Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

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I began to be annoyed with this series around half way through and was going to write it off as a Clannad knockoff with an emphasis on music. Some things were eerily similar such as the male protagonist having an abusive parent and the female protagonist having some sort of mysterious health issues and parents working in a bakery. I'm really glad I stuck with it though. The payoff in the end was extremely satisfying. Not only was it as emotional as you would hope for a series like this, but it didn't feel the need to have some sort of strange deus ex machina supernatural bail out in the end like Clannad did. It was a bit more grounded in reality. I think Clannad Afterstory will always be my personal favorite, but this deserves more credit than it has in this list.

This show got me addicted to anime in general. I've watched any anime I could get my hands on. I've watched all the animes in this top 10 as well, but none come close to this. It's been so long since I've finished it, but I still cry when I hear it's OST. I still cry if I read a quote from it. This didn't happen with the other shows. I was sad (and cried for some) watching them, but I don't cry remembering them. What's more, compared to this, they're comedy shows. Because they actually are comedy shows. They just added an element of sadness. Clannad, clannad AS, angel beats, etc, we're comedies with sad moments in between. They let you laugh. Well, so did this show, but it immediately made you feel like an ass a minute later.

PS: I never count anohana as a sad anime. It isn't sad. It's just emotional manipulation.

This anime is really awesome I'm sure any person will surely cry and will go under depression. This anime will leave a great effect in your heart. Just when you will end watching the series many thoughts will be coming again again and will make you feel depressed but on the other hand it really is an awesome anime. I think almost every episodes will bring little bit of tears in your eyes and it's really worth watching but I suggest that when you end the series you should again watch a romantic and a happy ending anime like "Golden Time" it will be really helpful to make you feel good. So I suggest everyone to watch both animes and I'm 1000% sure that you will love both animes.

This anime should seriously be in the top 3. It is amazingly made showing different forms of emotions like love, happiness, grief, sorrow, fear of failure and losing someone. It can even be categorized as one of the best romance anime. When you see it's title "Your lie in april" and watch the ending, you can't help it but drown in depression and sadness. Although once you complete it you feel... I don't know how to explain it but... you feel really satisfied and motivated to overcome obstacles of life. This anime is sad yet surprisingly fulfilling.

Come on man, try to watch another anime after that. Are you gonna be able to do it? This anime got all of me to break it down. I can't actually stop thinking about it. The classical music feelings are stupidly insane on me. So all you can do is cry, cry and cry. Furthermore, the openings and endings are SO awesome, specially the second ending, how beautiful. Best anime I've ever seen and for sure the best one of my life in the future.

This anime had me sobbing the first time I watched it. The animation style was different than what I'm used to, but it didn't take long at all to fall in love with. Its style is both modern and unique, and the characters have you tripping over yourself, trying to figure out who you like more from episode one. It has the perfect amount of first love sappiness that every anime needs while also managing to center the story around something else.
The music that they play is also gorgeous and the visuals are just as perfect. I recommend this anime to anyone who prefers a very real anime, and who want something that will surely have them crying. I can't begin to explain how this anime made me feel, and how empty I felt after it was finished. To this day I cannot find a sad anime that made me feel like this one made me feel! This is my favorite anime of all time (and not just because I'm trash for anything piano related) and I always find myself thinking about it!

I'm not a one to cry, at all... in fact I barely cried as a baby child and stuff, I never cried when I was hurt, or when something died, and people use to call my cold blooded, some still do, I'm still the same way, but this anime, this dam anime got me crying like I never have before. I find it breath taking and it inspired me to play piano again, and start on violin, I'm young and I don't got much time, but I can use it while I can right? That is what this anime taught me and I am never going to watch it again...Oh who am I kidding I already watched it like 50 trillion times, and I am about to do it again. See Ya!

Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, also known as Your Lie In April, could not be any more beautiful or well done. The tragic story, absolutely fantastic characters, and amazingly touching soundtrack come together to make one of the best "sad anime" I've ever seen, second only to Clannad and Clannad After Story. The protagonist Kousei had the best backstory/ history, as well as best emotional development I've seen in a while. The second main protagonist, Kaori, is also fantastic, with well-thought-out motives and again, hats tee development.
I also absolutely LOVE the music aspect of the show. It makes it much more interesting to me, a classical music fan and performer, to see. The animation is nothing short of stunning, and the voices of the characters are spot-on. Your Lie in April is certainly one of the best shows I've seen from 2014-2015.

Now I may not have the fairest vote since I have only seen two of these but I still think this Your Lie in April is the saddest. I cried through the whole series and then cried a ton at the end. I couldn't see for 10 min after the crying was done because of how much I cried. I have seen Anohana, I only and 3 tears shed through the whole thing, and I am watching Angel Beats which isn't sad at all right now. The only sad thing is I am predicting who will hook up and it isn't who I ship (I ship the blue hair guy and the main character, red hair guy). Anyway, Your Lie in April is sadest by far.

