Top Ten Best Sabrina Carpenter Songs

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1 On Purpose

It's simply the best!

This is not even out yet, but this and Smoke and Fire are my favorite songs ever!

Coming from someone who is neutral on Carpenter, this is really good - ProPanda

This song is awesome, sweet and world class

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2 Can't Blame a Girl for Trying


Sabrina Carpenter is the new Queen of Auto-Tune.


"Here I am again, in the same ol' situation"- your life in a nutshell. - DarkandSinister

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3 Smoke and Fire

My top ten are:
Smoke and Fire
We'll Be the Stars
Your Love's Like
The Middle of Starting Over
Two Young Hearts
Best Thing I Got
White Flag
Too Young
Eyes Wide Open

4 Eyes Wide Open

My favorite

5 Thumbs

Dude, anyone who listens to this song will be hooked to it. I mean it's so catchy what
This is my favorite song by SC, like all time!

I love this song!


This is my favorite song by Sabrina!

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6 All We Have is Love


7 Feels Like Loneliness Feels Like Loneliness
8 We'll Be the Stars
9 Safe and Sound
10 Space

The Newcomers

? Sue Me
? Shadows

Sooo underrated!

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11 Run and Hide

A song that makes you feel so alive

Recently got into this song and has become one of my favourites of all time!

Although many of her songs are better, this is great!

12 Fall Apart
13 Mirage
14 Why

Best of all

Why is so good it should be at the top!
she's so amazing

My favourite

love it

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15 The Middle of Starting Over

This song is so related to my life and it has a wonderful message too... Really made moving on much easier for me...

This is such a beautiful song of how to ride out the crisis any young kid can have.The music is great as well as the video. - JTrocks

I like this song because I like the beat and sound and something tells me its like about me even though I didn't write it

Sabrina carpenter can u please answer me I would love for you to answer my comment

16 Rescue Me
17 Two Young Hearts
18 No Words


19 Right Now

This song is my favorite!

20 Best Thing I Got
21 Smile
22 Your Love's Like
23 White Flag
24 Alien

Very good

Sabrina Carpenter & Jonas Blue collab for this amazing summer bop if you don't like t then there's something wrong with you HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAH

25 Darling I'm a Mess
26 Stand Out
27 Too Young

Beautiful! I mean, "if I'm too young to fall in love, why do you keep running through my brain? "

28 Wildside

I am surprised by how low this song got.I thought it was a beautiful duet with Sophia Carson.And if you saw the movie,how could you possibly not like the song,for the movie was great and rocked big time. - JTrocks

29 Silver Nights
30 Almost Love

Best sabrina song ever it's the latest one

31 Paris

I love dis dong - StarWarsFan101

It’s so melodic “I already have love in LA”

32 Seamless
33 Don't Want It Back

love IT!

34 Mona Lisa

Love this song!

35 Hands

Um amazing live mcxuse me your wrong this is g8

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