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241 Kimblee - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

I didn't like him until the episode where he had a talk with winry in the car. It just kinda hit me.

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242 Satoshi - Corpse Party

This one is what that I angry to! When the time that Satoshi,Naomi and the other one can escapes in the dimensions,his arms are there in the classroom but not the body,I think it's okay for me if the oth

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243 Gen Shishio - Kekkaishi

Most don't know about this anime so I don't expect many to see it but you should check it out it has a love and romance aspect then there are good fighting scenes this anime had me in bliss and I actually cried a lot so I hope you guys check it out.

Okay so sadly this anime isn't well known but his death was truely sad like I didn't see I coming I expected him to stick around this was the first anime I ever watched

244 Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho
245 Roy Focker - Macross

Playing his guitar as he bled to death... for its time this was amazingly poignant

246 Yoite - Nabari no Ou

Yoite's death broke my heart- pretty sure everyone assumed they would somehow magically save him with the Shinrabansho, so it was a crushing realization when they made the choice to let him die. After he started out as the main enemy, then tried to wipe himself from existence, all anyone really wanted was a happily ever after. But he didn't get it.

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247 Yuka - Corpse Party

Why do the likable characters have to die?! It's not fair! Yuka was only 8 years old! She did not deserve to die! You just child abused an 8 year old girl to death her dying words , Oni chan... Let's... Go home... Together.

It was very gruesome but I kept spilling tears it was literally one of the saddest deaths but my sis was laughing cause she hated yuka for some reason :/

One of two sad deaths in corpse party. The other was seiko shinohara

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248 Brandon Heat - Gungrave Brandon Heat - Gungrave

I must have missed this on the list somewhere, but if not then let me say that for someone who died twice and both in such tragic and shocking fashion, it's hard to dispute he has to be one of the most heartbreaking figures in present anime. The toll it takes on him and you is compounded by the culminating deaths of his former comrades at his hands, one more gut-wrenching than the next. If or when you watch this series, you'll find the final act unforgettable.

249 Pup - Space Dandy

Saddest death ever, Precious Up-side down Coconut Pie, felt hated and Dandy's love for her let her be at peace. To feel hated and left alone, many people feel that way in some point in their life.

250 Queen Serenity - Sailor Moon
251 All Shinsengumi Captains - Hakuoki

There was not a dry eye as each gallant division captain gave his life in the face of battle.

252 The Crew of the SDF-1 - Robotech: the Macross Saga

Very sad... poor Rick thought Lisa died at first, but Captain Gloval saved her... but he and the rest died! I cried...

253 Ben - Robotech: Macross Saga

Rick was scarred afterwards...

254 Roy Fokker - Robotech: Macross Saga

This should totally go in! It was so sad! And then when Lisa came into Rick's room crying and told him the news! Rick was devastated! I cried!

255 Merukimon - Digimon
256 Frigimon - Digimon
257 Echo/Noise - Pandora Hearts V 1 Comment
258 Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts

Wow, don't get me started on his death scene, I cried and I don't cry.

259 Xerxes Break - Pandora Hearts

His last words 'I don't want to die' broke me, I kept waiting for him pop back up again like 'Yoo I'm not dead' until the very last chapter.

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260 Ohji - Casshern Sins

Even though he died happily just the scene in general where Ringo is oblivious to the fact that her care taker for he whole life is dead and she is having a conversation as if nothing has happened. A beautiful death but sad nonetheless.

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