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1 Maes Hughes - Fullmetal Alchemist Maes Hughes is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Even after having read the manga and on my second time rewatching Brotherhood I had to cover my mouth as I cried to avoid making noise. His death is almost unexpected and the entire time throughout his struggle there is a part of you inside hoping he makes it out alright like everyone else has. He's just such a supportive character and so lovable, he has so much to offer to the people around him and is the type of person we hope to find in our own lives.

His death is upsetting and even more tragic as the knowledge is slowly spread among others, leaving a horrid taste in your mouth as the brothers and Winry finally find out. Many likable characters in entertainment have died, but they are typically expected and not deemed very upsetting. Rewatching the episode in which he died almost through me off guard and I had to ask myself if it was really the one he met his end.

The entire show is great and I hold it in high regard, and Hughes I believe was a great character who ...more

This was heart breaking- Just as you're getting to know Hughes- cheery, protective and loving of his family as well as the Elric brothers- Envy kills him- It's terrible- the icing on the cake that makes the tears flood every fan's eyes is of course the scenes that follow this one- The Elric brothers finding out- Winry finding out and visiting Hughes' home- of course the worst would be his funeral... Colonel Mustang even cried- and don't get me started on how gut wrenching is was watching Elicia cry over them burying him- not understanding her daddy's gone-

The only way you could not like Hughes is if your heart is stone. He practically oozed love for his wife and daughter and he was ridiculously kind and hospitable to everyone. Beneath that, he was great at his job. The best of Mustang's allies. His death was not only maddeningly tragic, but down right cruel at the sadistic Envy's hands. He had everything he ever wanted and shared it freely with everyone, so of course ENVY would be the one to kill him, and in such a sickening way. The deep sense of loss felt by every one of the characters affects you in a way few other anime deaths, or any television or movie deaths, really does. And that damn funeral with little Elicia, I'm tearing up just thinking about it. His death is the thing that brings the main story line of Fullmetal Alchemist into focus, and it's effects reverberate through the rest of the series, especially with Mustang. Hughes' murder is the foundation for just about everything Mustang does from there out, and when he ...more

This was the only character death that I've ever cried about. Sure, I've come close to crying, but the way the anime and the manga portrays his death is heartbreaking. He is the only character that you want to come back to life and is such a supporting character with so much to him that you think that he will always be there until his unexpected death. He's a character that you don't realize how much he means to you until he dies. He is the kind of person we want to find in our lives - a kind, supporting, and lovable character. Above that, his character is one that you would never forget as when killed. After that in Fullmetal Alchemist, the anime adds the icing on the cake as it goes through more scenes that if you hadn't cried when he died, you would most certainly cry about this part after. He is, undoubtedly, the saddest anime character death I've ever seen/watched/read.

2 L - Death Note L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

It kills me that L died the way he did. He knew he was going to die and he knew that he would be killed by his best (only) friend. Every time I watch Death Note I find myself just as sad as that first time, and for the rest of the series (whether anime, movie, or manga) I generally find myself with a lingering sadness.

Why? L was justice and, in the moment of his death, justice had failed.

I always hoped that L's opinions, his very code, would affect Light positively (because I do side with Light on a few matters), but to see that he died so uselessly and to see Light consider it a victory and nothing more... My tears can't satisfy the wish that L had been able to do more than just leave successors behind.

From the point of L's death and onwards, Death Note gained a darker note for me. In the end, L won through Near, but to get there, so much sacrifice was made, a lot of chances taken, and all for a game of pride, really.

ACTUALLY: L never thought of Light as a friend. He said that to him to guilt trip him to see if he could see through his facade

in my opinion, the series got worse from this point on. despite being enemies deep down, L and Lights dynamic was so amazing and watching them play mind games with each other whether it is through the media or a game of tennis is amazing, Near and Light never recaptured that, and despite his death being essential to the story he really deserved better

I almost stopped watching death note once he died. he was my favorite and I really wished he solved the case on his own, which he technically did but they kept putting him down.

This is the only character I've ever cried for. I was completely out of it and sobbing loudly into a pillow, which barely helped muffle the noise, for hours on end. Please take note that I'd always rather express anger than grief, so, needless to say, I wasn't the only one affected. Every time I read/watch his death scene I revert to my previously mentioned state, though it's thankfully more controlled. This is actually the first time I've ever been able to express this, so thanks for hearing me out. I'll never truly get over the death of him...

