song and that makes it also perfect for first time listening.

3 Man of War
4 Ghost Division
5 Shiroyama

One of their best songs.-DarkBoi-X

Absolutely amazing! Has to be one of the best songs off of their new album.

6 Uprising
7 The Lost Battalion

Was my first

8 Screaming Eagles
9 Attero Dominatus
10 Carolus Rex

This song is EPIC

The Contenders

11 Coat of Arms

Fascinating intro!

12 Panzerkampf
13 Wolfpack
14 Resist and Bite
15 Metalizer
16 Blood of Bannockburn
17 Night Witches
18 Bismarck
19 The Art of War
20 Fields of Verdun - Sabaton
21 Winged Hurrars
22 Winged Hussars
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