Light - Death Note


I never really supported his views, and was devastated (and, must I say, angry) when he killed L. The world needed L! It still does! Near is very clever, but he said so himself. He alone could not surpass L, but together himself and Mello could equal him. That's good and all... Until Mello died. So now there is no equal!

But after that long rant, the real truth remains. Whether you support Kira or not, Light was a prodigal student. The Death Note destroyed his bright future. And, when push comes to shove, Light did only really die for his sense of justice.

Three cheers to the antagonist (or protagonist) of Death Note!

I would what you would probably consider a Kira follower, I don't believe in God myself but I do study the Christian Bible. I find Satan more interesting though, it's always the bad guys that are my favorite characters. Light Yagami is a mortal who just wants to be Godlike, I'm on Yagami's side because he is not trying to fix the world by killing all the bad people, he's just trying to lower it as low as possible, if he's smart enough to accurately predict L moves, he is smart enough to find a different way to eventual prevent crime once he has lowered crime. It's better to build strong smart children than to fix broken men, but the broken men may effect the children so to prevent broken men to emerge from children you take away the broken men. And I did not feel sorry for L's demise, I only grew happy.

The sad thing is, light did not get any simpathey after he killed L, everyone turned on him even if you hated L you would hate light after what he did to L, but no one thought twice about how the death note made such a impact on light, that without it he wouldn't even think about killing anyone. Lets face it, the idea of having no more rapist, killers, criminals, is a world I would have liked, NO, LOVED to live in. Light should not have been called "kira" he should have been called superman, L got in his way. Don't even lie if you had a death note I bet you would have killed some one. Light is my favorite anime chracter and always will be.R.I.p light yagami.

To the douchebag that called Light superman, I'm sorry, are you implying that a world where people who make mistakes and have no second chance is a perfect world? Eventually, when the crime rates die down, Light would start killing people for minor crimes, and eventually when all the people who do sin die, light wouldn't know who to judge, and he would kill innocent people. A world where you achieve peace by murder is not a peaceful world, you jerk. The only reason there would be no crimes, is people would be to scared to make a move.

I think the thing with Light was the way he died. That scene near the end of the episode, when he was running, wounded, taking a look at his past self, realising what he had become just about killed me. I hated how he just died there, bloody and beaten, completely alone in a factory with no one to mourn him.

To me, this was the saddest death in anime ever. This death caused me to cry not just more than I've ever cried watching anime, but more than anything I've ever watched. Light's escape from the warehouse and then his journey to the stairs he dies on is heartbreaking because of the memories that flash back to him as he's running away. RIP Light, the best anime character ever.

Many people say that Death note's ending sucked, but that's not true at all. We all knew what was coming at the end and it couldn't have been displayed in a more perfect manner! The way Light saw his past- self and started regreting his doings really moved me. And at the end, he saw L's figure, which was probably the best scene in the entire of Death Note. It told that in the end, Light died believing that L was his true friend.

It was so sad because as Light died, he realized that what he did was wrong. What was even sadder was as Light ran he looked back on his past memories before he found the death note. It ruined his life and ended up being the end of him.

Out of all deaths I have wittnessed in various mangas and animes. His death was the one I was truly upset about. Not only because he was a BRILLIANT character, but also because I could not help but think that what he was doing was right. I wanted him to get together with Misa so much and have them both rule. I'm probably one of the very few who wanted this but, to me, that is a perfect ending to a beautiful show.The idea of this show is one-of-a-kind. No other anime has moved me so much, with the rare exception of Detective Conan(because that was my first anime ever). I can't help but think what could happen if Rem had just killed L the moment they came up with the idea and now have Light stall. I'm sure he would have found a way to remove all suspicion of himself, if only he had done it right away, before Misa was arrested. Now I'm just blabbering but I had to get this off my chest. WHY GOD WHY? WHY DID YOU KILL HIM? I HATE EVERYTHING.

His death was moving and poetic BUT not sad. It... Just felt so weird to me.

This was my favourite death! After he killed L I don't feel sympathetic for him at all!

To be honest, I'm not really that sad about his death, because he was a sadist. He should at least think twice about the people he kills.

I was so happy when he died. I hated him ever since L died

Even if he was gonna win he would have been a selfish person so he deserved to die for his crimes

His death was moving and poetic BUT not sad. It... Just felt so weird to me!

I don't need to repeat what the people belong have already spoken.

This bloody bastard deserves to die so much painfull and brutality with no mercy but still these is really emotional and saddest death I ever since in history

All Light wanted was a better world, I believe what he was trying to do was right, but he went about it the wrong way, and who would have guessed Ryuuk would be the one to kill him.

I've always been on Kiras side, I liked L as a character, but I was always voting for Light. His death made you pity him and feel a little bit sympathetic. I was smug, at how that genius evil bastard finally met his end, but I was also disappointed deeply. - Aurothon

Okay,I also knew he was gonna die (thanks to this site) and I knew how he was gonna die. But since he was my favorite character and I got relly attached to him made me cry hard! I cried for his death than any Attack on Titan characters death,(besides Eren Jaegerks of course) also why Ryuk Killed him right away was also a little depressing. - Manlypants

Damn that guy made me hate him after 36 episodes...but his end was simething that made me feel like crying. L's death was less emotional and more shocking...but light! By the time ryuk writes his name, I was like..SERIOUSLY?! The scene where L's spirit comes to see light and light's eyes gets closed...I was gone.

This part literally made me cry. He was so close,yet that #### Ryuk just couldn't wait for Light to die. Light was like most anime characters to me,I treated him better than a real person (yay,no social life! ) and it was heartbreaking to see him go like that. But,relight (or rewrite,depends on where you live) gives us some hope that he lives on through the unnamed shinigami.