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Portgas D. Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.


I cried so much when ace died, even though he was only a minor character but he is no doubt, one of the best characters in one piece. His death left a deep impressions on people. His death is tragic but admirable in a way, he did got save but he chose to die in order to protect his little brother. The relationship between ace and luffy is so touching and sweet. I love how ace is always worrying over luffy and even got killed just to save him. Luffy, Dadan, Garp, Whitebeard, Whitebeard pirates reaction when Ace died was truly heartbreaking but the most saddest one is Luffy, I got sad whenever I think how Luffy was feeling when Ace died, it's too unbearable! I don't think I can ever get over his death.

Ace was inspiring for me ever since I saw him and Luffy together in Arabasta. They possessed such camaraderie even after being separated for three years. Everything that could harm Luffy, Ace tried to protect him from. Ultimately, the only reason he was caught was because he couldn't find it in him to run away, as Luffy was what Blackbeard had originally been after. Then, even in Impel Down, when told Luffy had broken in, attempted to escape in a fit of desperation. The brothers truly cared for each other, but this wasn't the only reason why his death was so debilitating- He had a crew full of nakama, who, painfully reminiscent of the Straw Hats, threw themselves into battle just to rescue a brother, to show that he was loved and to show that they all cared.

The saddest part was that he was actually rescued. They succeeded, and everyone celebrated, only to find the next moment that he had died for his brother. He had devoted his entire being to his brother, pride stripped away ...more

I can't ever seem to watch that scene without tearing up, if not full blown crying. His death really was so terrible and honestly, quite unexpected. The history that is built for Ace right before his death and the history you already knew, the sudden cutting of his life burned, really hard. Luffy's reaction was sad, he had never seemed so powerless and broken before. To wrap it all up, characters from One Piece feel so real after living with them for a decade, watching one die or another agonize feels so real that it's almost scary.

I think the saddest thing about Ace's death was the outcome of it. I really loved, and was touched by, the words that people said about him and to Luffy after his death. Shanks' encouragement to Luffy, "Cry. But overcome it. After shedding tears, you become a true adult, Luffy." Dadan beating up Garp, and Dadan CRYING of all things, and then shouting her own words of encouragement to Luffy. Jimbei's borderline cruel words that ultimately did save Luffy, "What's gone is gone! What is it that you have left?! " And of course, the most heartbreakingly beautiful is the reaction of the Straw Hats themselves, pledging to get stronger for Luffy's sake. I think Ace's death did exactly what a dramatic death in any plotline should do. It really pushed the plot forward and really, really, REALLY increased the depth of each and every Straw Hat character. I mean, they all had their touching flashbacks, and Luffy pulled them together as a crew regardless of how different they ...more

This is the saddest death I have ever seen after seeing it I was thinking about it for weeks I just could not get over it. the saddest part was defiantly luffy's reaction, luffy was almost poisoned to death, have his life reduced 10 years, battled with the strongest people of the marines just so save his brother, and when he finally got ace out, and after he gets a little hope ace dies in his arms.

I will never be able to get over his death. I cry every time I see the full scene and knowing he was my favourite character in any anime... Just messed me up big time. Ace deserved to survive. He said 'my crew, pops, my brother and everybody else are giving their lives to save me... It's like I finally have a reason to live'. And when whitebeard died in the same arc, two of my favourite characters gone it was too much for my heart to handle honestly

I believe that Ace's death was sadder and much more emotional than even Hughes' death. Firstly, we see in Alabasta how much he and Luffy love each other and how important they are to each other (so I kinda feel like this death hits especially hard if you have siblings, considering Ace's character was centered around familial love for his brother)

There were so many chapters building up to Luffy saving him, all the way from when we see his vivre card burning in Thriller Bark.

Then, we have the entire Impel Down arc, where Luffy is only just too late to save him, then he chases him to Marineford, the marine headquarters.

Luffy and the Whitebeard pirates all work so hard to save him, Luffy even willing to fight Garp to save him, and then when they're finally escaping he gets impaled with Akainu's fist, saving his brother.

His death gets even sadder when you see him and Luffy as children and he promises Luffy that he won't die after Sabo's death.

Ace's death is sad enough. When he died I was crying and mourning his death for a long time. But what makes it even sadder is the way Luffy takes it. When we see our fun, loveable and awesome Luffy almost going insane by Ace's death... It was HEARTBREAKING.

Imagine your brother on death row. For what reason, just for being himself... Then you go and risk your life to set him free going through hell just to see his face... Then when you do get him free he gets killed on the way to the exit, and dies in your arms... That's was Ace's death

Oh my god I cried so hard. I loved ace. He was my favourite character and he just died there and everyone came to save him and when luffy started crying I was bursting into more tears. I miss ace. His death was literally unexpected and depressing

Ace's death itself did not match up to the grief of all those whose hopes were dashed while saving him. Also it deepened when his past was shown and why luffy was so heartbroken. Heck even whitebeard cried.

Takes the hit to save Luffy and dies right in front of him the reaction from luffy really makes this sad death resonate with the viewers. Then what really takes it to the next level is after his death they do a flashback from their childhood showing the "death" of Sabo and how close all three of them were which makes it that much worse cause luffy lost yet another brother. The flashback really makes the sadness of his death sink into to you as you watch it. only thing was is that I always assumed sabo was not dead after the flashback just because it is hard to justify introducing a character and trying to get people to relate to him just to kill him off and nothing else.

I cry over and over even after reading manga and rewatch. I still cry. Maybe because I have known Ace since vol 18 like 13 years ago. So it really really sad to have the character that build in so much time and years died. And I will NEVER see him smile and does ridiculous things with Luffy again. Yes, I have been following One Piece since 2000. So I m very attached to all characters

It was a really difficult path for Luffy to even get to Ace, prison break from Impel Down and then war at Navy HQ. But in one short moment there was a hope and everything looked good for Luffy and Ace. At the end, after all of that Ace died and Luffy was broken. I really wish that Ace didn't die and I still hope for some miracle, maybe some way to resurrect him or something.

The entire Whitebeard crew came to rescue him, including Luffy and some Revolutionaries. The saddest part is that he died right after being saved and protected Luffy (SCREW YOU AKINU!. ) He might be a minor character but his backstory and relationship with Luffy was very touching. Even Luffy's reaction was heartbreaking, it made me nearly stop watching the anime because it was too depressing. I really wish we got to know Ace a little better. (I also wish he was still alive)

Death note was like a 20-30 episode or whatever anime... sure his death was sad but NO way near as sad as Ace's... Ace's death like messed up my life

Waahh this death was so sad! It wasn't even his death that has kept me crying, it's how luffy is taking it and all the flash backs and how luffy keeps beating himself I seriously can't. But just overall seeing the characters react to this death literally kills me in side

I cried so much when ace died. I even got sick. I want ace back. I wish I could go inside I die for him. I want ace to be alive. I love you portgas d. Ace.

Lol so many people went to save him. He dies anyways. I find that pretty ironic.

I was pretty stunned when Ace initially died, and I definitely cried, but what really made a scar was watching his childhood after the war ended. It makes you feel closer to Ace than ever. Plus, he never got to see Sabo

I miss Ace I had tears coming out when ace was about to pass away luffy went crazy and he passed out for one whole day

This death made me cry for a whole week

Ace's death was sad...He died protecting his brother. What he said before he died is surely touching. - MyNguyen

I don't cry at all while watching anime, but this scene me cry a waterfall

He so cute and strong have strongly faithful for his 2 brother and he died is saddest part :'(((