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Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


His WHOLE life was terrible and sad, just one sacrifice after another, all so he could both protect his younger brother and his village. There was no happy ending, no recognition of his heroic deeds or his name being cleared up. He really ended up dying as a traitor and criminal, an unnamed hero (the greatest one) and you just feel this cold feeling about how unfair everything was... but at least, his brother knows the truth. This is the most selfless, deep, heartbreaking character ever.

To understand why his death was so tragic, first you must look at his life. He was forced to do the unthinkable and endure things that most would not have been able to bear. He wanted to die as the hated, the despised, the make another the hero. He was willing to sacrifice so much, to live and die...all for another. But still, there wasn't a single trace of bitterness, anger, or hatred toward the world that forced him to do so. Instead, he sacrificed himself to protect it. His selflessness is almost beyond compare, and because of it, he will always be remembered. The world lost a true hero the day of his death. Rest In Peace, Itachi Uchiha.

I still feeling depressed about his death till this day. His truth has never revealed to the village, his name is going to be forever remembered as traitor. I can't get over it, too much sadness.

At the beginning of the series most thought of him as a bad guy. As the story progresses... We now know he's The best brother and hero of any village anyone can ever hope for. He replaced hatred in the place of LOVE and disgrace in the place of honor. He could have the best of everything, yet because of his love for his brother and the village... he turned his life over. A criminal? Never. A hero? A SUPER HERO. A brother? Beloved Aniki. His death still has a great impact on me - and everyone else. A true hero protects in the shadows, indeed. Itachi Uchiha... I love you! (;_

He died before dying and after dying too! He chose to kill his entire clan, except Sasuke and then became a rogue ninja, later dying by the hands of Sasuke, who achieved amazing power 'because of Itachi as he "made" Sasuke hate him. When he was Reanimated, he died again in front of Sasuke and making the amends he wanted...

Spoiler-read if you want.. ,

Itachi Uchiha died by the hands of his brother and by his illness with his Mangekyo Sharingan, but he chose to die that way while passing on his real reason why he killed his clan, and when he died, his brother and murderer, Sasuke, lay down next to him. Just sad with all the brother vs brother, and how itachi was so willing just to give up his life. And when he died, he jabbed Sasuke's forehead again, to me, symbolizing their brotherly relationship together. And Sasuke cries tears of blood, the blood mixed in with Itachi's, again, symbolizing their bloodline relationship.

If he just died... All his life was so painful... He was so kind... And so strong... He did much more than somebody else can do. Not only for his brother, but for his homeland. And they hated him. They will never know. He filled his life with pain and killing people which he didn't want to kill... And even after his death he protected Konoha... Itachi will always be in my heart. And this all will always hurt me.

He gave up everything he had for his village and for his brother - even assassinating his family, friends and girlfriend to protect the village. Even in his death, he died with most people still believing that he was a traitor to the village despite being one of the greatest heroes Konoha has ever had. He's the true epitome of a shinobi, and his death was one of the saddest if not most tragic in Naruto.

Probably THE saddest death ever, he made tons of sacrifices just to protect his brother and his village. No one ever recognized his deeds and thanked him. His story was unfair, but he is humble and selfless.

This truly should be number one. He destroyed his whole village and yet he couldn't kill his Sasuke. He let Sasuke kill him and he gave Sasuke his mangekyou sharingan. In my opinion this is the saddest death I've seen in Naruto especially because everyone thought he was a bad guy he was actually just a nice guy who actually didn't like violence.

Itachi's death is only #9? This list is a mortal sin

"You don't ever have to forgive me.. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this... I will love you" ~ Itachi Uchiha

"Sorry Sasuke... But there won't be a next time" ~ Itachi's final words to Sasuke

Itschi sure deserved to live longer. He cares about his brother. He killed the Uchiha clan but he didn't kill his brother. He even let Sasuke kill him on purpose. He has been known as traitor, criminal and murderer but they don't know the truth. This is just sad. - MyNguyen

Killed by his own brother who was the only one that itachi spared. Hated by all of his own village for something he didn't do.

He sacrifice his everything for his village and for his brother and at the end his own brother kill him. He really had a very sad story

It was sad when he poked his brother and said that he loved him and died

He died with a smile, it was heart breaking SADDEST Naruto death ever.

Why? Why masashi? Why did you kill the best character in the series? I will never forgive you and sasuke.

Itachi should be number one. When he dies and taps Sasuke on the forehead as a sign of love I cried. A lot.

ITachi died a thought to be criminal. I thought he was a horrible guy all along. ONLY TIME I CRIED. Shows the truemeaning of a brother-brother relationship. He valued his brother over his entire clan. He had the guts to kill them, but not Sasuke.

Holy crap. He should be 1st. He died being the evil person but he was told to by the village elders ): I hate Sasuke though, Jirayas death isn't as sad as Itachi's either.

I still can't get over the fact that my most favorite character just HAD to die! I mean its not fair! Why kishimoto why?! I will never ever EVER EVER EVER get over his death... His whole life was to hard and unfair!

I heard someone suicide when Itachi died :3

49... You guys really need to watch Naruto

This is when my hatred for Sasuke grew exponentially.