Clannad After Story

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Clannad is based off a visual novel. It follows the story of a high school senior named Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent who floats through life caring about very little. He hates the town he lives in and his alcoholic father. more.


This anime is the most saddest thing I've ever seen... I'm just a 14 year old boy who doesn't feel anything in heart and never cries just because of some T.V. shows or any dramatic cause I think they're lame, in fact I've never cried since I was 13!.. But this piece of cartoon (in japanese:anime) series almost made me throw my onions away! Whenever I think the emotional part of the series I feel like I'm also about to cry especially when tomoya remembered nagisa from telling ushio about her mom. SO THEREFORE I VOTE THIS ANIME THE #1 SADDEST ANIME THAT CAN MAKE you WHINE LIKE A BABY

Okay this is like wtff. I have never cried so drastically in anything. the most pissing off part was how they made the characters so cute and then out of no where THEY DIE! Clannad made a huge impact on me and I'm sure it did to other people as well. People who are going through touch situations, people who may have lost their loved ones. But clannad allows us to believe that there is more hope, and things will get better if you choose to make it better. Tomoya helped Nagisa become stronger and more confident about her actions while Nagisa showed Tomoya that there is more to life than just what you can see. Since Nagisa had a dream, Tomoya sacrificed his time and energy to make it come true throughout the 1st season. The 20nd episode of the 1st season was amazing since that's what we had all been waiting for. after a couple of episodes into the 2nd season you start to really understand their relationship getting stronger. Then they get married and have a kid, then the most tragic ...more

I just finished watching clannad and clannad after story and man. what I never thought I see the day when a show especially a anime show would make me cry. I am a 20 year old male that literally cried a few times in his life, the last time I cried when I was in 6th grade and lost my right eye. This show should be going down in history for one if not the BEST anime ever. It hit each and every emotion on a very intense level. I don't think I can ever watch the clannad series again just because in my opinion it was that intense on me. I'm not going to spoil the series but you get so emotional attached to each and every character and to see these characters go through high school and go through real life situations and barely over come them is just absolutely superb, marvelous and down right a masterpiece.

This anime has to be one of my favorite animes of all time, it's funny, cute, clean(most of the time), and sad. I absolutely loved this anime and I hope that other anime fans will too. If you have not seen this anime and you think that you want then please watch it because it will literally send you into tears, but please for all of those people out there that are just getting into this anime please make sure that you have watched Clannad first, It might not be as sad but it's still very important to watch it first because it will not make much since if you watch Clannad after story first, believe me. Just watch it and try not to look at any spoilers cause I did and it kindof ruined it for me, so please take my advice and no matter who you ship in the anime please don't search that ship on YouTube because it might say if they kiss or get married or something like that. I searched that up and well that's when I knew what was going to happen next. So please don't and just watch the ...more

Let me just say for the record that I have a stone heart, and NONE of the other anime on this list following this one have EVER gotten me to cry (in fact, no other anime EVER). And in Clannad AS, I was bawling like a little child. No other show, book, movie, video, or ANYTHING has ever gotten me to cry so hard (except for maybe a couple of Thai Life Insurance's videos haha). It is so deeply grounded in family values and it really shows you what emotions feel like. You never will truly connect with any other character/anime than you will with Clannad AS. If you don't mind the rough ride, Clannad AS is one of the most- no, THE most- beautiful, heart-meltingly sweet anime I have ever seen, and I urge you to watch it.

(spoilers) This anime is like THE SADDEST ANIME EVER! Clannad after story is a anime that connects you to the character's. Nagiasa's (wife of Tomoya main character) death was a very sad and heart crushing moment. She dies to give birth to her one child. The last thing she wanted ( or so I can remember) was that she could give birth to her child in her home no matter what. She got what she wanted but with a cost, she lost her life giving birth. The most disappointing thing ( for me) would be that Tomoya ( main character) did even raise his own daughter. Nagisa's parents raised Ushio for 5 years. When Tomoya finally decides to take care of Ushio and make up for the years he's lost, she dies only a month after because of the same unknown illness her mother had ( the doctors should've done a better job finding out what the illness was). Tomoya having almost lost everything was in despair. I must say the one thing that confused me the most would have to be how some magical mystical other ...more

