Top Ten Saddest Anime Songs

The title says it all! Which songs in anime are truely the saddest?

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1 Sadness and Sorrow - Naruto

The saddest song ever, it makes me cry every time a heard it.

Naruto is also one of my favorite animus. Sometimes I daydream in class about him.

Although my favourite Naruto music comes from the Storm 3 game: "With the Shinobi World At Stake" and "hope and ambition". I also love the sad "Mayonaka no orchestra" by Aqua Timez

Best song ever

2 Ichiban No Takaramono - Angel Beats!

This song explains everything about this anime like how the laughter of everyone is your most precious treasure because no one is there anymore.

I'm crying dude!

Absolutely beautiful- it really makes you realize that life is worth living, and just makes you feel the emotions of the characters as they disappear and watch loved ones die, but they still keep trying for revenge on their god.

Nothing to say, it just explains the anime in a minute.

3 Elfen Lied - Lilium

Such a sad and depressing anime with a song to match

One of the best anime, you will cry if you watch it and listen the song its amazing!

That's so true I got depressed for months specially the ending is so sad the song is even sad good anime - akirakimura776

This song is so beautiful and sad. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. As I type this. The lyrics are great, this song is definitely one of my favourite anime openings.

I just finished the anime last night. This song makes me cry every time!

4 Give Me Wings - Evangelion 2.0

I like it a lot


supa sad

I CRY every time

5 Fairy Tail Main Theme (Slow Version) - Fairy Tail

This anime shows you one of the most important things in your life like the power of friendship and love

Hearing this reminds me the saddest moments and deaths.

The main theme wasn't supposed to be sad but when played ballade it becomes the spitting image of my clinical depression. - FriendlyBaka

When I heard the slow version of this song, I suddenly felt sadness. It is an absolute contrast with the normal one. At first, I thought Fairy Tail is just an anime that is meant to be funny but as the story progress, it is not like what I thought.

6 Aozora - Air

Spoilers guys damn

This song is beautiful. It played at Misuzu's death. It's really touching. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I watched Air and I'm super sad when Mizusu died in her mother (the mother who adopted her and been taking care of her after 10 years). And the song makes it even depressing! Gao *sobs* Gao! *cries dramatically*

Can't help but cry whenever I hear this song.. T_T

7 Afterglow - Kanon

So beautiful.Every time I hear the song,it makes me sad,it was so touching and remembering

8 Sis Puella Magica! - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Even that I don't know what language It is, It's still a great song. The longer version was sad too. Especially on the piano part :'( and the chorus - MLPFan

I love this songg.

This anime was one of the best I've come across so far, and this song is part of the reason. It's so beautiful.

This anime had 1 of the best soundtracks ever and made Madoka even more emotional.

9 The Servant of Evil - The Story of Evil (Vocaloid: Len)

This should be the first saddest anime, it's so damn sad

It made me cry.

I love Vocaloid, but their saddest song, in my opinion, is Last Night, Good Night (Hatsune Miku)

It's not anime but still really sad

10 Soundscape to Ardor - Bleach

I cry myself to sleep:/

This was the saddest song I have ever heard. I cry every time I hear this and It makes me feel really torn apart. Completely the saddest ost I have ever heard and I really like it.

This is an amazing song! Should be in top 5! Perfect for the saddest moments in Bleach

Really sad song, its perfect for some of the saddest scenes in bleach

The Contenders

11 Everytime You Kissed Me - Pandora Hearts (Lacie)

This is one of my favorite anime.. and once I've heard this song it feels like a nostalgic and sad times are belong to those whose have gone..

The saddest manga. Watch it. Cry. And understand the depth and meaning behind the song.

It isn't the saddest song, but surelly in my top five. It sound amazing and make me think about all the saddest things of this manga.

Such sad song!

12 Ihojin No Yaiba - Sword of the Stranger
13 Krone - Guilty Crown

All of the songs in the Guilty Crown OST is beautiful, even the overall plot and art of the anime is beautiful. The harmony of the violin and piano can just simply break you down to tears...

A beautiful soundtrack, making you relive those moments of happiness and sadness Guilty Crown gave us.

