Top Sabrina Carpenter Songs of 2015 and 2016


The Top Ten

1 On Purpose
2 Smoke and Fire
3 All We Have is Love
4 Two Young Hearts
5 Right Now
6 Wildside
7 Thumbs
8 Your Love's Like
9 The Middle of Starting Over
10 Too Young

I relate to this song so much. great song!

The Contenders

11 No Words
12 Run and Hide
13 Eyes Wide Open
14 Shadows
15 Space
16 Mirage
17 Feels Like Loneliness Feels Like Loneliness
18 Don't Want It Back
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Top Remixes

1. All We Have is Love
2. On Purpose
3. Smoke and Fire
1. Thumbs
2. Wildside
3. Smoke and Fire



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