Top 10 Saddest Anime Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby - Space Dandy

Little busters! Has many sad episodes. - Animefan12

Little busters?

2 Wizardmon's Gift - Digimon
3 Girls and Cats and Spaceships - Outlaw Star
4 Crest Of Kindness - Digimon 02
5 Real Folk Blues Part 2 - Cowboy Bebop
6 Gotta Catch Ya Later - Pokemon

Truly the saddest pokemon episode of all time both Misty and Brock leave Ash. - egnomac

What happend in this episode?

7 Daughter Cries, Mother Cries - Kodocha
8 Ep 23 - Trigun

Ep 23 - Paradise

9 When Hot Ice Melts - Outlaw Star
10 Teacher - Please Teacher

The Newcomers

? VON - Zankyou no Terror VON - Zankyou no Terror
? Affection - Ghost in the Shell (2nd Gig Ep11)

The Contenders

11 Final Atonement - Dragon Ball Z
12 Go West Young Meowth - Pokemon

It's not so much a sad episode though it does have emotional elements, it's giving depth to a character which allows the viewer to emphasise with them and thus feel sorry for their pain.

It is a sad episode but not sad enough to be in this list. - Animefan12

13 The Maiden's Voyage - Saber Marionette J
14 Champion vs Creator Part II - Yu-Gi-Oh
15 Bemusing Love Palette - I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
16 Rem Saverem - Trigun
17 The Fate of Two Worlds - Digimon
18 I Can Do It for Your Sake (A Fearless Friend) - Sonic X
19 Bye Bye ButterFree - Pokemon
20 Ep 1- Attack On Titan

Spoiler alert, Eran's mom gets eaten by a Titan

21 Cherry's Babysitting Diary - Saber Marionette J to X

Cherry finds a human baby and becomes really attached to and refuses to give it up even after being branded a kidnapper. - egnomac

What Happen In this episode

What is the plot?

22 The Darkness Returns Part IV - Yu-Gi-Oh
23 An Alchemist's Anguish - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
24 Best of Friends, Best of Duelists - Yu-Gi-Oh
25 Blossoming Path - Vandread: The Second Stage
26 Graduation - Angel Beats!
27 Night of the Chimera's Cry - Fullmetal Alchemist
28 Plight of the Children - Dragon Ball Z
29 Pikachu's Goodbye - Pokemon
30 The Secret Within - F-Zero: GP Legend
31 The Legend Begins - F-Zero: GP Legend
32 The Lights in the Sky are Stars - Gurren Lagann
33 Take Back Love! - Excel Saga
34 Increase The Ratings Week - Excel Saga
35 Spring Wind - Your Lie in April
36 The Beast and the Prince - Darling in the Franxx
37 Crossing Paths - Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl
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1. Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby - Space Dandy
2. Girls and Cats and Spaceships - Outlaw Star
3. Wizardmon's Gift - Digimon
1. Daughter Cries, Mother Cries - Kodocha
2. Gotta Catch Ya Later - Pokemon
3. Teacher - Please Teacher


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