Top 10 Sad, Beautiful or Meaningful ABBA Songs

Hi guys! You guys know that I love Abba so here's another list. I hope you don't mind. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 The Winner Takes It All

The story behind this song is so heartbreaking, but it's a beautiful and emotional song. I have good memories of this song (shrugs). It's so... captivating!

My favourite Abba song! It's truly amazing and depicts the sad the divorce of Bjorn and Agnetha, although Bjorn admitted the lyrics are pure friction. He said there is no winner or loser in their relationship. Anyway, Agnetha's voice to me sounds like she is about to cry, it's so beautiful! - ivylee

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2 The Day Before You Came

Is there something a little sinister about this song?

If I wasn't a man I would cry

It has a haunting melody and lyrics. This was Abba's last song they ever recorded. - ivylee

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3 Knowing Me, Knowing You

Favourite song by abba

Another beautiful break-up song. Frida sung this song beautifully but with Agnetha together, the blend is beautiful. - ivylee

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4 Slipping Through My Fingers

Oh I can relate to this with my Three children I cry every time I hear it

A sad and emotional ballad as Agnetha sings the song that Bjorn wrote for her about her daughter leaving for school and how every moment of being a parent is precious. - ivylee

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5 Chiquitita

Another famous classic! Such beautiful lyrics and voices, amazing! - ivylee

It's so beautiful. Especially the part were they sing " Chiquitita you and I know...………."

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6 One of Us

Another heartbreaking song. Agnetha's voice is full of emotion. The lyrics depicts the end of a love story. - ivylee

I've been looking for the name of this song! So happy to finally get it!

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7 My Love, My Life

The vocal performance really does it

Just out of this world, melody, vocals, emotions...

Another beautiful ballad. - ivylee

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8 When All is Said and Done

Love this song

A beautiful song which Frida sung it about her divorce from Benny. You can feel the emotion. - ivylee

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9 Disillusion

Beautiful, sad lyrics that this is the only song Agnetha wrote for Abba. - ivylee

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The Contenders

11 Lay All Your Love on Me

More of an upbeat song, the lyrics shows someone wanting to be loved. - ivylee

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12 Like an Angel Passing Through My Room UListen to Sample
13 Our Last Summer UListen to Sample
14 I Wonder (Departure) UListen to Sample
15 Mamma Mia UListen to Sample
16 Move on Abba UListen to Sample
17 Fernando

Beautiful song

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18 I’ve Been Waiting for You

Just beautiful

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19 Another Town, Another Train UListen to Sample
20 Sos - Abba UListen to Sample
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