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101 Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

The actual ending was sad, but the lead up to it made me weep, and I mean a lot...for the first time in all the animes I've seen. Though the ending completely retcons the other thing

The ending was really sad, I cried my ass off.

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102 Kotoura-san

The intro to the series was very sad, as it moves on it begins to get funny, but once all of the character development between family and friends get together you will cry

This anime made me cry and laugh.

In this anime you will cry, it is sad but extremely funny. you bond to the characters and you really feel what they feel.

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103 Bokurano

It came from somewhere beyond the farthest reaches of the world that we knew, like a creature of shadow...

Beats you over the head with a sad-bat. I've never seen a more depressing story.

Someone set out to make a giant robot anime sadder than ever. And succeeded.

Straight from the start you are hit with such a sad start.

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104 Pandora Hearts Pandora Hearts

It started well. This 15 year old boy had a coming of age ceremony and then it hits the fan and he is cast to Abyss, a place where all the criminals go, it's almost like Hell. All that because the one who cast him there said that his sin is his very existence. And when he gets out of there the real journey begins, the boy is going to find out his sin. It's really heartbreaking manga and I recommend it to masochists and people who likes to suffer (not rly), of course there is still humor and happy times, but still at the same time a tragedy. Do not watch the anime it's quality is horrible considering the manga's art style and don't become attached to the characters or you will probably have a few heartbreaks. I think this serie is worth of reading because of the characters and their development, the plot and the inner meaning.

I swear, everyone who watched the anime of Pandora Hearts, please read the manga. Honestly, I saw the anime first, and then realized it was NOTHING compare to the manga. And anime ends too soon, not show enough the extremely plot twist in manga.(Sadly, no season 2) Jun-sensei is a talent mangaka, she really know how to build such a wonderful story. And god it's sad. Too sad indeed. If there's a top saddest MANGA I sure it'll be at least in top 10.

This should be way higher considering the manga.

The anime is funny but read the manga if you love suffering

105 Shiki

Personally this is my number one. I had absolutely no idea it would end the way it did; for most of the series people are getting turned into shiki/vampires left and right, (including the main character and most of the secandary characters) and it looks as if the villagers are all doomed to meet the same fate; in my opinion that kind of ending wouldn't have been a bad one if it were written right. But about three quarters of the way through the villagers abruptly reverse the terror on the shiki after the town docter finds out how to kill them by experimenting on his own wife who turned into one. The shiki all try to run or hide but are all found and brutally slaughtered one by one. It is not their falt they got turned into shiki and all of them regret everything they have done but their actions were justified because they only did what they had to to stay alive (shiki can choose not to drink blood but if they don't they will eventually go insane with hunger and no longer can control ...more

Shiki (I think) should be higher up on the list (or at least higher than attack on titans) *SPOILERS*
I think it is a really heart-breaking tragedy, when Shiki (vampires) moved into a castle, people start dying, children's dreams of venturing into the city are crushed, though a doctor, and a group of friends try and prove this. Eventually the villagers realise that the people who moved in were Shiki, after being proven by the doctor (Toshio). The humans find out some of the dying people turned into shiki after death. The villagers end up killing off the shiki until they won, but losing their humanity in the process. At first you immediately hate the shiki for killing off people, then their story is revealed which is heat breaking, a long with a story which is being written by a monk which reflects the villagers tragedy. The story the Monk writes is about a man who ends up killing his brother, but the brother was created by him, so he was part of the man's mind, and by killing his ...more

Shiki should be in top 15. Most of the story, concept is pretty sad. Expect the unexpected. Dreams you had been working really hard for gets shattered. You will be frustrated before you can finish the series.

At the beginning it was super boring and stuff, but as I kept watching the story just got tragic and sad, in the end I cried for a long time because of the ending and everything. This should be ranked above Tokyo Ghoul at the very least.

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106 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime series adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa.

Okay, so overall this wouldn't be marked as sad. But this is the best anime I have ever seen. The best villains, the plot, everything about was good. And it stayed good all the way through the ending. And of course, it had some deaths and cries.

This was not only the anime, but the T.V. franchise that made me cry the most. I grew more attached to it then the first series, and I don't think I ever had that many tears on any television franchise.

The second to last episode had one of the saddest yet beautiful moments on anime history

It's a long series BUT YOU CRY SO MUCH IN IT

You see a character that's all happy and bubbly LOL NOPE THEY DEAD

everything starting to lighten up happiness LOL NOPE GUESS WHAT THIS ENTIRE WORLD IS A DEATH TRAP

someone dies
"oh lets resurrect them" WHICH WAS A MISTAKE CAUSE NOW LOOK AT YOU


this show also makes you ship characters with themselves BUT LOL NOPE THEY DEAD


overall good show

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107 Mawaru Penguindrum

This anime is so sad. It's a shame it's not up there with the popular, sad ones like Angel Beats, Clannad, and Anohana. The ending left me bawling and then left an empty feeling after finishing it.

Clearly beautiful, mystery-packed, and not-blood-related brothers went all the pain to save their little sister's life is more than just "sad". Too emotional, left me bawling for along time.