The fact that this one very weird violinist, Kaori, can inspire someone who has lost all hope in music to start playing piano again is very heartwarming, and she found a way into all people's hearts with her music, and inspired Arima to do the same. Although I have a heart of steel and did not cry, I found it very sad indeed and nearly did cry, and there are very few movies or animes or T.V. shows that can cause me to nearly cry, so indeed this anime was one of the saddest animes ever. This anime is very inspiring, and teaches you to really enjoy life to the fullest, and to do what you can in a lifetime without making any excuses as to why you can't, because really, most people have more opportunities than people like Kaori, who have a shortened lifespan, yet people like Kaori still manage to find joy in life and do whatever she can to enjoy it to the fullest.

Honestly, this anime is beautiful. It portrays so many different emotions and it's just breathtaking. It takes the reader/watcher on a journey of happiness and despair in a short amount of time. It left me dry heaving and sobbing in the shower, and that's coming from a person who laughed when people were murdered in Attack on Titan. Please watch or read this amazing work of art.

This anime changed my life... Being a pianist, I was overwhelmed by the MC's emotions and those around him. What he thinks of as a curse is actually a gift. He is tormented by an abusive parent and he questions his passion for the piano constantly because of this. All the pieces begin to fall but there's always that special someone who brings you back up. The last episode is a masterpiece, it captivated my soul... The way the colors flowed from the keys on the piano to convey his emotions was eloquent. Music connects people that's a given...

I can't describe how hard I cried when this anime ended. I have to be honest with you guys this is my FAVORITE anime, and I don't think I can ever replace it. It truly is a masterpiece, and right now I don't think I can think of a higher praise, if I could I would be typing it down right now. This anime is like a roller coaster to me one moment it's funny and happy the next it could sad and depressing. I don't really cry much but this anime made me cry like a baby, no, it was more like bawling really hard on my bed for the rest of the day. This anime changed my perspective of things in a REALLY good way, and it made me more determined to pursue my dreams. I would recommend this anime to EVERYONE, and if your really, REALLY looking for a sad anime this is the one for you, especially if your a musician. I really LOVE this anime and hope you guys like it :).

It has been a long time since I watched a sad anime, and this is the first anime in a long time that brought about an empty feeling in my heart, a wrenching feeling that I can't still shake off until today. The ending brought me too the verge of tears no matter how many times I watched it. This anime is really tear jerking, please watch it if you have the manliness to do it.

When I first started watching this show I though, okay this a good romantic anime with emphasis on music then after a while I started realising that it had some sad elements but DAMN IT I didn't expect it to end that way, I thought that everything would be fine in the end. Not saying it was bad, I liked that the ending but wished it would have ended on a happier note.

I cried a lot. This is the most beautiful anime I have ever seen. And even though I don't cry a lot. This one just opened the dam. Almost. Every. EPISODE. What a story, what a beautiful tragic story. I will never be the same again. This is a must watch. FOR EVERYONE!

I cried so hard after I finished watching this. Like, tears falling onto the floor kind of sad. The story is so moving and the ending of the anime, although VERY predictable, was so moving and depressing that it made me roll on the floor sobbing for 40 minutes before I realized I had homework to do. If you haven't finished watching it yet, DO SO NOW.

I can't stop thinking about this anime, whenever I hear Lie or April. I think of this. Spectacular in all aspects, predictable but done in the anime with the intent of pure sadness. I still can't handle it, its not perfect but it got the feels across.

It was so sad! I loved the how different this anime was compared to other animes! The feeling you feel after you finish this anime is so indescribable! If you are sad before watching this, after watching it you feel so much better. You completely get lost in the story you completely forget about your worries in life!

My god this show is a true miracle. It thought me a very important lesson about reality. Just like life a piano also has two types of keys- black and white. White displays happiness and black is for sorrow but as we move on in life we must learn that BLACK KEYS MAKE MUSIC TOO! Emotional but very inspirational

I started watching this anime not knowing how beautiful it would turn out. And just when I thought I could cry no more, up came Kaori's letter. Kaori's letter. Her letter. The one that shook me deep within. And its tracks? Maybe I'm lucky to know about this anime. There will never be anything like it ever again.

This is a great anime if you want to feel feelings! There is a lot that I feel could have been left out and the story wouldn't have been affected in any way (this caused it to drag in the middle a little bit). Stick through to the ending when everything is finally revealed and this anime will break you!

This was the saddest but most beautiful series I have ever seen. Many times it has tear-jerking moments and it handles the whole theme of loss and becoming stronger brilliantly. The end was the most amazing ending and I actually cried, and the music just tops it off as a complete masterpiece.

This anime really hit me hard. Although the two main protagonists are on the younger side of romance, it doesn't keep the story from making you cry any less. The mix of classical music and complicated and intertwined backstories really makes you cry. I couldn't stop bawling after the ending came. Truly inspirational and a very sweet anime. The struggles seem so very real, and the conclusions make it all come together in a crying mess.

Didn't really like how many flashbacks it had in the first half but the second half is amazing. It's a very unexpected ending that is sure to bring anyone to tears who might find this anime relatable. Not to mention the music is beautiful which really sets the mood.