Top Ten Sad Things the Turkey Might Think When On His Way to Being Killed for Meat

These are some of the reasons why I'm a vegetarian.

The Top Ten Sad Things the Turkey Might Think When On His Way to Being Killed for Meat

1 Did I live all these years to ultimately get eaten?

The domestic-breed Turkeys live less than a year, not "all these years", and have zero survival skills or adaptations. If released in the wild they are dead within 48 hours.
Turkeys also can't talk, and don't pretend to say you think its OK to hunt wild Turkeys, you are even more ravingly against that practice, and wild Turkey populations must be carefully managed.
If YOUR ancestors did not kill and eat meat, and lots of it, YOU would not be here.
Also, the number one killer of all wildlife is cities, just like the one YOU live in.

Are we the only country that has cities? Look at America! It is really hard to see forest! - ozgurturk12

2 These breeders, whom I thought of as my parents, betrayed me and sent me to the butchery.
3 My life was such a waste. Couldn't live life with full freedom. Had no family. It's so sad.
4 Although we turkeys can't weep the way humans do, at least see the sorrow in our eyes.

I just feel so sad reading that. Bloody hell, man! - PositronWildhawk

5 What you will get is a few dollars worth of good meat but what we lose is our precious life!
6 At least predators in the wild let us live in freedom. We only get killed if we are slow in protecting ourselves. But in butchery shops, there is no escape route.
7 If you have plenty of vegetarian food already, humans, kindly spare our lives. Don't kill us only for your tongue's pleasure.
8 At least have the courage and hunt us in the wild. Why breed us and give us such a life full of misery when at the end all we are going to be is eaten up
9 You humans talk about love, compassion and keep pets as a mark of your animal-loving nature. This is all just a joke. Look at our state.

Do not eat turkey what did they ever do to you

10 [blank]- Turkeys don't have human thoughts.

This is just cruel

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11 One regret which I'll have even after my death is that I won't be able to save my children from the same fate I'm witnessing now.
12 Help... me....
13 I'm screwed...
14 Why me?
15 November shouldn't have existed!
16 What did I do to you
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