Clannad & Clannad After Story was the first ever anime I watched and I still feel so much pain remembering those scenes. (Fellow Clannad After Story Victims, you know which ones I am talking about. ) Despite the emotional torture, if it wasn't for Clannad & Clannad After Story giving me the most beautiful and wonderful introduction to anime, I would never have experienced anime at all! And to be honest, even if I didn't go on to watch other anime after that, Clannad & Clannad After Story are such masterpieces they are all I need to have watched in their genre to make me feel fulfilled.


Although I was extremely saddened by Nagisa's death I didn't cry. It was to calm for it to be sad. The parts that did make me cry however, were all of the scenes where Tomoya remembers Nagisa, the scenes when he tells Ushio about it and after a while the simple mention of her name would bring me to tears.

Ushio dying was also extremely depressing as well as she was so much like her mother.

I also think this show did very well with what I like to call 'Crying Triggers'. This is when the studio making the anime does something that makes you cry. For instance, Nagisa's theme was played through out the first series and was used whenever she was happy. In season 2 though after her death, they used it when ever she was talked about. This would bring back all of the happy memories with her and I would cry. This also happens if I am not watching the show.

It probably didn't help that I watched the whole of After Story in just over 24 hours though.

This anime is the first to make me shed a tear, it shows you a wonderful life between Tomoya and Nagisa. (SPOILERS) When they get married they go for walks every day and life like happy, regular people, but then Nagisa dies, putting an end to all that love and compassion just to give birth to a baby! I was extremely depressed when Oshio died as well! She was the whole reason why Nagisa died! Now Tomoya has had he's heart broken two times! This anime was the only one that got me right at the heart, even though it's a sad and depressing anime, it is still very happy to remember all the times that Tomoya helped Nagisa and helped her make new friends. This anime has completely changed my perspective on life and it forever will change the way I think and act, this anime will truly always be in my heart and it will always make me sad to remember both the depressing and happy times. (Sunohara is my FAVORITE! )

To the artists and storytellers at Key, thank you for one of the greatest stories I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I will echo the words of other commentators and say that I was deeply moved by this phenomenal story of life, death and redemption. I don't know if there are other animes out there like this, but I will absolutely say this: Clannad and Clannad After Story affected me on some of the deepest levels, and what an adventure it was. Thank you for taking us to the town where wishes come true.

The Anime is a masterpiece on pulling your heartstrings, Clannad alone was a decent anime with memorable characters, with tear inducing scenes here and there. But After Story sold it for me, Giving almost life-like feeling of life after high school. Wondering what career we should pursuit and if it's the right choice. Tomoya's struggles really connected with me, making me actually shed a tear for the losses, in the end any gave him the motivation & purpose in the first place. Phenomenal Anime, Phenomenal Story, Phenomenal Characters. Always be one of my favorite anime... No, stories ever!

This anime had me in tears. I couldn't even STOP crying. In Anohana and Angel Beats I could hold back my tears but this anime just ruined my life. every time I see Nagisa I burst into tears. This is definitely one of my favourite anime and the opening is heartbreaking. You don't even have to watch Clannad to understand this. A total must watch. (still crying over it even though I watched two weeks ago) Even if you're not going to watch it, at least watch the last 20 seconds of the opening.

SPOILERS Never has an anime made me feel genuinely angry - no - furious. Not at the people who made this but at the very real tragedy of this world and the fragility of life. After episode 16 I almost didn't want to carry on, not just the anime but the way I was living my life. Nothing has had such an impact on me in over a decade, possibly my entire life. This is the saddest anime, the most romantic anime, at times even the funniest anime; and definitely the best anime of all time.

Words alone can't express how good of an anime this is. It deals with real life situations and doesn't show you impossible things that happen in most other anime. The story was very well written and got me emotionally attached to the characters. I am the type of person who shows little to no emotion and I cry once in a blue moon and this anime had moments that made me cry my eyes out, it even got me a little depressed after one of the parts in the show.

