Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


THIS ANIME IS JUST TOO GOOD TO DESCRIBE IN WORDS. It just made me cry that easily. The first episode was just enough to make me weak for next one. I cried very thoroughly watching all the episodes. LOVED ALL THE CHARACTERS. Fun mixed with emotions and those sad moments made this anime something. It was so touching that how the friends reconciled with the help of menma. That playful little girl, grown up like them but still having a childish mind was a perfect character. I'm a Bangladeshi and I might not know that much of Japan and their language but watching this is like, it can get into our feelings so easily. The visuals were great. Oh and those songs were just mesmerizing (both the opening and ending). It had many things to do with real life. THIS 11 EPISODE ANIME CAN MAKE YOU WEEP LIKE CRYBABY. It's so sad seeing menma leaving them. But it had to be done. They know it u know we all know it from the beginning. THAT'S THE MOST SADDEST PART OF THE ANIME. It's just so sad to see Menma ...more

This is the best anime I've ever watched. I feel that Anohana is in a sense more 'real' and all of us can better connect with it. The entire anime is focused on depicting the importance of friends and the different types of conflicts among them. It intends to make people feel sad and empathize. Well... It did a good job It is respectable that the places in the anime are crafted based on real life locations. It's really amazing. Plus, the music makes the show really beautiful. Anohana is beautiful. I can feel as if I am really in that world. I feel this strong attraction that I can relate to. I can really understand what it's like. The story, it's just so real.

With it's poignant themes of loss, regret, and nostalgia, Ano Hana will dredge out emotions you didn't know were in you. A tragic twist of fate severs the relationships of a close group of young children. As a result of their friend Menma's death, Ano Hana shows you how this group has been effected years later.

When leader of their childhood group, Jinta, begins to see the ghost of Menma, time finally begins to once again move forward for him. He is motivated to try and help the ghost of Menma move on, which brings him back to his old friends. All of them have suffered in their own ways, feeling blame, guilt, regret, anguish, and other heartache over that day years ago.

Denial, fear, torment, and all of their long suppressed feelings come to light. Ano Hana explores their relationships and emotions beautifully. This 11 episode journey creates a close, intimate space around the viewer and engrosses you in its bittersweet drama. If you wanted something emotional, this is ...more

This anime shows you why friendship is important and that even if everyone changes, you still have to be with them a lot to learn to know them. I can't even put it into words how this anime broke my heart. I've never cried that much in my life until I watched the last episode. I think the ending is also such a powerful song. Congrats Anohana, you destroyed my heart.

When I say something is sad... I really mean it. When I was watching anohana, my friend told me what happened in the end, so I thought I was prepared. Boy, I was wrong. I was watching the ending with tears flowing down my face. My mom even got worried. trust me, this anime is awesome. My version of awesome isn't some stupid anime that aired like 5 years ago, but it's something like angel beats. When I say you should see this-you should see it.

Not my favorite anime, but close, and it is definitely the. Most sad I've ever seen. I sat through CLANNAD, and am a Vocaloids can who particularly in enjoys the Kagamine twins, so I am no stranger to sadness (cough cough Soundless Voice/Proof of Life Paper Plane Servant of Evil/Regret Message) and I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting Anohana to effect me as much as it did. Lets just say, I still don't have the guts to do a full rewatch. It's a little slow in the beginning, but it times itself well and tells a better story in eleven episodes then some books have in hundreds of pages.

I just finished watching the entire series non-stop. I laughed and I cried, but I'm still smiling because this was the best slice of life drama I've ever seen. I loved ALL of the main characters and the story itself kept me wanting more. my heart went out to them and I'm glad that I came across this series and even though it's not my usual style Anohana is an instant favorite... I miss watching it already

Hmm, I'll describe this anime as it should be. Anohana is one of the most heart-warming stories in an anime to ever hit the screen. It's about this girl who died in a river. 10 years later, her friends still worry about her. She comes back as a ghost but only of her friends can see her. The characters are developed extremely well, and there are plot twists in every episode. There are some moments that'll make you laugh, and there are some that'll bring a tear to your eye. The characters have this sort of connection to eachother that never separates, and everything is revealed at the end. Don't even get me started on the opening and the ending, they're fantastic. So much so, that the songs brought me to this anime. It's unique, it's funny, it's tearjerking and it's sure as hell great. This is a great story that anyone should have the pleasure of warching.