3 Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

The death of the protagonist of the story is just so very sad!
This thing at the end of the whole anime and all is quite unexpected.

Lelouch died for a purpose and he wanted this. He planned the "Zero Requiem" and asked his own bestfriend to kill him. And after his death, his own little sister, Nunnally, was crying at him dying and the rest of the people were actually cheering...

To the people who are saying Lelouch didn't die, well, you are wrong.
There is already an official statement saying that Lelouch vi Britannia, Lelouch Lamperouge did die. And the cart driver at the ending wasn't Lelouch.

Saddest anime death for me.

And not to mention the ending song! It has a happy tone but it reminds you of something sad -"Continued Story" by Hitomi

Thank god he died. I am really happy to see him die. He was a psychopathic murderer. If he was a bystander, I would not care much but he murdered with no remorse. He deserves my hate. - SelfDestruct

It wasn't just his death that made everything so heartbreaking. It was the sacrifice that he made, and the sacrifice that remained unknown to everyone that made his death so heartbreaking.

Talk about an epic death. Not to say that Lelouch was a good guy, but he wasn't exactly a bad guy. Or rather, the fact that he plays the part of the bad guy throughout the whole anime to purposely get people to hate him, only to plan his own death at the end so that the world doesn't know who to hate anymore, is pretty amazing. I also find it extremely satisfying because after all he's done, there's no way he could be forgiven, even if he had his reasons. He accepted the weight of his crimes and his punishment. I'm left wondering if he was being selfless or selfish. In the beginning he only wanted to make his sister happy, and on the way seemed to get tangled up in power. Then, when he had the world in his hands he gave it up. Was it because he still selfishly wanted his sister to be happy, or because he just wanted to fix the world? Who knows.

Lelouch's death was just... SO SAD!
He starts off good and then gets twisted and a little mad and at the end I was thinking "Is he really going to execute everyone? " But even though you are unsure what his true aim is, you can't help but love Lelouch. But at the end, when you discover what Lelouch really was planning then you feel horrified and amazed and sad and URGH! IT WAS JUST SO MUCH EMOTIONS! Basically it was a happy ending for the world so they didn't have to deal with Lelouch but when you know that Lelouch had planned everything all along... You just feel heartbroken. It was so sad when everyone was cheering for Lelouch's death and everyone thought he was a bad guy but you know that Lelouch was good all along.

4 Jiraiya - Naruto

He fought 6 guys at a time, lost his arm, got his throat destroyed, got stabbed in his only arm and in the back, managed to write a codified language and then drowned. He says his death was full of mistakes, but he realizes he got a perfect student, and, finally, when his book finishes, he starts his last book "the legend of Naruto Uzumaki"

He went on a suicide mission to uncover the truth of pein and it cost him his life and he gave his all in the fight knowing he couldn't win.

The death of a true teacher in the hands of his own student...

Naruto is probably one of the best animes I have ever been blessed with seeing, and growing up with. This emotional roller coaster of a show will have you happy and cheering for heroes, laughing at the ridiculous situations and gimmicks, and crying over the heartbreaking truths the show reveals. With all of that being said, Jiraiya's death is one of THE SADDEST ever. I have not cried harder watching his death than in any other anime with the exception of Anohana.

5 Kaori Miyazono - Your Lie in April

Just watched the whole anime. Trust me it is worth watching. The saddest part is that you grow to love her energy and optimism, so when you learn she's so sick and doesn't have long to live. It hits you like a freight train. The final episode makes her death so good I can't put it in words.

She doesn't deserve it she was an happy girl. I hate it when people say that they want that Tsubaki-chan and kousei-kun end up togheter but...yeah it wuild be very sad for Kaori and they kept a promise and a promise is a promise

I watched the anime a few months ago. I lot of people say it's not that good but I personally loved it. Poor Kaori. She died so young. If you wanna watch a sad anime, I really recommend Your Lie In April.

