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61 Guren's Theme - Naruto

Makes me all sad and sorrow whenever this plays during the anime episodes.

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62 Aiyaa Four Thousand Years - Hetalia
63 Requiem - Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

I don't watch the anime before, but I can feel the sadness coming from this song especially the singer.

Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

Prepare some tissues for the emotional moment

64 Lost My Pieces - Toradora!

This anime was pretty much complete in my opinion. Great characters, awesomely executed storyline, music that pretty much fit absolutely every moment, great balance between comedy, sadness, romance, action (for a non-shounen anime), etc. When my brother first told me that I would love Toradora!, I had skeptical thoughts. I normally watch action, fights, gore, etc. Why would I love a comedy romance? This is one of those stories that you know what the ending might be, but the way they get to that ending is what gets to you.


I completely died when Taiga said "The one by Ryuuji's side won't be me. I don't... Want that." and wend out running for him. Kudos to Toradora! Which made a guy like me tear up.

This song is the definition of beauty and sad. This along with Nagisa's theme and Roaring Tides are my guilty pleasure songs when I feel reminiscent of bittersweet romances.


When Taiga realized that she was falling in love with Ryuuji and she said "I can't be the one by his side... And I can't... I can't bear that! " and the strings came in as she ran out of her apartment crying and it made the song even more beautiful.

Needs to be higher. Before voting ANYTHING just check this one out

This should be at the top.

65 Glassy Sky - Tokyo Ghoul

Really effective on your emotions when the final scene in the anime is happening. Made me cry.

An insert song by Donna Burke, it's very sad. I feel like the song is mean for how much people can change, and that there is never going back, like Kaneki, who can't go back to the original way he was, about moving on even if your situation is bad, and being strong.

" How many days have passed like this?
The city, the crowd is fading, moving on.
I sometimes have wondered where you've gone.
Story carries on, lonely, lost inside.

I had this dream so many times.
The moments we spent have passed and gone away.
Could there be an end to this, what I'm feeling deep inside?
You know there's no looking back.

Glassy sky above, as long as I'm alive you will be part of me;
Glassy sky, the cold, the broken pieces of me.

The mystery of it I recall.
Suddenly the truth will change the way we fall.
I didn't wanna hurt you, hope you know.
Empty promises, shattered dreams of love.

Sometimes I wonder what's beyond.
I tried many times to ...more - ReddSpiderLilly

66 Beautiful Wish - Mermaid Melody

YES! I grew up on this song!

When I hear this... I just want to stare up at the sky!

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67 Song for Friends - Little Busters!

This song plays at all the right moments. This song definitely makes the sad moments MUCH more emotional.

If you play the Visual Novel.. this song will get you every time.
Just don't let it play while you drive. #beresponsible

68 Tenshi Ni Furata Yo! - K-On!!

When Yui, Ritsu, Mugi and Mio sang this song for Azusa, it made me cry. Their memories that they have together are just so beautiful and their friendship is priceless

This song is a special song made by houkago tea time senior for azusa since they gonna be graduate.then azusa will be the only member the lyrics said:"sotsugyou wa howari janai (graduation isn't the end)"

69 Anata Ni Okuru Ai No Uta - Guilty Crown

This is so emotional. It fits the anime and the characters especially the lead girl. I keep crying when listening to this song. :(

This should be at the top... I fell like crying every time I hear this song

I agreed. This song should be on top.. This is the first time since I watch Guilty Crown first episode and when the show(anime) (sorry, I don't know how to translate 'cause I'm Malaysian people from Sarawak) is finished, I heard this beautiful and saddest song in my whole life. I always listen to this song because I always daydreaming the whole time that she is leaving me a kiss goodbye that I will never forget in my whole life. I always repeat this song over, over and over again 'cause this the first time I've daydream, and not just daydream only, at night too. If you can understand this song, understand the lyric because the meaning the title is Departures ~Love songs sent to you~! I.. completely understand the story, that Inori sacrifice herself to save Shu and, in 3 years later, he understand why Inori sacrifice herself instead of him because she wants him to live but my quite different 'cause I want her by my side(my created story) instead of sacrifice. Ok, that's all I have now. ...more

70 Binks' Sake - One Piece

When brooks and his barely alive (at that time) crewmates playing and brooks comment about the song going quartet... Trio... Duo... Solo...

Whenever I hear this song my tears are just flowing on its own. I really do like its melody and the meaning of the lyrics, it's both sorrow and joy

71 7!! - Orange (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Ed 2)

VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL.! I always calm down whenever I hear this song but it somehow also always manages to make me wanna cry :')

Truly meaningful if you watched the series. Sob sobs...

Absolute the saddest for 2015

Beautiful melody

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72 Summertime Record - Kagerou Project

This song really brings out tears out of my eyes. The end of their journey, trying to remember everything they had come through. It shows the end of hardships of a teen's life and probably one beautiful graduation song

A happy-beated song with sad lyrics T_T makes me miss my old friends :(

73 Departures - Guilty Crown

Although I haven't watched the show, I listen to the song sometimes. It stabs me in the heart every time I listen to it. When I play it with other sad moments in anime, I feel like crying.

The absolutely last moment of Guilty Crown sync-ed with this song can make any grown man cry. Believe me.

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74 Heartful Song - Shugo Chara V 2 Comments
75 Kuroi Namida - Nana

Real song about real emotions. make me feel like crying every time I hear it, so much pain and memories in it...

My favorite song from my favorite anime, just amazing

This song is so beautiful and sad Anna Tsuchiya really did a good job on this song! And it is a perfect ending theme for NANA!

76 Snow Field - Clannad/Clannad After Story

Why is this so far below are people going crazy?

I can't sleep. This music doesn't want to come out of my mind... I'm crying like a crazy and I can't stop thinking about sad things. It is a beautiful song but too sad and emocional... I NEED HELP! I CAN'T SLEEP "😢😭

77 Shirushi - Sword Art Online II

The saddest song in Sword Art Online. Brings back memories of the times Asuna has with Yuuki.

Definitely the saddest song I've ever heard in my life.

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78 Decretum - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

No sadder song, I swear. - Emberleap

Well its good

Sayaka's dark reprise after Conturbatio. It was heartbreaking when she was battling Elsa Maria and brutally killed the witch while yelling that she can finally block out the pain. And when she became Octavia... - MLPFan

Reminds me of Sayaka, extremely sad and underrated melody. - Absolite

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79 Early Summer Rain (Samidare) - Naruto Shippuden

This song is so sad. I cry every time.. :'(

80 Anamnesis - Another
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