Angel Beats!

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Angel Beats! is a 13-episode Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works and Aniplex and directed by Seiji Kishi.


I've never really been one to cry during an anime. I've watched Clannad and Clannad After Story, as well as Kanon, but none of them really hit me that hard. Then I watched Angel Beats!. Though the story seemed a little rushed into 13 episodes, there is an absolute connection between the audience and the characters, since they are truly easy to relate to. I teared up for the first time in a while near the end of episode three, but that was a warm up for episode 10, where I bawled my eyes out, and didn't even want to watch the final three episodes for a couple days since every time I even thought of that scene tears welled up in my eyes. Yet, the best part is that it isn't a scene of one character being torn from the rest, but a beautiful act of acceptance that, while sad, really spoke to me. The show was a beautiful sadness, as episode 13 shows us at the end that any act of kindness you can perform can greatly impact other people, and most of all, life is worth living. (Hell, this show ...more

Not only the saddest anime, but the best. The show had a well-thought-out characters and amazing stories about why they ended up in the afterlife it was just so beautiful to watch and am it started out so funny and then I gradually got sadder, I watched it twice and I cried both times. The lyrics are so beautiful the music is amazing. In the last scene it shows angel's soul going up into the sky and it was so beautiful and then went to the credits and then you saw her and otonashi finds her. Angel beats even have the meaning angel referring to the character angel and beats meaning his heart inside of her is just on my gosh! It teaches us an important lesson about life that nothing else can teach us not
School not the Internet Just anime I swear it's just oh my God! Life is worth living

Yes this anime was the most saddest anime I've ever watched. It was sad at the end when the characters I loved the most disappeared one by one. During the ending credits, they usually make all the Angel Beats characters appear together in one big picture but on the last episode, it started off as all of the characters being there then they all disappeared. And after the ending credits they showed a clip where when they get their 2nd lives, it shows Yuzuru passes by a girl (Tachibana) with a hoodie over her head and he passes by her, the girl starts humming a song that was from a band when they were dead that she and Yuzuru liked. Yuzuru hears, pauses, the turns around and sees the girl start to walks the opposite way that he was going. So then Yuzuru runs to the girl and reaches his hand out and the whole series ended with his hand an inch away from her shoulder.

Definitely a must watch. Though a lot of the stories are rushed and crammed into a 13 episode season there's no mistaken that Angel Beats has heartbreak written all over it. This is a series that takes place in the Afterlife, where all the characters in the show are kept there because of regrets they had in their terrible lives. Yuri's life story is by far the saddest and will tug at your heart strings.

Though this show was scripted beautifully, it lacks content for the main characters. That's to be expected for being only 13 episodes. The concept of the series had potential to even dethrone Clannad: After Story as the saddest anime, but unfortunately, it was far too short and rushed. Regardless, this show is undeniably depressing from start to finish. Definitely a must watch. 4/5

Well deserving of the top spot. It makes you laugh, makes you cry, and everything in between. The premise is amazing and unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere else. The creator really knew what they were doing. Even while mostly developing the main core of characters they make you care about every other character. That's no small feat.

I watched every second of every show, from the opening to the ending themes. They even make the smallest of scenes emotional. Watching every character go from appearing in the ending credits to disappearing one by one in the final episode is absolutely amazing.

It remains to this day the only anime I've ever watched a second time. I can't say enough about how wonderfully this anime is and how well they deal with emotion.

This has the saddest ending. I don't cry. There is one thing that has ever truly made me sob and I haven't ever gotten over that. But the way this ended left me wanting to curl up and hide away forever, it's so sad. Right at the end he finds the person he donated his heart too and loves her but it's literally seconds away from the moment when he loses her. This left me crying so badly. Then the final end scene where all the characters slowly vanish and disappear till there's no one left... But if you were strong enough to watch to the end you could see how Takashi and Kanade find each other in their next life. I love this anime so much, well worth it.