My heart shattered. We all knew it was coming but...I still couldn't believe this sweet, loving girl was gone ;-;

6 Koro Sensei

I actually put off watching the last couple episodes of the show because I knew he was going to die. I just watched this finally as I'm writing this and I truly believe this is the most heart breaking thing I've ever put myself through in an anime, if not possibly any form of media. By the time nagisa let it out after he pushed the knife in I completely broke inside. Watching even the toughest students and teachers start to cry when they had held back just pushed me over the edge to full blown tears streaming down my face and the near hyperventilating audible breathing. I've seen most all of the top deaths on this list. Truly this is the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen. I'm actually still crying as I'm writing this. And I'm a 32 year old man. This was extremely brutal. So well done. I hate anime for that sometimes. The propensity to bring me to tears time to time. But never like this. This should be number 1 and there's no question or debate to even be had.

My mom found me wailing on the floor. My tears kept falling as I was crying Koro-sensei's name. I was so quiet for the whole day, I kept back the tears and had a frown on my face. I didn't have the energy nor did I feel like talking after watching his death. At night, I cried myself to sleep and in the morning, tears kept streaming down my cheeks. That was how emo I became when he died. This is the only anime that's ever made me cry so hard, even as I'm typing right now. It's just so heartbreaking...

This broke me. I still can't listen to the theme tune without crying... :'(

Sadest scene, especially after I came up with the theory that he will be turned back into a human, and saved. I was a real shock.

7 Nina Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Nina Tucker is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

All because her father, Shou Tucker, wanted to further his financial success. Wow.

I balled my eyes out when poor little Nina and Her dog both died. She never deserved that. Her father did.

The most tragic thing about Nina's death was Ed and Al were unable to prevent it from happening if only Ed had realized sooner what was going on with Shou Tucker and his experiments.

What could be worse than seeing a pretty little girl being turned into an experiment along with her dog by her own father. Nina was like a younger sister to Edward and Al, yet the worst thing about it was that none of them new about it and none of them were able to prevent it.

8 Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

Quite a sad death since it made the rest of the crew sad and left a sad impression of the ending. It was a combination of sad information that was given to us and hidden feelings that made this a very sad ending in my opinion.

Very few deaths inspire such emotion in you, he was the main protagonist you follow throughout the whole 26 episode series. His death was a striking moment as all the syndicate workers stood there as he limped down the stairs and it ended with one word "Bang." When he falls to the floor you feel it in your stomach. See you, Space Cowboy.

I've never experienced death of a close person in my life yet. Spike was my first experience with death. Even though he was a cartoon I felt like I lost something when he died. I felt sad for him and angry at him for his decision at the same time. I'll remember the good times.

This deserves to be on the top...Loved spike SO MUCH! I still don't believe he died...How can He DIE? He has fallen many a times because of a bullet or two but then he's back in the next episode...SO I DON'T BELIEVE HE DIED!

9 Ushio Okazaki - Clannad Afterstory

Probably the most tragic death you will ever encounter in regards of children. When an innocent 5 year old child who has yet to experience the joys of life dies from an illness, you can't help but feel terrible, especially of her upbringing.

After 5 years of being turned away from her depressed and neglectful father, they finally reunite. They created memories and bonds with each other. She finally got to know what her mother was like before she died giving birth to her.

What's more heartbreaking is that this was highly unexpected and if it was predicted, it happen way too fast. I believe it was 4-5 episodes after Nagisa, her mom, died, that Ushio too, died of the same illness.

So sudden, so young and so many tears.

Dunno why this is so low, in my opinion Ushio's death hits a lot harder than Nagisa's and Nagisa's already a pretty sad death but Ushio's is one where your hopes are up for even just a moment. The thing to remember with these two deaths is the difference in emotional context. For Nagisa it is a turbulent ride emotionally with her, and you end up with a pretty strong mixture of fondness and sorrow when she dies. However with Ushio, her entire characterisation occurs during by far the darkest part of the entire series so you end up looking at the entire part of her arc from an extremely low emotional state, hence why even though she really only has one proper moment of positivity following the Sunflower Field it being dashed so quickly by Snowfield hits incredibly hard.


It is not easy to make me cry and this death made me cry so bad that I had to wash my face in order to hide that I had cried, it is by far that most depressing death that I have seen in an anime. After 5 years of not knowing the love of a parent, and when she finally got her father back, she dies in the most tragic way possible, in the arms of her father who had to lie to her in order make her feel that her last wish had come true. The poor guy who at first lost his wife and then her only child, both of them died in his arms while all he could do was cry, a normal person would die of despair.

