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L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


L's death was the saddest thing ever. I miss him so much. The anime was great even after his death, but L deserved far better than a defeat at Light Yagami's hand. I sobbed and was in denial about his death for so much time. And at the ending of Death Note, I had cried no less. The way L's figure appears in front of Light was so sarcastic and emotional. Pretty sad. Wish L would've been alive and had solved the case together with Near and Mello.

L's death was definitely the saddest in Death Note, I was depressed for about 6 days (I also thought the anime started to get a little boring after he died. I like L's successor Near for capturing Light, but I thought he was extremely boring)

But at least L died peacefully if you think about it. He was killed by a Shinigami who only wrote his name in the Death Note, in which he would only die of a heart attack. Light's heart attack victims where screaming in agony, but at least L wasn't in any pain, it would've killed me to see him in pain like the other victims...

He certianly had a much more peaceful death than Light! Eventually, the so called "God" was gonna get what was coming to him!

The only character on whose death I cried. I never cry. Not even when Fred (From Harry Potter) died. L's death kept me crying for like, 7 hours and a state of depression for 3 weeks. I even considered to stop watching Death Note. Only when I heard that Light died did I start watching it again. L's Death = Saddest Anime/Manga Death EVER!

I was in denial the first time I saw it - I was SURE he was faking his death to see Light's reaction! When I figured out it was real, I was SO mad and depressed at the same time. Then, when I re-watched it a second time, I cried ugly tears. Had to put off watching the rest of the anime until I could force myself to watch it, because L was by far my favorite character. I so wanted to see him beat Light! Yeah, his successors did, and yeah, Light sees L's "ghost" at the end, when he finally gets whats coming to him, but I wanted my quirky, cute, brilliant L to be the one there at the end. Sighhh. *tear*

Death Note was the only anime that's ever made me cry... And I just think that L's death was very powerful. It was heart-wrenching how he knew that he was going to die... And even worst, he was betrayed by his only friend.

I wasn't able to continue this anime for multiple days after his death. L's death was a real killer because Rem also ended up dying to protect Misa, so I lost both my favorite characters. After finishing the anime it took me almost two weeks to pick up another show because I just couldn't move on. Although Death Note sadly went to hell after L's death.

L didn't deserve it and when L dies it should of ended like that Light gets away and L dies but this time the bad guy wins. When does that ever happen right?! Or L finally proves Light is Kira and Light so to jail then executed and his father can't take it and goes off or kills himself. Misa gets the same thing jail then executed and happy ending!

When L died, I stop watching the anime, then I watch all the anime again with my brother. And I feel so in love with L all over again. And then, the second time I watch him die, it hurts so much more. I was about to scream (yeah, for real. I just love him too much) but I couldn't talk. I feel do dead inside.

I think it is really sad how L died. He knew he was going to die too! Plus, not to mention he is killed my the person he considers to be his best and only friend! That bastard Light! And Light just takes it as a victory and smiles while L is laying on the floor lifeless! At least L goes to heaven, Light does not.

Why is this death so sad? 2 reasons.

Reason #1. L was like the Sherlock Homes of anime. When he died, it was like Light was insulting L's intelligence. We knew how smart L was.

Reason #2. It's the point where the show started to get out of hand.

The whole episode about L's death was sad. Teribbly sad. The time when L was standing in the rain, thinking about his childhood past in the orphanage, just tore me apart. And after watching that Light and L scene, I thought Light would come to senses and would consider L as a friend. But no him becoming a so called god was more important. Screw Light really. He deserved the crap coming for him.

I knew he was going to die eventually. But I cried so much when he did. To be honest, I was deeply hoping that he was putting on an act and would return to us in the later episodes. But he never came back. And the anime felt odd (yet still amazing, being the best anime ever) to watch without him.

The only death I've actually cried over.

It's just the fact that L knew he was going to die, it kills you inside. He didn't need to die! And if he did die, that would've meant Light had won, instead of the screwed up ending we got.

A bit of my heart died along with L :(

L knew he would die. He tells light that he hear the bell. He stands in the rain. Whenever I see that moment I cry. L was good guy he is trying to stop light. He didn't deserve that

L's death was extremely saddening. It was excruciating to see that his only friend, Light, killed him. The funeral was disgusting and made me hate Light so much, because he was so happy about it.

L Died... Eh? It was the Only Part of This Awesome Anime That I Hated. Why? Why? It Would've Much Better if L was the One Who Had Brought Light to Justice, instead of Near.

I was a fan of Light until L died Oh my god after that point I wanted Light to get what was coming to him and after he called his father an idiot after all his father did I wanted to shoot the crap out of him

This is one of the saddest part in death note. When L dies I was quite unhappy to continue the series but anyways continued to see light dying. I have nothing against light except for the fact that he was the one to trick everyone including the Shinigami rem and let him kill L. Also the world without l is just a word.

I was half considering voting for L, as his death almost made me cry, but I had to give my vote to Maes, as his funeral scene was sad as hell.

When L died, I had that feeling that justice has failed, Kira had won. I wanted L to win, but Light had outsmarted him, and it was all over.

This was the most heart-wrenching Anime death for me. The dramatization of his death, and the way he slowly closed his eyes and there was nothing but this recurring sadness made me well up. He shall be missed and live on in the fanfiction and the hearts of his beloved fans.

The way he died I felt so sad. He remembered all his memories and his eyes were full of tears:(. And slowly he closed his eyes.

L is probably the one anime character that I look up to the most. When you first see him, your initial reaction was most probably something like

I stopped watching death note after his death, I literally couldn't stop weeping. L was one of the reasons I watched the series! Why! Why light? I hate you! Why L? Why did justice fail, how did it fail! It was supposed to prevail not fail! I can't stop seeing Ls smiley face!

He was my favourite character, and the fact that he died is just so heart breaking. It was even more sad because he knew he was going to die...