Angel Beats is such a special anime when talking about feelings.

Makes you laugh, feel compassion, sadness and even make you feel like you were in love. The episode 10 is not the best in plot, but is the most beautiful scene I'd ever watched, the background story of the characters are so sad, but it's kinda heartbreaking, kinda happy when they finally find happiness. I wish I had more friends to discuss about this one. I saw almost everything in this list, but nothing made me cry so many times and made my soul warmed like Angel Beats. The final is a little "screw the logic" despite being so beautiful!

God, so many things to say about this anime. I almost never cry at anything fictional, not because I have no soul or anything, I just know that it isn't real. Instead, I go around for weeks feeling like a piece of me is gone. This didn't happen with Angel Beats. I cried for once. With EVERY CHARACTER, a little bit of my heart just fell off. Mainly because, you don't have an exact idea what actually happened to them, until the end, which slightly clears it up. And when you think about how they might never remember each other... And the music... and the ending credits... I'm crying again...

The anime Angel Beats is surely a sad anime. However, the anime points out the value of life and how painful it is to be regretting the "what would've been's". But the most touching part of the anime for me is the part when they all decided to forgive and move on after such a long time of anger towards God and their lives on Earth. What's really important in the end was the bonds they found in the afterlife and the characters finding peace in forgiving.

The thing with this anime is that it wasn't just sadness followed by sadness. It has a great valence between the comedy and grief as well. It holds truth in each episode that no matter how bad you have it, there are other who have is worse. Live life while you still can. Don't does with regrets. This anime taught me so much! I love it dearly and consider the saddest anime I'll ever watch, because while I complain at home about how much my life sucks... The characters in this show still smile and laugh, while they had it much harder.

I seriously don't usually feel any emotions. But this anime is a huge exception. With a story so well thought out that I don't remember the last time, I watched or read anything as good. Humour that is good and plentiful, but never feels like too much. A super high standard for episodes. (Half of the original episodes were cut out from the final release.) And so much feels. I got goosebumps repeatedly along the episodes. And then the ending hit. The pre-ending was already pushing me to the edge, but when the last episode reached its end my face was full of tears I could not control. Tears that were full of both: sadness and joy. (and a minority of all the other emotions too, most notably anger)

Angel Beats! is a depressing, angsty story that take place in the afterlife. It's tragic. It's a bit bloody. It's purgatory.

But it's also funny as hell and probably the most vibrant show I've ever seen (and I'm not just talking about their hair). A masterpiece.

The actual theme and tone of the show isn't even sad. There's a lightheartedness from the entire cast, from dialogue to situations, and you might forget why they're there for a moment, busy with laughing and inhaling oxygen. The next moments might be even more hilarious, but there are times when the humor dies off and everyone is reminded that none of them are even alive.

Each character is unique, and (s)he develops and finds their own peace by the end of the show. Even the graduation was a complete success.

Cry out of sadness, cry out of laughter; you're dammed both ways.

This anime really made me sad, but in a good way. It tells us to live our life with no regregrets and accomplish all we want to because there's no guarantee that we'll live long enough for it. We need to give up on material desires before our death so ad to pass on peacefully, nothing's worse that lingering emotions, desires and regrets after death. That will only hold us and our loved ones back, not allowing us to reincarnate. But if we truly lived our life with purity, true selflessness, then we may be lucky enough to never reincarnate and get absorbed into the supreme creator and an end of miserable cycle of rebirth.

How they died is very sad and it just made me tear up. The ending was also very sad and watching them one by one disappear and pass on. The music made the moment even more sad. This is one of the saddest animes I've ever seen, so please if you haven't watched it then please do. The plot of the series is very good. I wish there was a season 2 because I would have like to have seen what happened to them after they disappeared and get to know more about the world of afterlife and god.

This anime was the first to make me cry.
Episode 2 was the first one, while I listened to Yuri's background. The characters have dimension. You care about them, you understand them, you see them as strong, independent, avenging humans who want revenge for the loved ones hurt and their painful lives that they were given. They feel as if they are there to rebel against God, how life isn't fair, how life is something to embrace and make the most of.

