Nagisa Furukawa - Clannad: After Story

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Such an amazing character who evolved from a physically/mentally weak outcast to a loving wife, daughter and friend. After all her obstacles she had to overcome, she finally reached the peak of the mountain known as life and has it all... Only to be taken away from her too soon.

What hurt the most is that several times, she wishes to be with her husband, Tomoya, forever, only to die at her happiest time of her life.

Nagisa was such a happy girl in the whole series, she was kind and friendly. She didn't deserve death, Tomoya didn't deserve her death, after what both of them had gone through in their lives (with Nagisa's illnesses and Tomoya's family problems) they deserved a happily ever after and to just kill her off was just horrible.

Nagisa's death was definitely the saddest scene I have ever seen in any anime and I have seen many anime but this death always makes me cry. You become so emotionally attached to her and then she was just gone it was really sad the day that I first watched that episode.

One of the very few deaths that is forever scarred into your mind, heart and soul. The circumstances leading up to it made it that much painful to watch. One of the few scenes where I can watch it again 2-3 years later and still cry.

How is this not number one, giving birth then dying not even get to see her child and on top of that the father desperately trying to wake her with the child, I actually shed a tear for the first time in years

Even though its a short anime the way it touches you from the clannad to the after story and death her death was the only death in any anime I watch that brought tears to my eyes.

Her character is just... Normal. No superpowers, no violence, no extraordinary good lucks, just a normalgentle girl who slowly gets stronger n stronger over the time... And when we relieved that she got finally got strong n earn her happiness... She died.

Having watched Clannad: AS for myself, Ushio's death is definitely sadder but there's nothing like the triumph and tragedy that surrounds her birth and her mother's demise. - Nononsensecapeesh

It was terrible nagisa died to make her live again seriously that was terrible curse and shame on you! The writer of Clannad: After Story

At first, I did not cry when Nagisa died. I was deeply saddened by it, but it wasnt so bad at first. Then I see the next episode, and then the next. Now, I'm literally going through multiple towels and going through a mini depression due to the fact that she died. every time she was referenced, my heart just ripped a little. Now I cry every time I rewatch the series, even when she was alive

I didn't cry at the first two buy I cried a lot at this one. I've seen the death 9 times, watched it a moment ago, and didn't cry for the first time

Certainly agree with this one being at the top and Nagisa's death scene made me have such a bad week :(

It was too sad to see that her husband would face such grief

I was surprised when they killed her off, (spoiler alert) then took Ushio after, this death wasn't sad due to her death, but rather the aftereffect, this is why it's a slice of life anime. You want to be depressed some more? Watch the movie...

:( I can't actually think about clannad altogether without a tear jerking out of my eye!

It is heartbreaking because the last thing she said to her dad was I love you

This is most saddest anime death ever it should on 1st place

Seriously, guys. I don't like Clannad, but Nagisa's death absolutely ruined me. It crushed my heart into a million pieces and then proceeded to shatter it during Ushio's death, then pour scalding water onto it. I was basically sobbing for days after I watched this series, way more than Nina or Hughes from FMA (thought tears were definitely shed then too.)

No one who has voted for anything else has seen this.

Wah, I cried a lot, I even pour my tears onto my bowl full of cereals before I realized it. By the way, the death of ushio makes me cry and screams anyway

Couldn't hold back tears so heartbreaking

Clannad is the best show ever! It is like the best anime in the world!

Anime I'd suggest anyone to watch. what people nowadays think of what love is and what today's relations are...are all lies... this anime is about life and will sure make a good change in people so a must watch

How did she die did she blood lose

I've seen every single death scene from the list. none made me cry, I literally never cry but this made me sob uncontrollably.