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108 Nagi No Asukara Nagi No Asukara

I think this anime was really touching. It's a lot like AnoHana with the art and character design and the whole friendship and heartbreak plot. It definitely made me cry tears of sadness and joy, and deserves a spot on this list

This anime have a deep meaning, It's about love, family, friend. It's a good anime. Sad, emotional, cry, tear up. Recommended

I think when hikari was the only one awaking in an unknown city was really sad.

109 Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Although a lot of people hesitate to watch things labeled in the category "yaoi", I think this anime is really underrated. The story focuses on two characters who fell in love during high school but then broke up due to a misunderstanding. Ten years later, they unexpectedly meet again. One is reluctant to start over, afraid of his heart being broken all over again and the other desperately wants for them to be in a relationship, hanging on to the only person he's ever truly loved. This anime has a lot of funny moments, but it's also heartbreaking and I found myself sobbing on numerous occasions throughout the episodes. To any fan of romance or sad anime, I'd definitely recommend this one.
(Side note, it's by the same mangaka thar creates Junjou Romantica and Hybrid Child)

So sad cried when they first banged

110 The World God Only Knows The World God Only Knows The World God Only Knows, abbreviated as Kaminomi, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki. It has been adapted into three anime series produced by Manglobe.

Although it is still on going, this anime had the greatest and comical scenes which made me smile. It also had really deep moments which will make you wonder about the main character's position (Katsuragi). It made me feel depressed several times. :(

My favourite anime so far. It is very balanced with comedy, romance and action. The ending is also kinda sad. Made me really cry. Don't really want to spoil it though

Very good anime, one of my favourites. has many emotional scenes, I just loved it!

111 Ao No Exorcist

It makes me sad to think that they try to kill Rin in most of the episodes.

This is the only anime I cried while watching I'm pretty stoic so that's rare. Especially episode 2, I was bawling.

I think this anime is sad, I cry after watched this anime. It's pretty good.

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112 Shuffle! Shuffle!

SPOILERS! It's very sad at the ending when the main character Rin chooses to be with a girl named Asa instead of the girl Kaede that loved him all her life but was too afraid to tell him. Kaede took care of Rin and did everything to make him happy, but he never noticed how much she cared about him and that she actually loved him. It's very sad.

113 Beyblade

If this is the Metal Saga Beyblade you are trying to talk about, then it was sad at Ryuga's death, but if it's the older one, then no, I'm not that familiar with the normal Beyblade saga.

Beyblade is a nice and fun anime it maybe for kids but the story is fantastic I say everyone should watch if it's for kids doesn't mean that only kids should watch it

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114 Gurren Lagann Gurren Lagann Gurren Lagann, known in Japan as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, is an anime series animated by Gainax and co-produced by Aniplex and Konami. It was also directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by veteran playwright Kazuki Nakashima.

SPOILER - Nia and Kamina had to begone eventually, its still sad for everyone who had gave their lives for the team during the 2nd arc, and the amount of sorrow that Simon had to endure his whole life, not to mention he was forgotten at the end of the story...

One of the saddest ending in anime history, imagine knowing your loved one will die but it has to be done but she decides to go on with it and make do with the remaining time they have.

So much sad. Sad beginning, sad middle, some hope and epic battles, sad ending.

Best and saddest ending ever

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115 Zankyou no Terror

This anime has to be a masterpiece - and I'm only referring to the execution of your heart being impaled at the end- not even the rest of the beautiful anime. I have a feeling that Zankyou no Terror is only so low down this list because it's not very well known. (The fact that Pokemon has been placed above this proves my point. ) If everyone watched this then Zankyou no Terror could easily be in the Top 10. It's personally more sad than AnoHana and up there with Clannad After Story, which I agree to be the saddest anime... Zankyou no Terror is a close 2nd.

At first, you'll be taken to the world of terrorism as two highschool boys with an agenda of their own plays some mental mind games with the police. I thought it would stay that way, but I was baffled and left heart-broken at the ending. A definite to watch from beginning to end

This should be in top 3 for worlds saddest anime like this list is screwed up I saw something that wasn't even sad that was before this even though this kept me awake for three whole days wondering why... and this is called "Terror in Resonance" in English

I cannot believe this is is so low. It's a fantastic anime with a heartbreaking ending. An emotional ride.

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116 I'm In Love With My Sister

Very sad anime.
Yori loves Iku but leaves for another high school

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118 To Love-Ru

Not exactly sad but I do recommend it for strain on the heart and to be biased on a character

I only watched the whole thing of this haven't finished oreimo


119 Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

How is this not higher on the list? This anime was so beautiful and you really got to know the characters and feel for them.

Some animes like these is bound to touch your heart

Its wonderful. don't know why didn't anyone liked it?

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120 Natsume's Book of Friends

Natsume's life is that of a loner because of the fact that he can see supernatural beings that others cannot. He has trust issues whether regards with people or the beings that he meets but the as the story progresses, Natsume starts to open up bit by bit. The sad part of the series for me would be the story behind his life which is showcased in every episode of the anime. It's a sad but sometimes the not bad sadness in life.

Yea this anime didn't have any major character deaths that would make you cry but overall it is pretty sad, natsume had an lonely life and had an dark past but depose that he still continued living and made a lot of friends,I guess this anime series sad in its own way.i don't know why but I actually cried on some episodes

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