Saddest Akame Ga Kill Deaths

Which character's death in Akame Ga Kill is the saddest in your opinion? It's going to be hard to decide since a lot of characters died. I want all of them to be first but you have too vote one.

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1 Chelsea Chelsea

She was so cute and cheerful. The way she died was brutal. - Tuana123

In episode 17, that is truly devastating to see Chelsea died, like that.

I can't stand the way she was killed! It was too much for anybody!

I missed her.

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2 Mine Mine

Why did she have to die when I started to like her. She didn't die in the manga like what? Her death didn't make any sense, it could've been avoided if Tatsumi ignored her and took her to a hospital or something, underrated anime, underrated character, and underrated death.

I Cried a lot it was so sad


- Start to shipp Mine and Tatsumi and they kill her without mercy on the next episode. Oh, and first, THEY GIVE YOU HOPE TATSUMI WILL SAVE HER, then they kill her.

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3 Seryu Ubiquitous Seryu Ubiquitous

I know, I know! She killed Sheele but try to develop empathy. She was absolutely brainwashed. - Tuana123

4 Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock was born into a rich family and could basically have whatever he wanted. However, instead he fakes his own death to join up with the notorious rebellion known as Night Raid. He's accepted into the group and given the imperials arms, Cross Tails. Cross tails is an incredibly strong string wrapped more.

I don't know why but it's sad. - Tuana123

His Death Was So Sad

My favourite male character and character overall.
i cried when he died and it was just so sad...

5 Bols Bols

He didn't deserve to die. I can't imagine how his wife and child suffered. Also the way he died was sad too. He just wanted to help a little child and it was the reason he died. - Tuana123

Music was great and he has to save his girls

Saddest death for me

6 Tatsumi Tatsumi

His death was both sad and dumb, he died a heroic death saving people, but he didn't receive as much gratitude and attention after his death especially as the main protagonist and defeating the strongest imperial arm wielder, the emperor. He also could have been saved if he had been treated quickly right away and his willpower should have saved him also (where the plot armor at? )

He's the main character. He died while he was trying to save innocent people. - Tuana123

7 Kurome Kurome

Thinking about her past with Akame... It's just sad. She thought that her sister who she cares the most betrayed her and joined the bad side. - Tuana123

Her death is not that bad at all. I didn't cry at all of Kurome's death. - NaruHinaBlaze1

8 Susanoo Susanoo

Najenda's imperial arm... - Tuana123

9 Leone Leone

Not my favorite character in the show but, her death scene really makes me sad

10 Esdeath Esdeath General Esdeath (simply known as Esdeath) is the secondary antagonist of the manga, Akame Ga Kill!, and the 2014 anime adaptation of the same name.

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11 Sheele Sheele

I swear. The saddest death ever or probably equal to Chelsea's. I loved Sheele and her Extase :(

12 Bulat Bulat
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