This one deserves to be at least in the top ten.

This should be number one! I cried my eyes out when I watched it. I honestly thought after Nagisa's death they would leave Tomoya alone but no...Ushio dies too. Its how Tomoya asks Nagisa's to save her that got me and the small conversation when she's in his arms.

10 Kanade (Angel) - Angel Beats Kanade Tachibana is one of the students of the Afterlife school and is said school's Student Council President. She is also referred to as Angel by the Afterlife War Front, which is a nickname coined by Hideki Hinata and later used by the group's leader Yuri Nakamura to refer to Kanade after discovering more.

I am not that sad because there is a little movie in the credits

Although more of a disappearance than a death, still a heartbreaking scene

Seriously the saddest thing ever

I don't normally cry

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11 Itachi Uchiha - Naruto Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Itachi's death was something else, Sasuke had you fooled that this guy was a douchebag who killed his entire family, just to test his strength. Sasuke spent the rest of his life, isolating himself, filling himself with hatred; just so he could kill the man who killed his family. When Itachi finally died, after the intense battle, and Sasuke finds out the truth, you don't know what to do with your life. Everything you thought about this character was a complete lie and in fact the entire time, Itachi has been trying to protect the village and his brother.

Itachi lived a lonely life, having to keep so much bottled up inside him, as he knew what his clan was trying to do at such a young age, but trying to act the model ninja and big brother would have been agonising, having to return home everyday to a clan, full of your closest family, plotting to overrun the village you try to protect so much, would've been so hard. Then after he had committed a crime which probably haunted him ...more

"yuruse sasuke, korede saigoda".. Saddest thing I have ever watched! I don't know about any other animes, so I can't say anything about them, but this scene is way sadder than ero-sennin's or haku's death! And I can't even believe any other thing can be more emotional than this.. It got me into depression for almost a month, what else cam be more sad?

Jiraiya is just killed by his student, itachi killed by his own brother that he love so much

He should be the first. Lived a life of a traitor, but died a Hero who protected his brother and his village. His story makes it unbearably sad. He was the best. The best brother anyone can ever hope for.

12 Nicholas D. Wolfwood - Trigun

Wolfwood did every thing he could to keep the children suffering like he had as a child. He even killed for their sake. In the end, he finally realized that there was a way for everyone to live, that Vash was right. He died as a man with many regrets. With the injuries he sustained with the added weight of his sins finally weighing down on his life, he collapsed in a church with his Punisher being the only thing holding him up. After he reflects on his regrets and sins, his final words are, "I did not rwant to die this way! " His hand falls to the ground and he slowly closes eyes. He was many things: a pries, an assassin, but overall he was a good man with a big heart. To see him die with the regrets he had makes me sob uncontrollably every single time.

Watching his final confession made me start to cry. Hearing Milly's horrified wailing after she heard the news made me completely BAWL. Nicholas D. Wolfwood was a great character with terrific development up until the very end. I love how he was both exactly alike and completely opposite to Vash the Stampede, and how much meeting Milly and Vash changed his life and worldview. In the end, he was a true hero.

A man of God giving his first and final confession. A very emotional confession. It really made you feel for him. I wanted nothing more than for him to continue his journey with Vash and the others. Wolfwood was one of my favorite anime characters which made losing his that much more painful. As sad as it was, it was an amazing scene.

The greatest things about Wolfwood's death was that he only died because he followed Vash's orders to never take a life, and rather than subdue his enemy, he walks away will this back turned, only to be killed. His final confession is so moving because he fights death until the very end.

13 Nagisa Furukawa - Clannad: After Story

Nagisa Furukawa was a character who I saw a lot of myself in. She was someone I drew genuine strength from. Everything about her death was awful. The way Tomoya claims that she passed out several times due to pain is heartbreaking. The fact that you can hear her final breath, and the way it breaks Tomoya just as much as the viewer. I lost sleep over this death the first time, I was inconsolable. It hurts less on re watches once you know the ending but it always hurts.

