Top Ten Sacrifices In the Halo Universe

This list is about the noblest deaths in Halo history.

The Top Ten

1 Cal-141 Cal-141

She saved O’Brien and the rest of the ODST squad by killing a Brute chieftain. She was mortally wounded in the process. And this in spite of the bitter resentment the ODST’s had for Spartans. In my opinion, there is no nobler death than to die for someone who not only doesn’t care for you, but hates you.

2 Admiral Whitcomb

He and Lieutenant Haverson sacrificed themselves during Operation: FIRST STRIKE, taking a whole Covenant fleet with them in the process and holding off the impending invasion of Earth.

This man went out taking out almost 500 ships, he destroyed unyielding hierphant(or however you spell it) giving John, Fred 104, Will 043 Linda 058 sgt Johnson and Cortana time to get back to earth to warn them of the upcoming battle

3 Sergeant Forge Sergeant Forge
4 Randall-037 Randall-037

He stayed behind on Alpha Shard to detonate a HAVOK nuke that would destroy a bioweapon that was endangering the human race. He sacrificed himself so that Agent Locke and Private Macer could survive.

5 Jorge-052 Jorge-052

He sacrificed himself to save his home planet, Reach, and prevented Noble Six from having to sacrifice himself/herself.

6 Kurt-051

He sacrificed himself to save his Spartan brothers and sisters, as well as Dr. Halsey and Chief Mendez. He detonated two nuclear warheads, taking out an entire Covenant army with him.

7 Holly-G003

She took a direct hit from two fuel rod cannon blasts in order to save Kelly-087.

8 Noble Six Noble Six

He/She stayed behind to man the mass driver and allowed the Pillar of Autumn to escape.

9 Will-043

He single-handedly engaged a Hunter pair (killing one) in order to protect the other Spartans of Blue Team.

10 Carter-A259

He crashed his pelican into a scarab, allowing Six and Emile to escape to the PoA with Cortana.

The Contenders

11 Cortana
12 Sergeant "Ghost" Sergeant

Ghost was a marine who stayed behind to allow his platoon to escape by using a prototype weapon power suit to hold off the Covenant. He eventually sacrificed himself by nuking himself and the remaining covenant after the platoon had gotten out.

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