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Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.


Naruto was neglected, hated, despised, isolated, and feared his whole life, for something he didn't ask for and something he couldn't control - Yet he always smiled, saying he would be Hokage, and hoping for a better day tomorrow. He meets Iruka, Kakashi, Team 7, the Rookie 9, Jiraiya, and so many people who finally acknowledge him as a shinobi; as someone who means something. And he's so happy that they saved him from his own depression and sadness, heck, who wouldn't be? As if they're not already stuffing enough feels into our faces, Naruto is forced to endure even more, suffering deaths of close ones, and the loss of his best friend and rival Sasuke. He continues on through life, affecting so many people, changing the hearts of his enemies, friends, and teachers alike. He strains so hard to save what helped him so much, to keep his friends safe like they helped him. It's heart-wrenching to see the sad but close bond he shares with people like Gaara, Sasuke, Killer B, and anyone who ...more

The series as a whole, is about overcoming loneliness, hatred, being from nothing to something and never giving up on your goals, shows monsters like Gaara to being a Hero of his people, Naruto from being lonely to making friends and to becoming a Hero as well. People like Sasuke who have dealt with depression over the ENTIRE family of his putting him in the state of seeking mad revenge. Many characters with many stories to explain with their many personalities. Many characters have depressing lives with War, Famine and Death, many emotional damaging stories. Naruto is my favorite.

Naruto is really sad I watched it and I cried when they showed Narutos past but also awesome too so you should watch this show at first when my my friend told me to watch it I was like na it maybe boring and the next day I watched to first episode and I was like I'm starting to like this show and I loved Naruto and Naruto Shippuden that's when it starts to get good because Naruto gets stronger and learns who his father is while fighting pain and his master dies which was really sad so you should watch this show from episode 1 to episode 220 and in Naruto Shippuden watch episode 1 -384 but more episodes in Naruto Shippuden are coming out.

We get to learn about all these great characters like Naruto, Jiraya, Asuma, Itachi, Sasuke, and even the members of the Akatsuki and the obstacles, pain and suffering they had to endure in order to survive, it's sad. And all of these people wanted peace and suffered by the deaths of others and some even died sad deaths like Itachi. Itachi was a talented and intelligent guy who wanted to protect his village and younger brother more than anything but instead he ended up hurting both. Then there people who endured the pain of solitude and hatred from others like Naruto. He was always alone and was desperate for attention, so he worked real hard to be at the top so people would acknowledge him, most people didn't (it wasn't until he got older and became a hero). He pretty much lost a lot of people who he had looked up to like the 4th Hokage, Jiraya, Sasuke,and Asuma, but he still followed his dream and never gave up on it unlike some shinobi who did.

My favorite anime! This includes mostly about ninjas and action. The story is really nice for a shounen anime. Even if it is a shounen anime, even girls can watch it (like me! ). When it shows the pasts of different characters or deaths of characters, that's usually the time you might start crying. This anime is also inspiring to others because of what they do and also quotes that they made up themselves.

Naruto's childhood, Itachi's secret, Sasuke's departure, Kakashi's losses, Asuma's death, Jiraiya's farewell, Neji's fate, Gaara's past, Naruto's parents, Kabuto's memory, Nagato's Pain, and more. The tears are real.

Naruto really grows. His very existence is ignored, but he rises because of his belief in himself, and in doing so gives others belief in themselves. There are many fleshed out characters that grow, or break down, in this way. When all of their lives and journeys collide with Naruto's, or those of other characters, it is emotional to watch. Between all of the broken dreams and sad backstories, this is a sad anime. It is really nice to watch when different characters come across their own form of redemption and become dynamic.

This Anime.. Words cannot describe, just the first episode had me crying. Especially the part where iruka sacrifices himself for Naruto and comforts him from his loneliness. An innocent child made to bear the hatred and anger of an entire village with no friends or family to support him yet he still fights on...sadness exemplified. A true work of art.