Never before have I been so emotionally attached to a character in any anime. She is such a sweet and kind girl, she doesn't think much of herself but everyone in the story cared for her a lot. The fact that she died while giving birth to her and Tomoya's daughter is the thing that pushed me over the edge and made me just cry, it was to the point of just seeing her in a flashback or a picture made me start to cry. Her death actually made me depressed for a while. This is coming from someone who shows little to no emotions and rarely cries in general.

Nagisa was my favorite character and seeing her die was one of the hardest moments for me since I grown very attached to her character. I cried for weeks after this event and couldn't really believe what was going on and didn't understand why but surely Nagisa's death was clearly the worst death for me to go thought.

S2 EP16 easily destroyed me. Spoilers- Nagisa is a very weak person in general, and often suffers from illness. After her and Tomoya get married and decide to have a child together, Nagisa's body soon collapses after her daughter's home birth and dies with her newborn in her husband's arms. This death killed me, not just from the 35+ episodes we got from Nagisa so we would get connecting with her as a character, it was the immense pain Tomoya felt after seeing the only thing keeping him intact lost in front of him. Tomoya's monologue after seeing Nagisa pass away was heartwrenching. He describes how he and Nagisa had promised to be together forever and to stay by each other's side. He has flashbacks of Nagisa, soon wishing to have never met her so he wouldn't have to go through the pain of losing the love of his life. Hearing her own theme song play as Tomoya assures himself she's still there, about FAMILY for god's sake pushed me to tears. I had to sob into my pillow to keep from ...more

14 Future Gohan - Dragon Ball Z Future Gohan is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama. He is featured in the alternate timeline counterpart of Gohan.

Saddest death ever

One of the Saddest death in DBZ

Well, at least Trunks achieved SSJ...

The only sad death in dbz

15 Yui - Angel Beats

Not really a death but I cried so hard during that episode. The relationship between her and Hinata was so funny and very comedic but the way she passed on was so emotional. Plus, I actually didn't really like her character to begin with anyway so it was really quite surprising for me.

Yui is already dead it's that she got obliterated.

When I saw what she imagine if she still alive I cryed

16 Portgas D. Ace - One Piece Portgas D. Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

Ace was one of, if not the most, lovable supporting protagonists in One Piece (which is saying a lot, considering how many there are) and also one of the coolest. He was some of the only family Luffy had, or at least knew he had. He was Luffy's big brother, and how he died reflected this. He did what any good brother should and took a smoldering hot fist through the chest for his little brother. As a person who had been the subject of a manhunt at birth, you'd expect him to be a heartless monster who's committed horrible crimes, but he's incredibly noble. He was born the son of the most notorious criminal, but that's not his fault, but he ends up paying for it all the same. Also, the reactions to his death (Luffy's specifically) are absolutely heartbreaking. Watch the video on YouTube, and you'll know what I mean.

Tons of pirate crews went to rescue him, and tons of them died doing so, sacrificing themselves and their crewmates. They all did it for his sake, voluntarily. The saddest part is that they succeeded, and he looked so happy fighting together with Luffy. They were all celebrating, and as I watched, I felt truly happy and relieved. And then, he died protecting his brother - that was very very touching. The way Luffy reacted was simply heartbreaking.

One piece had plenty of sad back stories, but none felt as heartbreaking as Ace's death. He had just been saved and he could've walked away. But the really saddening part about this was how Luffy took it. Luffy was usually strong enough to handle most sad stories. This death however almost drove him mad.

I cried so much when ace died, even though he was only a minor character but he is no doubt, one of the best characters in one piece. His death left a deep impressions on people. His death is tragic but admirable in a way, he did got save but he chose to die in order to protect his little brother. The relationship between ace and luffy is so touching and sweet. I love how ace is always worrying over luffy and even got killed just to save him. Luffy, Dadan, Garp, Whitebeard, Whitebeard pirates reaction when Ace died was truly heartbreaking but the most saddest one is Luffy, I got sad whenever I think how Luffy was feeling when Ace died, it's too unbearable! I don't think I can ever get over his death.

17 Misuzu Kamio - Air

This far down on the list?! Misuzu was cursed. She got it from her ancestor, Kanna. The curse was passed on from Generation to Generation down to her. If she fell in love, she would suffer great pain, then finally die. Yukito broke the curse and Misuzu was reincarnated to live without anymore pain of a curse.

This death was terribly sad. She lived a life of pain and suffering and in the end finally reached her goal before dying!

