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This was the only character death that I've ever cried about. Sure, I've come close to crying, but the way the anime and the manga portrays his death is heartbreaking. He is the only character that you want to come back to life and is such a supporting character with so much to him that you think that he will always be there until his unexpected death. He's a character that you don't realize how much he means to you until he dies. He is the kind of person we want to find in our lives - a kind, supporting, and lovable character. Above that, his character is one that you would never forget as when killed. After that in Fullmetal Alchemist, the anime adds the icing on the cake as it goes through more scenes that if you hadn't cried when he died, you would most certainly cry about this part after. He is, undoubtedly, the saddest anime character death I've ever seen/watched/read.

This is the only anime death I can think of right off the top of my head that almost made shed a tear, and that's saying a lot because almost anime death I have ever seen made shed a tear. Maes Hughes wasn't a badass. Maes Hughes wasn't even that skilled compared to the other characters. Why was his death so sad? It was sad because he never deserved it. A badass killer can be loved and when he/she dies it's sadistic to see that character pass away, but if you think about they actually got what they deserve. Sure you may love them, but that doesn't change the fact that the badass character was a killer. Maes Hughes never killed (permanently) anyone in the series. Not all badasses kill people however (well unless if they have to in order to survive a certain scenario). Maes Hughes wasn't a badass, to me anyways. I don't like Hughes because he's skilled. I loved Hughes because he was the one of the funniest, if not the funniest character in the whole series. He was so deservedly likable. ...more

I rarely cry when I watch anime. It's hard for me to get so attached to a character that I see them as a person. But Colonel Hughes, for one thing, really reminds me of my own father, who's currently a colonel in the Air Force. Colonel Hughes' death is the worst nightmare of anyone with family members in the military. Not to mention the funeral scene, where I had to actually pause the DVD because I was sobbing so hard. Never have I been more satisfied to see a character die than Envy.

Even though Maes was always that vaguely annoying guy in the background, no reader could possibly wish ill to him. His love for his family, especially his daughter, reminds us of the great compassion and love found in the human race. Something we needed a reminder of after Nina. With his death, that was destroyed for us. It destroyed Ed, and Maes' daughter's reaction was heartbreaking.

I refused to watch episode 25 because I was going to start bawling for a whole hour. His caring nature and the ability to see the truth can be described with so many words. He was like a second father to Edward and Alphonse, since their father left them. His obsession with his family is annoying and funny at the same time, yet that's one of his traits. He was just one character that didn't deserve to die.

Maybe it was actually RIGHT for Hughes to die-- maybe it fueled the hatred for Mustang. I know that I said maybe it was good for the anime for Hughes to die-- BUT WHY SO DEPRESSING. I mean, the hatred Mustang had made it interesting. He did kill envy after all. At least he killed that homunculus.

I saw the first anime and when Hughes died, it was so heartbreaking cause Envy takes on his wife's form and kills him, and then Ed never knows until near the end of the series that he's dead, Winry tells Ed he should be grateful to Hughes, and even Mustang cries as they lower his casket and Elicia saying Daddy has to work! He can't go to sleep now! Daddy needs to work! Make them stop! " I don't know if the manga version was as sad as this one, but it takes the cake for sad moments.

Though a little more drawn out in the original series, both interpretations of Full Metal Alchemist RIP YOUR HEART OUT! The loving father that no one could hate, the caring husband that would do anything for his family and his country. It's no wonder that ALL of his colleagues break down at his funeral.

It was so sad when he died, he loved his wife and daughter so much and everyone around him loved to be his friend. It saddens me every time I watch it that he just can't bring himself to kill Envy disguised as his wife and then gets shot, leading the rest of the storyline on.

Who the hell cares about this guy? People voted for him because he is in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and the reason it's popular is because a bunch of brainless people just bandwagon with the popular opinion because they want to fit in with other people. - SunGoku

Even though I knew that he was going to die, I still cried alligator tears when he did. He was one of my very favorite characters and was just so funny and amazing! WHY IS THE WORLD SO HARSH!

I've shed a few tears on different occasions to heart wrenching moments in anime but his funeral had me breaking down to the point of actual crying. His daughter not being able to understand is like a sledgehammer in the feels. Just typing this makes me sad

The 2003 version portrayed Maes Hughes death very much nobly.

He still had charisma even though he knows he's outmatched.

The man was respectable even though he was the comic relief briefly. He even made the serious characters like Colonel Mustang cry.

He was my favorite character in FMA, he was a great father, hilarious guy to be around and was serious when he had to be. When he died I couldn't stop crying plus Armstrong was crying too. And his daughter oh my god. And when Mustang said that it was going to rain today and the sun was out that made me cry even more. Then when Maes was waving goodbye to Ed that was heartbreaking. I almost stopped watching FMA because of his death.

It's just so sad... I mean come on who didn't cry when his daughter said:
"Why are they burying daddy? Who are those people? Why are they burying him? Why? " - "Stop them, mommy! Daddy needs to do his work. He told me."

I was dehydrated so I would have cried but I just made these weird crying noises. - Absolite

I didn't even think at first, Hughes would of died. But when I saw brotherhood I was wrong. Let me tell you this was the most saddest death ever. He was one of the best characters in FMAB. When I found he died I was shocked and started to sob. Even if Hughes did cut Envy up with that knife he couldn't of killed him because he was Homunculus. So it was kinda like his "destiny" if you will. The scene when Elicia was saying how "daddy had to do his work" and started crying, made it even more sad. Some people feel bad for Envy and pity him. But I really don't care. Hughes was the family man of anime.R.I. P Maes Hughes 1914.

His death is just so tragic, none expected it I suppose. Watched the first series- cried. Watched the Brotherhood- still cried. Read the manga- still cried. His character is so likeable and adorable- he's just that great ;A;

Tragic and heartbreaking itself. But what made this so hard to bear was that Winry had so many things that she wanted to do alongside him. She and the Elric Brothers didn't realize his death after like 8 episodes.

His death really pisses him off even for a short time I loved this guy especially his love for his family and the fact that roy have come this far I sure wish he would have seen his best bud being the fuhrer


How to make a Hughes cake.

First fill a bowl with comic relief. Then add badassery, morality, and a cute family. Now bake it and take it out. Then Smash the cake with the Envy Hammer and Cry in your room for 3 weeks. Then send hate mail to anyone with the name Envy and Keep watching FMA until Envy is killed. When that happens, party everywhere and make a shrine dedicated to Hughes. Then cry again.

Follow these steps and you will know how I feel.

He was killed in such a cruel way that it was hard not to be upset about him dying. He also left his love of his life and his adorable daughter by themselves which made it 1,000,000,000 times more depressing.

Oh my god his death is so sad! Especially since his daughter will have to grow up without her loving father. Seeing Roy Mustang, a sort of though character, cry at his death just destroyed me!

I originally read the manga before watching Brotherhood, but no matter what, Maes Hughes's death has always made me cry. He was my favorite in the series and I was heartbroken when he died.

As soon as I saw that there was a "Saddest Anime Deaths" list I seriously thought "Hughes! Hughes better be on this list! " And YEP HE'S NUMBER ONE. He certainly deserves to be. RIP Maes Hughes. - RizaLovato

Not only was he killed but forever will have the face of his beloved wife as his murder, he will suffer in the afterlife, his death brought tears to many to everyone.