Koro Sensei


Koro-Sensei taught students the ways of living and how to be satisfied on education and not to give up. He motivated students into working hard and caring for them. Every moment and memories spent with Korosenei was like being with a friend forever and losing them forever. He loved his students and will cherish them in his heart. He helped students get over revenge, saving a person from falling down, trying to kill himself, and trying to kill him even thought they were going to die by tentacles.

Koro sensei's deah is by far the most painful death I've watched in anime. I've seen all the anime on this list but I believe Koro deserves the top spot. The execution, scenes, the pacing and most importantly the music made it even more emotional to the viewers. The anime made the audience feel like part of this fictional sensei's class. As nagisa drew the blade in, I felt so painfully close to the scene as if I lost a real person that I trully loved. This show made you empathize with the characters so deeply that I try to watch the scene at least once a day for the last week to test myself but in the end it still makes me shed tears. Assassination Classroom is definitely well executed.

I re-watched the two seasons so many time but not the last two episodes. I soon got to watching the last few episodes and needless to say, I was crying, and my parents questioned why I was crying over a fictional character. Its not only the character that stays in our minds, but their personality that stays in our hearts. I was kind of glad Karasuma and Irina actually finally called him Koro-Sensei AND respected him for saving both the entire world, but mostly their students. I would never want to feel the same pain Nagisa felt.

I'm surprised his death isn't in the top ten, even now I'm still mourning his death. We all knew it was coming, it's heavily hinted in the opening and it was Class 3-E's objective this whole time, and even so, I cried so hard. We were like a student in that classroom, the 28th student. We went through a year with Koro-sensei, learned with him together, learned his weaknesses together, and we assassinated him together. On episode 24 (S2) in the opening, it even says "congratulations on your graduation! " He knew it was coming, but he didn't act all sad about, he died with a smile, it really shows how much he loves his class. Forever in our hearts, Koro-sensei.

8 years worth of crying went into this one scene. I have not cried so much in recent memory until this scene. It wasn't so much of him dying that set me off, but the grief that the entire class felt as a whole. I was wailing for a solid 10 minutes to the point that I trouble breathing. So far, no other character's death had made me feel so strongly like this.

I just can't, all those good memories, I mean the plot was obvious that he was gonna die in the end, but adding his back story, those memories as they were killing me, how even in the end, he didn't want Nagisa to kill him in such way, yet he was happy to be killed by them, was really heart-touching, and watching his death always brings me tears.

Its worth watching the show over and over again because it's so deep. You have to understand, he was hot (other than karma), and he was smart and kind and so much more I can't explain but if you cried knowing how much good of a person he is you have the right to cry.

RIP: Koro Sensei the best teacher and great person

Saddest anime death. I have dreams about Koro Sensei. Koro Sensei is my favorite anime character. His personality, how he looks, it's just perfect. And this creature dies on us. My life is ruined. Why couldn't he just live. Because the anime wouldn't have been as remembered.

I had expected this anime to be fun and non-serious when I started the show. Boy, was I wrong when I hit the second season. When I saw the series turn for the worst and bring all the backstory into all of it, it left me in awe. I was devastated at the death of Koro-Sensei, I was crying full-blown tears like bullets. It's one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen in anime, and I'd watch the entire series again sometime.

Saddest death according to me. He taught students how to live. He was a humorous character and always cared for his students. The death scene was extremely sorrowful. I started sobbing. He indeed was the best teacher

I learnt so much from him. About how life could be, about how I could be. I knew showing that he is saved would be a weird way of ending this anime but at his death tears flooded my eyes worse than anytime I have known. He helped me grow as a person and I guess every person of E- class. I love his methods and probably will remember his advice forever. He was peaceful at his death and finally returned to Aguri, which is what would make him happy, and seeing his students, the way they were.

Damn if there wasn't a time I cried harder because after two seasons in getting to know this experiment gone wrong human assassin. It just hurts I a lot when you realize he's dead and he won't be coming back.

After finishing Assassination Classroom I actually started to miss him. He was just so... AMAZING. He was so sweet to the students and seeing his death and the students' reactions just made me want to cry.

The death took forever and every moment just built up to the inevitable heartbreak. Everyone was crying and it was impossible not to join in on the tears with the characters we'd grown to care for.

Truly heartbreaking. I just finished watching it last night and it was one of the worst things I have ever watched. I think it should be number one, no doubt or arguing.

This is by far the worst anime death out there. You can't help but grow attached to him during the series, and watching him die, is like watching a family member die. Truly heartbreaking.

This one of the saddest deaths on anime, he paid for his sins and his love but after all it was all about killing him. The memories or maybe the storyline is the why it's a sick

I've watched the final episode for two times and cried twice. It was really heartbreaking when Koro sensei, the greatest teacher in the entire universe was killed.

I've watched the last episode of Season 1 of Assassination Classroom twice. Trust me, I cried twice. His death was so sad that even Karma couldn't prevent his tears. - Haterssuck

We knew he was going to die eventually, and so did he. The way he simply accepted his fate made it sad, but the heart-wrenching sobs of his students truly hit me.

O my god. Definitely the saddest death ever. I am generally a cold person and in most scenarios I would've been meh (insert name) died, who cares. But not in this case. Koro sensei was a brilliant teacher, one that I would've loved to have. His bond with his students is so strong and the way that Nagisa had to kill him was just devastating. Also, as he called out the role for the final time, I felt as though my heart was in pieces and shattered. In the final episode, I cried as they graduated and reflected on their year together and how E-Class was now empty and the crescent moon that symbolized their year together was dissapearing. To be honest, I cried so bad in both episodes. He didn't deserve to die, I didn't want him to die. It was just truly heartbreaking.

This is the saddest death I have ever experienced in anime, it is the only one I genuinely cried at. Some have made me shed a tear, but I was pouring with him.

He gave us a knife filled with our emotions, we stabbed him with that knife, and now all of our emotions are spilling everywhere

I wan on the series expecting that they would save his life but they killed him. What made it worse was that he calmed down nagisa before he got killed

Koro-sensei was a great, loving teacher who really changed the lives of his students. Arguably the best teacher ever. Rest in Piece, Koro-sensei.