I've heard a lot about the emotional moments this anime contains. Anyways, sorry, Therandom. People who like this anime give valid reasoning as to why they feel this anime series is sad on this list, while you're just saying you don't like anime just because you think it isn't good, which is just your opinion. Seriously, have you even watched the entire series yourself before saying it's bad? This is why I find it hard to respect your disliking of anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You do not know how much you make ME laugh. And no kidding you've seen and heard different anime, anime is practically almost all you care about. And seriously, don't expect me to watch anime just because it's short. I will never like such a terrible thing. - Therandom

"since it's the same thing for every anime." Pfft, you make me laugh. You're just going off of stereotypes, man. I've seen and heard of A LOT of anime that are much different from your average Dragon Ball or Naruto series. Also, there's a lot of anime nowadays that are only 12 or 25 episodes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Good. Let me state my amazing opinions without you immaturely overreacting when I criticize anime. - Therandom

This really is, by far, the most straight up BEAUTIFUL anime I have ever watched. It is comedy, so there are some parts that are hilarious, but at the same time, absolutely shreds your emotions, leaving you a crying mess. Every obliteration for me was sad, but I when Kanade disappears at the end, after revealing her relationship with Otonashi... I literally just couldn't stop crying. BUT if you've really watched the ENTIRE anime, you would know that it has a happy ending after all, yeah? Because there totally isn't another scene after the ending credits... is there?

I have never cried so hard watching an anime. This show borderline traumatized me from how depressing it was and I had a few crying spells for up to an hour (I am way too emotional of a person) but at the same time I'm so glad I watched it. It was such a beautiful show and made me want to try to live my life more fully and live the life I want now in the present rather than wait until it ends up being too late.

It's so emotional and beautiful in ways one cannot describe. It teaches people an important life lesson, while adding funny parts to the process. The music makes it even more beautiful and sad. It's such a sad but great anime. I highly consider it.

This is the saddest anime I have ever seen and I have yet to watch another anime that surpasses it. This truly is a great anime beyond all comprehension but I have no will or the need to watch it a second whatsoever. I think my eyes started "the Great Flood" after I found out Kanade's passing moment and the few crucial moments just before it. Again, this is the saddest anime I've ever seen. #1 by far!

Absolutely beautiful anime. All of the characters' had back stories that were amazing, the ending is simply the saddest, and when you see "End" you just become so sad you die a little inside. There was so much action, so much lead up, so, so much emotion. You get attached and never want to let go. The final song is amazing...Ichiban no Takaramono

Not only is the story sad, but it's also true. The last episode, graduation, is about everyone moving on, likely to never see each other again. It's true in real life too, once you graduate, you've moved on, likely to never see you're classmates again. It's just an easy story to relate to. Also, watching it the second time around is even worse due to what we find out at the very end.

This anime truly is a sad anime. It inspires everybody to fulfill their life because life is short. I truly love this anime because it can bring so much emotions to you in one episode. It can make you cry, laugh, happy all in one. Even though it's such a short anime, it truly lives up to its expectations. It made me tear up more than once. It truly is a great anime.

I have watched it twice now and all I can say is wow. I'm an 18 year old guy and I cried like a kid! It is by far the best anime I have ever seen. Ever episode is an emotional ride of happiness and sadness. The ending of the last episode after the credits makes you want to see more of it. I recommend Angel Beats to everyone who watches anime.

SPOILER ALERT: This anime is the most emotional thing I have ever seen. Maybe it's because I'm overly emotional but I couldn't stop crying between all the different events in epi. 10-13. The last episode leaves you with a mind full of wonder and curiosity as to what happens to all the characters that pass on and the one that stays behind. I got especially emotional due to the fact that the main character was in love but she passed on leaving him alone to help the new people in the afterlife.