Warning: You WILL need about ten tonnes of tissues to watch this

Incredible anime. So underrated!

18 Van Hohenheim - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

He didn't break his promise and died along with his wife and with a big smile. And I was sobbing.

He died with a smile and when the song played it just killed me

Rain, both the song and the eyes.

TEARS. Yuki Havoc

19 Chiaotzu - Dragon Ball Z

No one likes him

Death in DBZ was rarely ever touching. You could always tell that the characters would be brought back somehow. Even when the dragon balls were made ineffective, the author found a way to create new dragon balls (on Namek) that could revive people with no count limit (kind of makes your job easier doesn't it Akira? )

I couldn't believe it when I saw one of my favorite DBZ characters blow himself up. His words of farewell only made it worse. " If I can save you then it's worth dying for. You will always be my best friend. Remember me."Tiens screams only made it harder.

He Blows himself up in order to save his friends but his sacrifice ends in vain very sad.

20 Lord Death - Soul Eater

Well he doesn't die in the anime but he doesn in the manga. When Kid becomes a the new Grim Reaper he is soon replaced and dies. He goes peacefully after fighting Asura. The last chapter of Soul eater literally made me cry.

Kid's reaction when he learned that he died made me really unhappy. But then, Excalibur had to blow out all of the feels out the window...

He didn't die!? He was just injured badly... And I think it's weird, since he said "I'm back, baby" to make Spirit and everyone else notice he was alive... Geez. Can't believe you thought he died.

Lord Death died in the manga...I think you're talking about the anime... - AlestAL357

He does not die in the anime, but when he does in the magna, it was an incredibly sad moment

21 Enma Ai - Hell Girl Two Mirrors

She does not deserve to die after all she has been through especially the thing about her cousin very sad.

Where's our favourite hell girl on this list!?

22 Ryuga - Beyblade Metal Fury

He was a great guy and a great mentor even for me.. He shows that you should be strong enough and independent to live happily.. Relying on friends like other main characters won't help always

I was really heart broken when Ryuga died cause he was my favorite character from Beyblade and even though he was evil, at the end he had a good heart and helped Kenta who needed to help his friends. I wonder if Ryuga didn't die, there would probably be more episodes.

WOAH!, I stopped watching Beyblade a while back and I remember all the characters and I come to this list to find a character from a while back in my childhood has DIED!

Man...I just can't say how much I love Ryuga. And that scene just crushed my heart and left me in tears, devastated. But I believe that Ryuga is still alive..

23 Going Merry - One Piece

This thing made me cry so much I was, no joke, congested for two days.

The moment Merry started burning wasn't so sad until the ship started speaking...and then I burst into tears. It brought them into the grand line and went through so much. She wasn't supposed to be able to sail anymore but she miraculously did once more to save the whole crew, then broke in half.

A truly touching moment. Maybe the reason it always makes me cry is that even though it was never alive in the first place, it was loved so much it came to life.
Saddest and most beautiful moment in anime history

The one scan that without fail will make me cry every time.

24 Euphemia li Britannia - Code Geass Euphemia li Britannia is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Most unexpected of all. I was like...

The death was so sad I cried for hours

I hated this death, I though eupihimia and lelouch and their other siblings would reunite but then, that happened...

One of the most cruel and sad deaths in the series (actually I don't remember many relevant characters dying in CG anyway).
The purest, compassionate and kind person being twisted against her will by the fierce power of Geass. Even Lelouche noticed how she fought and resisted the order (at some point I though she'd rather commit suicide than harm another being, but sadly the casualties piled up).

There's Shirley as well (aside from Lelouch who is the main character) - RalphSaad

25 Neji - Naruto

He died so Naruto and Hinata can end up as a couple. It's so stupid. He was just used. He didn't grow up changing the clan and neither did stupid Hinata. His death simply could have been prevented though. Hinata had a lot of time to take Grab Naruto and Naruto would heal perfectly. His death was weak. He was the only one that didn't end happy


I'm refusing the fact that he's dead. He is way to awesome to die this early

This death was unnecessary. Why would you kill off someone who had such a promising future? His death was not even that amazing. He just... died. Hinata and Naruto could have done something if they tried. There was no reason for his death. I refuse to accept his death.

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