Saddest AJ Samih Songs

Most of these songs makes anybody cry the first time he'll hear

The Top Ten

1 Life goes on

No one can stop it, it was a very great song makes me cry every time I remember him saying I do loss precious people to me I do cry every time I remember them, But life goes on and those tears won't stop it, lot of meanings were putting into this song with emotions and feelings it was - AJSAMIH

2 Antarctica

This song is so fabulous heart touching Aj himself fall in love with this song I think it the best song ever it's right to be the first he written it from a deep pain inside his heart for losing someone close to him and he told his best friend he gonna make it the best song and he done he gave the best works for this songs he written it in three days get respect and heart full of soul - AJSAMIH

3 Lost

This song had the most powerful lyrics that singed by AJ it's new and I liked the all album because of song like this the song shows the reality of human how weak is he in life - AJSAMIH

4 Awaken
5 Roses N Graves
6 Through the ride

The most heartbreaking song awesome lyrics and good tone it deserve the best and it's the biggest hit that Aj done it after his best return - AJSAMIH

7 I Cry

This song make me cry, it's so real song you can feel it - AJSAMIH

8 Why me Why Earth

This song is the best of all time it must be the first not Kingdom of love and the rest he written it when he was 14 years following MJ Earth song he is good guy in this song - AJSAMIH

9 Another life

Are you kidding me this song is the second in New Zeeland, the third in France, The First in Italy It's International open the U.K Chart it's the forth - AJSAMIH

10 Unbreakable

The Contenders

11 How Come?
12 Closer Than the Gate
13 Savior
14 The Story of My Life
15 Climbing the Walls
16 Back Up Against Them All
17 The Song
18 Going Back to September
19 Lullaby

Better song to be in the 5th postion cause it's different from all the song - AJSAMIH

20 Show Me

Just kind like this songs that make you stand up and say I am real he wrote it from an experience cause he had seen how many people getting down and get bleated it's amazing it's deserve to be the first - AJSAMIH

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1. Heaven
2. How to Break a Heart (Kill Me Twice)
3. Life goes on
1. Life goes on
2. Unbreakable
3. How Come?
1. Roses N Graves
2. Life goes on
3. Awaken



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