I am a guy and in my opinion this anime is better than clannad and angel beats. I watched both clannad and angel beats and yes I can feel the sadness and emotions in both series but Anohana is the only anime that made me cry so much.. Any keen viewers should watch ALL THE WAY TILL THE END before judging the anime.

It shows the impact of one life on so many people. All of the characters are genuine and deal with their issues in different ways. The progression of the charcters is amazing, you see them struggle with all the issues that come to light and they really do change throughout the story. Menma is impossible to dislike and her interactions with the main characters feels genuine and never forced. Unlike some great anime like Angel Beats the story is focused and always the right pace. The ending is perfect in every way, a tearjerker for sure. Not to mention it has the best art and music of any other anime at the top of this list.

What I love about the ending of this anime is that by all means it isn't technically sad. Everyone realizes who they really are and comes to terms with the troubles they are facing. But just the way they play it makes it so sad and tear jerking. I recommend this anime to anyone who has had the experience of losing a friend.

I watched Clannad, but not as sad as this one. This story is like a puzzle that had to be solved, in the end, the puzzle makes you cry as hell. I dare you to not cry over this anime.

And the song... Is one of the best anime song ever that makes you remember 'the flower we watch as anime that day' laugh out loud.

This is definitely one of my favorites. I cried a bunch of tears watching this, especially in the last 2 episodes. The key to moving on really is about acceptance. Friendship will always find a way no matter what happens if its true. You will never be able to forget the people who is dear to you.

Oh God. I usually don't cry a whole lot. I mean, sure, I get attached to my fandoms so that's an exception, but normally I don't. And when I heard of Anohana I honestly didn't think I was going to cry. And at the end, I was SOBBING. HARD. It hurt so bad. It truly is an amazing anime. Totally worth watching.

I've only felt my eyes water in two animes so far. One is Clannad After Story.

The other is this masterpiece. I mean, Menma saying "you found me" and all these sentimental... I was sitting there in awe of the emotional impact it had on me.

One of the most saddest animes I've watched other than angel beats and the story was really well done but I think Jenna should've shown signs to their childhood friends that she was there and it's not just Jintan's figment of imagination by putting on a blanket on top of her or writing something to them in those earlier episodes I mean it took so long before she even made a move but the story was great overall

Between AnoHana and Angel Beats, both of course incredibly devastating, I'd have to say I cried more watching AnoHana although it's a very close match. It's really hard to judge, but I think AnoHana had me crying from the third or fourth episode, and every single one after.

The characters are better than Avatar (somehow), the story is both heartbreaking and uplifting, the animation is beautiful, and the sad scenes are the most tragic things in anything I've ever seen before (book, movie, other anime, game, anything).

Anohana is a true masterpiece that made me sob like a little child. A lot of stories take many episodes to build up all the feelings and then you cry, but Anohana only has 11 episodes. This anime shook my heart and almost every time I think of how Menma disappeared, I start crying all over again. This is a tear-jerking masterpiece that no one could reject.

This hit me right in the feels better than Angel Beats. Angel Beats gives you feels during flashbacks and when they disappear but Anohana is centered on one person going to disappear so I personally think that it is sadder that way. In Anohana, you get more "attached" to the character/s in each passing episode. Either way, both shows are sad but the one that hit me in the feels better is Anohana.

Many animes are represented as sad due to deaths and tragedies that occur throughout the story. But Anohana, even though she starts off with a death, simply puts in light the burden of guilt and regret, unability to move on in life, the aftermath of childhood trauma and an unexpected chance to say a goodbye to a dead friend. Every single episode brings watcher to the tears, the manly tears.

Ugh the first show in my (at the time) 50ish anime watched that made me legitimately ball my eyes out.

I don't even know where to start with this wondrous piece of art, lets just say if you've ever lost a friend before this show will mess with you. In 11 episodes it helped bring with a 10 year old grievance. This anime encompasses how different people grieve in such an artistic and compelling way.

I almost cry in some episode..., and I cry in the last episode..., The top sad anime forever...

I think this is the saddest anime I've ever seen. It's so amazing and I will admit, I cries like a baby at the end. It's a beautiful story and I'm really sad that its over because it was a great anime. I've seen Your Lie In April and though it was sad, I didn't cry.. personally I feel though AnoHana isn't as "popular", its one of the more sad/ beautiful animes I've seen so far.

I SOBBED. Like literally had a new box of tissues each episode! It is such an amazing anime and mainly pointed in the direction of the female audience. The plot is thought out beautifully. It shows the strong emotions from every single character. I strongly recommend this anime! Plus if anyone knows the list of songs used in it can let me know? Please? Arigato!