Actually a great OST. Fits the anime very well and suitable for any type of environment

It has a nice tune and the melody is very calming and peaceful I love it

14 Kaishou - Gankutusou: The Count of Monte Cristo

One of my fave, this song really well matched with the story

Its great ya know

15 Shoujo No Ori - Kanon
16 Romei - Fullmetal Alchemist

It's quite a beautiful song. Amazing song for the sad parts of Fullmetal Alchemist.

FMA is my favorite Anime and this song makes it so much better

17 My Forged Wedding Soundtrack 4 - My Forged Wedding (Instrumental)

Yamato wedding bells when MC thought he was going to die

18 Merche Funebre - Hellsing Ultimate

Only a man can kill a monster.

19 Fuyu No Hanabi - Kanon

It's great

20 Where the Lights Are - Fist of the North Star: Raoh Gaiden
21 Unjust Life - Angel Beats

It conveys all the emotions that were felt during the whole season and condenses into a single track. It carries both its hope and joy as well as sadness and longing that the main characters feel at the end.

Amazing song, so beautiful, makes me cry every time I listen to it

Wow! It's an awesome song... And sad too.


22 Secret Base - Anohana

Hearing it made me cry I don't know why but it is a song that reminds me of leaving a childhood behind.

Did made me cry

I'm afraid to listen to this song

This feel good!

23 The Guts to Never Give Up - Naruto Shippuden

Whenever I listen to this, it makes me so sad, and reminds me of Itachi's death by Sasuke.. Aww, I'm sad now.. Thanks for that Naruto! I am now upset


24 Dear You - Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

It made me cry so much I love this song

Oh, my God, this song got me bawling like a baby for days. It has that kind of sad feel to it, even when you haven't watched Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. And the story behind it...;n;

Every time I listen to this I think of the deep story of when they cry, and the deaths, the feels and the pain. If you don't cry at some point in this song you are heartless...

Why is this song so memorable and sad? It gives an amazing feeling...

25 Tori No Uta - Air

I listen to this song and every time I just feel peacefulness and sadness...

26 Puellla In Somnio - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I think Inevitabilis, the piano version of this song is sadder but whatever, this one's really good too.

27 Shinji No Uta - Inuyasha


28 Princess Melodies / Star Locket Song - Sailor Moon

I play by ear on the piano

I really love this song. It has no words, but you can feel the emotion flowing from it. You can make up a story for it, or you can use the real one. The real story is this:
Princess Usagi gave her beloved prince, Mamora, a locket. The locket had been passed down by moon royalty for forever. That day, Mamora left to fight in a war. The moon kingdom was almost wiped out. In hopes of one day restoring her kingdom, Queen Serenity used the last of her power to send her royal court, daughter, and the prince to earth. Now, when ever Usagi hears this locket she is overwhelmed with sorrow, and she cannot remember why. Not even of the lover she almost lost to evil.

I love the song, I cry every time I hear it

Love this song, it goes perfectly with the scene in SM it's played in. They couldn't pick a better song.

29 Requiem for the Lost Ones - Bleach
30 Brothers - Fullmetal Alchemist

The best one in absolute

You can just feel the sadness and hardships that the brothers Elric went through.

This song is highly emotional and perfectly captures the Elric brothers' tragic past. This song should be number one!

It is so sad and yet so happy at the same time. It reminds you of the Elric's past, and yet gives you hope for their next victory.

31 Soldiers Honour - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
32 The Place Where Dreams Come True - Clannad

Truly a very sad song which I will always remember and get me right in the heart

Not a single amine can compete with clannad and its OSTs. simply heartbreaking.

33 Brave Song - Angel Beats!

I agree, Angel Beats! Is a really awesome anime and I totally recommend everyone to watch this anime if you haven't and if you have, re-watch it again. This anime totally makes you think about life and how you've lived it. I think it will also open up your mind.

The best song ever with a beautiful meaning. Never show your tears always try to fight! Angel beats is the best anime ever and it will be the best forever.

Very very very touching and sad anime. Everyone should watch it since it make you appreciate your life.

It's full of feelings!

34 Theme of SSS - Angel Beats!

This song is so powerful and meaningful, though there are no lyrics. It contains so much emotion, basically zapping the whole Angel Beats anime into this whole song (other than Ichiban no Takaramono). It is amazing and strong.

Real awesome theme! You should really listen to it, definitely!

