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161 Sakuragi - Rainbow

The only reason why he's so low is because people haven't read Rainbow. This manga is by far the saddest manga ever, and Sakuragi's death is the saddest death, second being mr grimmer from monster. Sakuragi literally grew up in hell and had the saddest life any anime character could have. He sacrificed everything nonetheless and was abused viciously. He isn't a criminal but a victim of the cruel deplorable draconian fate, aka the justice system. This manga will make you want to literally storm the court room and despot the judges from how abominable the justice system is presented, and Sakuragi's death is the culmination if you ask me

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162 Gale Glory - Rave Master

Such a sad death that I cried afterward. It was similar to Ace's death from one piece because he almost escaped and we were ready to seehim reunited with his loved ones, but he ended up dying to protect his son, Haru.

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163 Hagi - Blood+

He always done what saya said to do he was loyal to her. he loved her he died so she could keep living
by the way SPOILER he doesn't die but if he did that would have ruined the whole show especially when saya woke up again and he wasn't there for her she would still have her kai and diva's kids but without him she wouldn't be happy he was

164 Yuuko Ichihara - Xxxholic Rou

Such a wise, hilarious and inspiring character and when her time was up it was heart breaking to see her leave. And watching Watanuki cry was just making the scene even more painful. Truly a wonderful character..

I cried a lot when yuuko has to die. And watanuki waits for her even he knows yuuko wont be back

165 Gin - Houtarubi No Mori E

This just made me so sad, I thought somehow they would end up together. His death was so sudden because they were starting to fall in love and it was also when they were on a date. A bittersweet ending indeed.

He died by just touching a little child! Houtaru and Gin are such a great couple!

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166 Latios - Pokemon V 2 Comments
167 Souji Okita - Hakuouki

I miss okita thinking about his death makes my heart ache

168 Kittan - Gurren Lagann

In my opinion, he had the most epic death in this anime. He'd basically been in Kamina's shadow for most of the series up to this point. Then suddenly he kisses the girl he likes, saves the entire crew (and basically humanity), and reaches a whole new power level in one fell swoop. He had so much fighting spirit that he literally became a spiral warrior; he was basically the only one besides the spiral king and Semon to reach that level, and his last couple of sentences were just so bad as. Kittan's death might not have affected the main characters as much as Kamina's, but it was definitely epic.

His death was so badass and sad brought me to tears this should at least be top20

169 Hinami's Mom - Tokyo Ghoul

I literally started crying when my mum put unravel on because of all of the sad deaths

I hated that part of the anime I was in tears and anger and believed all people were equal. I even had a dream the next night that I slaughtered Ghoul investigator Moda. Using her kagune for his benefit he is no better than Jason or Rize. If it was up to me to decide how he died it would be by drawing and quartering, guiotine, and his BLOODY CORPSE HANGING FROM A HOOK AND RUMPELSTILSKIN DOING SOME CRAZY ASS MAGIC ON IT. No one deserves that treatment even though they are not real I could not tolerate it.

I used to love Mado. I really wanted to love him. I loved his attitude and his care-free personality. That is until he killed Ryouko. I cried for hours after her death.

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170 Joker - Kuroshitsuji (Book of Circus)

Did I mention he died knowing that all those he cared for had also died, and that all that they had worked so hard for, fought so hard to protect WAS ALL A LIE. I'm with Ciel, so I don't hate Ciel for doing all this to Joker, but seriously this has got to be the saddest death ever. It's chilling to know that Joker, with his warm and easy smiles could die such a tragic death.

Love for joker

171 Fubuki Atsuya - Inazuma Eleven

Well he didn't die but still...

172 Yukine - Noragami Yukine - Noragami

Well actually it's sad but I didn't cry

He came back in the next episode

He came back after 2 minutes - izayaorihara



173 Bols - Akame Ga Kill Bols - Akame Ga Kill

I described bols death to my uncle and he look it up. He said that even though he hadn't seen the show bols was his favorite character and his death was depressing.

His death was depressing. It just goes to show that he kinda deserved it, but his wife and kid...

Bols is one of those villains that despite fighting for the bad guys, you actually understand his motives and sympathize with him. Its tragic when he thinks of his wife and daughter and tries to crawl back to them in his last moments :(. - CrimsonShark

174 Yuni - Reborn!

I cried so hard when she died - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

175 Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy) - Gundam 00

I've seen over the 300 anime, but his death was the only one that made me cry like a bitch

176 Lancer - Fate/Stay Night Lancer - Fate/Stay Night Lancer is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night by Type-Moon. Lancer can refer to two different Lancer-class servants: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne from Fate/Zero and CĂș Chulainn from Fate/stay night. V 1 Comment
177 God Serena - Fairy Tail

Very sad, wish it didn't happen lol

178 Hayashida Heihachi - Samurai 7
179 Yahiko - Naruto V 1 Comment
180 Buccaneer - Full Metal Alchemist
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