Elfen Lied

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Elfen Lied is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It was originally serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from June 2002 to August 2005, with the 107 chapters collected into twelve tankĊbon volumes.


I've seen a lot of sad anime and have experienced lots of depressing moments, specifically in Naruto where every character has a sad past. The anime wasn't even a 1/4 a sad as the manga. People I finished reading it a while ago but every time I think about I drown in tears. SPOILERS: lucy's heart-wrenching death!

After I finished watching elfen lied... I couldn't talk to anyone for a month... I was choked... this anime is surely one of the best anime I have ever watched... it let you find the darkest place in your soul... the world will seem different to you after watching this masterpiece. Elfen Lied is one of a kind, and I don't even dare to watched it another time... because this feeling you get by watching it is like a unique drug, you just get one shot for your whole lifetime and that's it...

The story was amazing and heart melting I fell in love with all the characters and it was hard to watch it end and was upset that it ended so fast it left out many details from the manga it could have easily been stretched to 20 episodes but the impact was still all there and I cried like baby I LOVE ELFEN LIED!

The story of this anime is great, and so sad too. This was the first anime to make me cry, and that is almost unheard of me crying. I've been to family funerals, and not even cried.

Anime is not really good, since it's adaptation, but manga actually got me on the edge. And I loved it. But then the mangaka decides it was probably just too much and magically brings nearly everyone back, just as if realizing it was just over the top, that it crossed the line and people could get really mad - to prevent that from happening, we just get a happy ending with so many resurrected characters, I can hardly count them. I loved how dark it all actually was, but then it slides down to all the naive fantasy animes where no one really dies no matter the situation. Sad story indeed.

I watched the anime from beginning to end but had to take a brake in the middle. so many things happened wither it started as something happy to something just flat out sad. I really wanted for nyu to be in control. She was just so cute, kind and defenseless. From what I know the director wanted the viewers to love and hate it at the same time and I loved and hated the hole thing. For just a one season anime it the best I have ever seen. When I cried I enjoyed it even if it was sad.

Unlike most of the anime in this list this really delivers the truth. When someone or something causes harm to us we see it as a threat, a monster, but we hardly see the reasons that turns them into monsters. I found this anime even more interesting than Clannad.

Unlike most of the animes on this list that I have seen, Elfen Lied expressed a special and raw kind of emotion although it was a short series when I finished I felt like and anchor had dropped on my heart. it wasn't perfect but it was a lesson in itself, that the world is cruel and prejudice towards those whom are different. But even so there are kind people out there willing to help people who find themselves in difficult situations it just takes a little while for them to show up.

Elfen Lied is my second favorite anime...Aside from the depressing ending, I still loved this anime for the lesson it taught me and overall its ability to bring the emotion out from my dead-inside-body. I love this anime. I read the manga hoping it would be less sadder...boy was I wrong...

Just the thought of a girl who was tortured most her life escapes with loads of people trying to kill her is after her and just wants a normal life, just makes me sad. It just shows the world is a butthole. Not only lucy, but the other characters as well.

This show will make you feel sad and empty at times. Elfen Lied is very sad, and I watched Angel Beats after I watched Ellen lied, ad found that, angel beats leaves you with a small amount of happiness and sadness equally while elfen lied just leaves you mostly sad...

This anime is so depressing and disturbing. I can't say why without spoilers but I guess all I can say is don't watch episode 8 if you love dogs or really any animals, or if you have a weak stomach. I almost lost it watching the anime and reading the manga give it a look.

So sad I've watched it over 20 times still cry every time and yet so perfect few shows can make you love the characters on such an emotional level so fast

I loved it it was a great anime after I was done with it I count believe it was over I wanted to see more and more it was great.

I loved Elfen Lied. The visuals could have been better, but the plot was amazing and always kept me excited, with all the twists. This wasn't just some sort of cheesy sad anime, it actually was carefully thought out, original and unique. - ArtyLily

When I learned of the connection between Kohta and Lucy I bawled my eyes out. This wins saddest for me because although full metal alchemist brotherhood is ridiculously sad, it is also far more oriented on the joy in lives, this show.. isn't. It is brutal in it's clarity and definitive in it's mourning. Greatest sad anime in my opinion.

Elfen Lied is what you can call a masterpiece. It shows you the cruelty of humans... In short, this anime left me thinking for over 3 days..

Indeed this manga is one of the most depressing anime I have watched. The mistreatment shown toward the mutants and the ending in both the anime and manga leave you in tears

Read the manga you would definitely feel the pain! :')

This anime was sad because the girl's were killed or taken away from there parents people should watch this anime its heart touching its also a little scary because the girl's killed many peoples.

The best anime I have ever seen but the manga is so sad too. Should be at least in 2nd. Yeah Angel Beats is a good and sad anime but not as elfen lied.

This anime makes me cry every time I think about it. Thank you for this sad anime that really explored someones true feelings and how cruel this world can be.

I felt so depressed after watching this anime and decided to read the manga and I cried for about 10 minutes because of it. Definitely one of the best and saddest ones out there.

To be honest, I never cried in Elfen Lied. I watched it for the gore, not the feels, and didn't really get many feels. Still an awesome anime, but wasn't tear-invoking for me.

No doubt... That its the deadliest and the saddest anime I have seen...