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141 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

The story is so great and sad in the ending

142 The Familiar of Zero The Familiar of Zero

I wouldn't give this the title of "sad" yet it does have some powerful emotions in it.

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143 The Sky Crawlers

A group of eternally young fighter pilots known as Kildren experience the sudden loss of innocence as they battle the enemy in astonishing dogfights above the clouds. (synopsis taken form IMDB) but It is more than just that, the things that Suito went thought in this film. Hart braking, I have no idea how she stayed sane.

144 Cat Planet Cuties

The saddest part was the singing

145 Eden of the East
146 Dog Days

Mane Character has blodn hari is very sad because reminds of Hitler

The mane character is kidnaped from his whome worle and leave viewer very sad at his poor fatee

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147 This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
148 Texhnolyze
149 To The Forest of Firefly Lights

Not an anime series but a 45 minute movie that will make you cry. It's about a girl who happens to meet a boy in a forest that cannot be touched by humans or he will disappear.

Rly sadd, this should be higher up on this list.

150 Myself; Yourself

I wish they spread out the storyline a bit more so we got more episodes out of it. I think they jammed everything in so they could make it shorter. Great anime though.

The anime in general is pretty depressing but the ending JUST KILLED ME. This is one of the few animes to make my cry. (I'm such a liar not its not)

One of my favorite anime of all time really worth watch but kinda rushed at the end

151 Black Cat

Sure it wasn't actually sad,the anti,e that is, but the ending...I wanted to see more...I guess I did cry a little in the end since yea it ended and the ending somehow didn't feel complete

152 Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf is a Japanese light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura, with illustrations by Jū Ayakura.

A story about a traveling merchant named Lawrence who comes across Holo, the wise wolf, and promises to take her back home north. Vague enough to be non-spoiler.

Just love do not need to explain not enough words to explain emotions to you and I am 12 the fact that this anime moves me is astounding

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153 Now and Then, Here and There
154 Kimi ni Todoke Kimi ni Todoke

I don't know why this anime wasn't on the top 10. For real, this anime made me cried a lot the moment I started watching it. Especially in Episode 6. Seriously...

"I really like this anime, if you love a non-fast romance anime, then this one is good. The characters are perfect, you'll love them."

This anime is really cute and heartwarming :) Love is never based on physical appearance

155 Black Butler: Book of Circus

Makes you care about a tonne of characters and then rips them away from you. Saddest show I've ever seen.

All my other favorite characters are died

Ok, I was suuper sad of this. "SPOILERS! " Everyone dies (well almost everyone) I got super mad when Ciel had told Sebastian to burn the place downwhen Joker was in the building. And jokers past is what probably got there, it was so sad when Joker, Beast, Jumbo, Doll, Bill and Wendy. In the end Snake was left alone with no one but his snakes.

156 Love Live! School Idol Project

Agree! This anime is so emotional. I cried watching the season 2

This anime is just so sad the end of season 2 left me hanging in sadness for days. I think this anime deserves to be higher in this list

This is actually a sad and touching anime. I think people forgot about it because it combines with comedy and cute characters. the series has some touching episodes, especialy the second season 3 last episodes that will tear you up!

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157 From the New World From the New World

Easily one of the most powerful animations to date. The various deaths, though offscreen, brought either a sense of poignancy, or loss, depending on the character. Quite possibly the most meaningful part of this anime involved the ending, which I think was supposed to question the audience's faulty certainty of who is or isn't the true antagonist.

But this anime isn't simply dystopian, it's more than that. It shows you the very actions of the main characters in response to the world they are thrust into, you get to see them fall apart, build back up again, grow, and die. Every last detail produces such a raw, sharp, honesty, that can't be found in most anime. Shinsekai Yori, dives into something that most adult-themed entertainment will barely touch up on.

So if you want an anime that will provoke a heavy amount of thought, and rip your heart out, look no further.

A truly uneque anime that needs more attention due to its tone and artstyle. Along with that the Dub and Sub are both great and overall it is something else entirely than just a show.

158 Dramatical Murder

I think this anime is kinda sad too especially when they started to talk about their past.

159 Barakamon

This is a fairly new series (fall 2014) and I wouldn't say it's the saddest thing ever, but I was definitely tearing up at times.

160 K-On! K-On!

It seems happy most of the time, but it made me cry at the end.

Of all things I hate graduation.Graduation is the second thing which makes me sad

The feels wuz unreals. that ending

I still crie every taim at episode 20 :^(

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