Clannad After Story... Wow! This show is so sad! I watched it a while ago and since then I've watched Angle beats, Kannon and Air but nothing comes close to how sad Clannad After story is. Angel beats comes quite close but it just doesn't have the same impact. This show makes you become attached to the characters long enough so that when they rip your heart out there is nothing to do but cry (I'm over reacting a bit! ) Don't give up hope though! We are here for you! If you like shows that make you cry and stays with you for a long time then you'll really like this one. Other shows like Clannad After Story are: Angel beats, Kannon and a little like Madoka Magica (The sad parts anyway)

This story is only one of the most beautiful anime and beautiful that I've seen here because I can see the importance of love in the family. for example, tomoya very hard and sacrifice for the sake of their families. she takes care of Ushio with love, because do not want to feel lost again like he lost Nagisa has greatly changed the fate of his life. from start to finish this story, I can understand the plot of this story because it is his very interesting. I tried to hold back tears, but wretched. This anime has become one of my favorite anime among others. I really love this anime. hm

I have not watched it yet but I heard a song "the one that got away" by Katy Perry anime version and it includes all of clannad and clannad: after story scenes. And when the science came where nagisa died I couldn't control my tears and the lyric of song going on was " in another life I would be your girl so I don't have to say you were the one that got away". Guys check it out on YouTube. Just type" the one that got away clannad "and on which video you see the picture of tomoya and nagisa click it. It's lovely

If you feel like going on a feels trip *Toot toot*, this is the perfect anime for you! This anime will take you on an emotional roller coaster. I have never felt feeling this strong. Ever. However, you do have to watch the first series to really get a connection with the characters for the full effect. When I was watching this anime, I was depressed for two weeks. All of my friends were wondering what was wrong with me So, 10/10, A+ for this anime. It truly is a beautiful and emotional story. If you haven't watched the series, I highly recommend it.

P.S. Don't trash the anime just because of its art style. You'll get used to it. Just keep watching it, or else you'll be throwing a beautiful story out the window. Just like Fruits Basket ;-;

Angel beats is not sad at all compared to Clannad. Angel Beats always receives the votes of those that are new to Anime and couldn't devote the time to watch nearly a 50 episode series. Clannad, in every way, is better than Angel Beats. Hell, I was even happy while watching Angel Beats. Nothing about it was sad to me. Clannad on the other hand left me feeling utter for over a week and literally changed my life and that is coming from someone who is not a weeb. It, by far, had more of an impact on my life than anything else out there.

I've gotten a little choked up watching other anime before, but Clannad After Story was the first anime to actually make me cry, and I mean I seriously cried like a baby. I had to stop watching and take a break a few times, it was just too, I couldn't see the screen because my eyes were full of tears...laugh out loud. 10/10!

It's like a tragedy story that can happen in real life. Some parts are not true though. It's somewhat like reality giving you a slap in the face. It's a really depressing and sad anime, but the story is good. If you can handle clannad then you can also handle clannad after story. SPOILER: The ending is not that sad. It's more of a happy one.

There's no "life is beautiful" crap with this anime. It talks about life, and that's what you get: Life, just as it is. And life is harsh, and it hurts, but just as the characters, you get to feel the pain it brings, because you get so connected to them, even more if you watch the first season, and the suffering they go through becomes your own. And they suffer a lot through the whole story. I couldn't get myself to stop crying for hours, and mourned for weeks after the inicial shock

Beautiful, heartwarming, and just sad. It's a story that stays with you long after you finish it. I have moments where Nagisa and Tomoya flash through my memory, like I had almost met them. Anyway it is definitely the saddest Anime I have ever watched. If I hear that song the tears just wont stop.

I wouldn't say this is the saddest (That goes to Grave of the Fireflies) but it is definitely one of them. I felt so bad for Tomoya. How much he suffered. No lie, this anime made me feel very sad.

I was never so depressed as when both died. Episodes before it happened I thought I would take my life when the mother should really die. I was in a kind of shock when it really happened. And the happy end is not helping as it does not connect with the rest of the episodes. At least it solved the side story.