Naruto... uhhh Where do I even start? Even now, when I look back on the 15 years of pure Naruto (which by the way took me the best 2 years in my anime life to catch up), tears start out of my eyes. If I was Naruto, I wouldn't be able to endure all the pain he had to undergo. The only down fall of Naruto and the squeal Naruto Shippuden is the ambiguous amount of filler, episode in which the anime producer insert so the anime won't run in with the manga. However, enjoyed the fillers because of the abundant sadness factor. This is a short opinoin that barely scratches the surface of Naruto and his misery which later turns to fruits of labor.

People who haven't seen Naruto might be surprised to see this so high up on the list, but it deserves it. What sets it apart from other popular shonen anime (Fairy Tail, I'm looking at you) is that important characters actually die. They don't magically survive a situation with the power of friendship. They actually, truly, DIE. And their deaths are so emotional because you've been laughing with them, crying with them, for hundreds of episodes - and then they're just gone.

I'll be the first to admit that this series is over rated, that being said if you let yourself get invested in the world ( it's okay you can skip the fillers ) there will be moments that at the least give you goose bumps if not make you tear up. Not to mention that it teaches some decent life lessons.

When the father and mother of naruto died is the saddest moment in me

One of the best animes I have ever seen. I usually laugh really hard, but occasionally I can't stop crying. The fight with Gaara and Pain both get to me. I'm so attached to it that I hear some of the soundtrack and I end up trying to hold back tears.

This is the best animation I have ever seen. the music whenever I hear, tears come to my eyes.

For me, Naruto is the BEST!
It's because it gives an inspiration. Naruto is the type of guy who never gives up. Even though everyone is against him, he never gives up and he strives harder to reach goal. This anime makes me cry, laugh, frustrated, it also makes me feel happy most of the time.

I swear I've never cried so much. Incredibly entertaining and life-changing. Don't let the amount of episodes scare you, I wish there were more. Great portrayal of student-teacher relationship, and the bond between best friends. Not to mention, the RIDICULOUSLY INCREDIBLE PLOT LINE.

Ahh... Naruto is not all about naruto himself... I mean every member in akatsuki has a sad backgroud... Every1 there wants to change this cursed world... Itachi killed his own clan, kisame killed his own combrats, sasuke killed his own brother, obito killed his own teacher, nagato lost his parents and friends and killed his teacher, asuma died, sasori lost his parents, gaara never got accepted, madara lost his brother... Theme is all about naruto because unlike these guys he choose a different path to find peace!

, this anime is so sad. In fact it is actually is really depressing. Lots of people die in it. Sure, it can be funny and the action is epic, but the sad parts are awful. If you want to see a show that will make you cry every night and ruin your life, this is for you

It is one of the best animes I've ever watched. It has a quite interesting and different plot. Naruto's struggles and the deaths are really emotional. And the FEELS of this anime are too much ;-; I have a strange attachment to this series though.

Naruto is a very sad anime. First off, we have Naruto's parents die, and poor Naruto has no parents. Then he gets treated like an outcast because of his demon inside him. Then we have deaths further on in the story, such as Jiraiya, Itachi, Neji, etc. We also have depressing backstories of other characters, like Gaara, and Itachi. Overall, I think Naruto is really upsetting, but one of my favourite animes of all time!

Oh my goodness, this has to be one of the most emotional anime out there. Each character's storyline is filled with emotions( especially Naruto, Jiraiya, ITACHI!, etc) and the soundtrack complements the scenes. ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE

I can't think anything sadder than naruto's life, I mean his parents died at the day he was born, the whole village turned against him, his best friend turned against him, the only one who was there for him, even his teacher was killed.

Naruto is sad but happy its about this boy who has the nine-tails in him and he is left with no parents but soon later he realizes that it doesn't matter then he wants to become the hokage and want people to acknowledge him as a ninja not a monster. Naruto's past is very devastating and also the other jinjuriki's especially Gaara. Love watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden plus its action


Lives like an outsider, then train hard and one day after a death fight, you realizing that your a heir of two heroes... And still want to bond with your lost friend...