Top Ten Sad Songs That Will Make You Smile at the End

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1 Broken - Seether

Absolutely amazing song, It's sad Amy and Shaun are broke up because they are singing is brilliant together. - 05yusuf09

This song is beautiful and sad at the same time.

This whole song is a Gem and glory but after the song you feel much better! - Curti2594

Amy Lee in this one. Awesome awesome awesome!

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2 To Believe - Jackie Evancho

She was 10 when she sang this song on her first PBS special. She is blessed by God. When she says "If your grace will surround me, I'll do the very best I can. I promice I'll do the very best I can", Jackie has kept her promise.

Jackie's Uncle made himself proud with this touching song

"To believe in a day, when hunger and war are passed away"

A sad song about victims of war and hunger, but with a hopeful tone at the end. - BobG

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3 Mama Said - Metallica
4 On Fire - Switchfoot
5 1000 Time Goodbye - Megadeth
6 Darkness - Disturbed

One of the saddest and haunting songs. - 05yusuf09

7 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
8 Waiting for the End - Linkin Park

Totally fits this topic it starts off good and in the middle it gets a little slow. but then the message comes in at the last part of the song "the hardest part of ending is starting again" I just have to smile when I hear that and this song is really amazing they have voices of angels in this song! Love this song

9 Octavarium - Dream Theater
10 Far Away - Nickelback

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? Lost Boy - Ruth B
? Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

I mean come on, a song about a guy accepting his death? Of course that's sad.

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11 One Last Breath - Creed
12 Here by Me - 3 Doors Down
13 She Knew - Jackie Evancho

A treasure from back when Jackie was only 9 years old, and making her first appearance in Nashville onstage with veteran songwriter James Breedwell.
This heart-tugging performance was lost for years, until recently when the video re-surfaced on YouTube.

14 Wind of Change - Scorpions
15 Ever the Same - Rob Thomas
16 Hurt - Johnny Cash

Very emotional it's beautiful

17 When I'm Gone - Eminem

Surely should be higher

What's problem with you people? This shld be number 1

18 Teaching Angels How to Fly - Jackie Evancho

On her self-produced "Prelude To A Dream" album. Written by Nashville singer/songwriter James Breedwell, and pitched specifically to Jackie. See the YouTube video.

19 Everything I Own - Bread
20 Words - Boyzone
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