Gave me the strength in life. Really powerful.

This theme is amazing

35 Continued Story - Code Geass

This song was played at lelouch's death at that made me cry even worst.Rip lelouch.

When this song started after lelouch's death I started crying even worst than nunnally.I remained depressed for days after watching it.

Its very sad especially when they played it timing to lelouch's death

A Beautiful song for an epic tale

36 Will of the Heart - Bleach

I mean yea bro! - HooligansPotatoes


How is this not top 10? -_- - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Should be in the top 10

37 Futari No Kimochi - Inuyasha

This is just the saddest and most beautiful song I ever heard. This is just... Amazing. Seriously, before I didn't know InuYasha and it's because of this song that I started to watch that anime (and becoming one of my favorite but that's not the question).


You know what? Before I listened to this song, I thought Orange was the saddest song (I commented so on many of these). However, my eyes have been opened and I have a new #1 saddest song. I also started watching Inuyasha and am now addicted to it. Kikyo and Inuyasha's forbidden love, Kagome the tragic reminder. The story as Kagome mends Inuyasha's heart after it being shattered by Kikyo. This is about as captivating as it gets people.

Even without any images, this song can hit you right in the heart just by the tone and tempo. Soft yet full with impact

Every time I listen to this song, it makes me wanna cry!

38 Despair - Naruto Shippuden

Saddest Heartbreaking

Yes this a song worth of the ranking from 1 to 10... Voters please hear it...

Oh my god

Voters are totally stupid

Despair must be way up high - RateItMyself

I love this song, I was bawling my eyes out about a minute in.

39 My Song - Angel Beats!

Very very touching.

'Really emotional song at a really emotional moment. Doesn't hurt that it is one of my favorites to listen to

When I hear this song, I always cry. When I watch that moment in the anime, I always cry. ;( amazing song and anime

She went through far more than anyone should have. Her song was like a last cry for help. - Emberleap

40 Sad Song - Inuyasha

Man I love this song. I cry just thinking about it.

In love with this one.

41 Words That Changed My Life - Free!

Even though there's no lyrics, it's still meaningful to me ♡

42 Don't Look Behind - Black Lagoon
43 Here With You - Mirai Nikki

This song make me cry, even if I watched this anime long time ago I still have the sad feeling! I think it should go into top tens ;_;

I really love this song. It has so much meaning to it. It really brings out your emotions. And if you watch the anime, all those scenes that has this song playing, will make you cry!

One of the meanest love story (The final moment when Yuno Stabbed herself for Yuki) Cries a river accompanied by this song

Cry like an idiot :(

44 Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul

If your sad already, this song sets the mood and multiples your sad levels.

Its good if you haven't listen to it then I thinnk that its about time you did

It's a really sad song. If you watch the anime, you know how sad this song really is ;(

. It's emotional in the last episode of root a. That's when I really appreciated how beautiful it is, since then I haven't stopped listening to it!

45 Euterpe - Guilty Crown

The first time I listened to this song I cried... and every time I hear this song again I do. This song left me utterly destroyed emotionally and changed me ever since... #1 for me, for eternity...

Didn't even watch this and love it

I like this anime

46 Sad Melody - Yu Yu Hakusho

I can't help but cry and feeling sad just for hearing this song

47 Kimi Ga Kureta Mono - Anohana

I don't know but I always cry when listening to the song.i never watched the anime yet though

I somehow keep crying when I hear this song

Sad song sad anime :(

I always cry when I listen to this song :(

48 Departure - Rurouni Kenshin

Every time I hear this song I think of kenshin and kaoru... and I cry all over again

Must be deep...
Try.. Try...

This song is everything sad and hurt and nostalgic

I have nothing to say

This should be in top 5 - RateItMyself

49 Man of the World - Naruto

Should be waay up there... One of my favorite Tracks, even though I'm not a Naruto Fan. Yasuharu Takanashi is just an outstanding artist.

50 And I'm Home - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Literally was in tears already by the end of the 9th episode and I did not need this.
The song physically hurts to listen to now, and its one of those tunes that's stuck with me even after watching the show.

This... I can't watch Madoka Magica anymore thanks to this song. I cry too much...

Sniffing... This needs to be higher in the ranks

A song that explains the relationship between Sayaka and Kyoko.

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