Ushio Okazaki - Clannad Afterstory

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A real shame this is number 57. This little girl's mother died when she was born, and her father neglected her for the first five years of her life out of depression of her mother's death. He finally came to terms and decided he would father her, everything is all happy - and then, right as they are leaving to go on a trip together, she dies. She dies as he cries while she drifts away in his arms. You will cry, guaranteed. This should be number one easily.

I know that the Death of Nagisa was very sad but seeing this little girl and her dad suffering was way on top of that. This was the Moment when my tears started to fall.

The reason why I think its sad, is because when Nagisa died, Tomoya wasnt Tomoya any more. He looked like he didn't wanna live anymore. And then when he finally built a relationship with Ushio, he had to bear another death. It was like god said to him, " your not allowed to have anything". I was so emo after ushio's death...

Nagisa was sad. Ushio was death like I could cry out all the water in me. Tomoya already lost his wife and he doesn't need another precious one to die

Not only is it bad enough Ushio dies after being Tomoya's will to live but the fact that the grief it causes Tomoya to die is really depressing

My roomie was watching this anime told clearly what was going to happen it, because I was quiet sure I wasn't going to watch it. But one morning she was watching it and then this scene came.
It was horrible! I don't easily start cry but when I saw I just had to. It was just something so touching.

Just no. After Nagisa's death, Tomoya didn't deserve seeing his daughter, the spitting image of her mother, fall to the same disease as she did. This show really gives you that feel of harsh reality, the adult life never runs smooth. Ushio didn't get a miracle or some friendship powerup.

When I heard about Nagisa's death, I was like man that sucks. Then after Ushio's death, I was like man this is not having a good day.

It's bad enough that we have to go through a whole episode's worth of build-up before it happens but it is definitely sadder than Nagisa's demise. - Nononsensecapeesh

Come on guys it should be no. 1..
What can be sadder than the death pf the only daughter tomoya had..?
Even though she was the pnly reason tomoya lived until now after nagisa's death..

I'm shocked to see that Ushio is so far down the list. She was so young and innocent, and was finally reunited with Tomoya after five years. Then she died. She should be in the top tenss with her mother Nagisa.

Why the heck is this not in top ten nagisa death is one thing but when a little five year old girl dies that's just sad! She died oin er dads arms asking if she got to their holiday spot. And hen she says daddy its dark is it late! That just made me burt into tears :(
Poor ushio sh did not deserve to die. Aft that tomoya just lost the will to live is wife and daughter both dead.

She was such a young girl and it was terrible to see her go!

I have to agree this is the most tragic death ever, first Negisa then Ushio, how must Okazaki feel now? The depression is real. :, (

This being said it's not the saddest death ever, Negisa was sadder and Nia from Gurren Lagann was a bit more effective as well, this being said the deatj of a young girl always has its effects, isn't that right? Shou Tucker... You murderous fiend! (SPOILER ALERT) Shou Tucker's daughter's death was sadder as well due to how it happened...

Probably the saddest anime death I could think of. If you though Nagisa's death was more than enough to crush Tomoya and the audience, this one not only is more devastating, but it also makes Nagisa's sacrifice outright useless. In addition, the "like mother, like daughter" trope here is at its most effective as both die of a similar reason. Not to mention she was just a child who was yet to experience more on life and the love of a parent :(. - CrimsonShark

How is Ushios death not in nr 1? IT HAD ME BAWLING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, and belive me I don't cry often. This is so sad, Ushio is so cute and I just can't stand this scene! - FireFistYamaan

There is nothing that is sadder than Clannad Afterstory, and the saddrst part if Clannad Afterstory is tue death of Ushio

I AM STILL NOT OVER HER DEATH! Ushio was a lovely little girl.She had no mother and her father was never there for her for 5 YEARS! her death is the saddest thing that ever happened to me. I am depressed everyday, it basicly ruined my life. USHIO, WHY? Her death scene was so emotional. Snow, now I hate snow and I stay in my house everyday in winter apart from when I need to bye food. I can't believe that the purcentige of this is so low. It deserves much more. In my opinion, it is the most tradgig and hartbreaking scene in all television history! And the worst thing is that she died in her Dad's arms. When she actually meant the world to him after 5 long years. I'm going to go to my room and cry for a couple of day's now.

According to tragedy, ushios death is really the most tragic death I�'ve ever seen. Not only does it make you cry but the melancholy holds on for weeks.
Furthermore its not just the fakt that this lovely little girl dies in her fathers arms, but him dying with her. She was the reason for him to live on. Also by Ushios death Nagisas death becomes meaningless, because she died for her to live.

Just how would a father feel if her daughter dies right in front of him?
This is the sadness unbearable and a sure to cry event by the audience.

I will never forgive for her death...Forget the rest of the list when Ushio died in his father's arm's that hit me harder and deeper that any anime death I saw...the very reason I will never watch it again...not because it's a bad anime...cause it will stick with u for good...once you see it you will never ever forget it...