Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass

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Lelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.


Lelouch's death was just... SO SAD!
He starts off good and then gets twisted and a little mad and at the end I was thinking "Is he really going to execute everyone? " But even though you are unsure what his true aim is, you can't help but love Lelouch. But at the end, when you discover what Lelouch really was planning then you feel horrified and amazed and sad and URGH! IT WAS JUST SO MUCH EMOTIONS! Basically it was a happy ending for the world so they didn't have to deal with Lelouch but when you know that Lelouch had planned everything all along... You just feel heartbroken. It was so sad when everyone was cheering for Lelouch's death and everyone thought he was a bad guy but you know that Lelouch was good all along.

Well, season 3 is coming out soon, we will see if he is alive or not. But ya, damn sad that he died and that everyone were cheering at his death when they don't know what he has done to create a peaceful world without hate, by making everyone put their hate and disgust on him. Only a few people knows that truth, and I feel sad for them too as they watched their friend, lover and brother die in front of them for the greater good.

Dies so the world would be a beter place

Well this should be a number one... or could even rival Maes Hugh.. why? What's more saddest about showing the world your bad side without knowing your goal? You take every evil in this world and kill yourself.. everything planned out.. just for the sake of the world peace...

It was really unsuspecting to me that he was going to die the way he did. Not stabbed by an usurper for the throne, but a plan crafted by himself to break the cycle of hatred.

Good till the very end. Child prodigy who aimed to create a future where peace Can be a reality all for the sake of his little sister. Such a good person who sacrificed himself to a better future.

Everything about his death is just heart-breaking. The music. Nunnaly crying over his dead body. The fact that everyone was CHEERING when he died. And the fact that he made the biggest sacrifice for the world and finally achieved peace through his death and no one knows it. He's a true hero.

Every time I look back at his death I die inside ten times over. It's just so frustrating to see your favorite anime character die when there was so much more you wanted to see from them...

Even though lelouch died it was for the good of the world with Zero Requiem and he lived forever happily in the watchers hearts. I hope the Lelouch R3 will be out soon!

Watch the original Japanese unedited ending, and you can clearly see that the cart driver was lelouch, he smiles and can see his hair as well, it's a solid fact.

Lelouch's death is the most epic one. But he's somehow still alive. Check the Japanese ending. They show half of his face. And he smirks.

I went in knowing Lelouch would die, it was still one of the most heart rending moments in all of anime

Nope, Nope, Nope, for the sake of my sanity I am going to pretend that he is alive and well...

The sacrifices Lelouch made touched me more than any other character.

The best and most elaborate strategical suicide, in the history of anime. All Hail Lelouch.

Sometimes a world doesn't need a hero...

Cried like a baby when I watched him die. Totally unexpected.

Most iconic death in anime.. A death by his friend and for his people who hate him..

His death was just so beautiful, I can't explain how this moment touch me!

Season 3 is coming lelouch is alive ALL HAIL EMPEROR LELOUCH

There are no words to justify such a tragic and noble death

How the hell this 6! at least top 3! If and unless you don't spoil yourselves, this is the most unexpected and sad… He is one of the best protagonist and definitely not deserved to die! Self sacrifice at its finest.

I won't call it sad but it's just like worse he shouldn't die

He's not dead he had code so he's basically invincible

Yes! I was not expecting that at all! I cried so hard