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81 Komm, süsser Tod - Neon Genesis Evangelion

This upbeat song seems to be a cheerful ironic theme in 'The End of Evangelion' that obviously misrepresents what is actually happening in the film while it is playing. But if you listen to the lyrics, you can realise the disturbing and depressing nature of the song.

This is the saddest song ever because talks about ending everything.

The only song made me depressed for a whole week. Can't believe it's #94 - Kuroemon2002

I killed myself to this song

82 Release My Soul - Guilty Crown
83 Uninstall - Bokurano
84 Decretum - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

No sadder song, I swear. - Emberleap

Sayaka's dark reprise after Conturbatio. It was heartbreaking when she was battling Elsa Maria and brutally killed the witch while yelling that she can finally block out the pain. And when she became Octavia... - MLPFan

Reminds me of Sayaka, extremely sad and underrated melody. - Absolite

I voted for Komm, Susser Tod of Ecangelion, but this is actually my 2nd favorite though - Kuroemon2002

85 Secret Base - Kayano Ai, Tomatsu Haruka, Hayami Saori
86 Ayaumi Song - Kaze No Stigma V 1 Comment
87 The Musician/ the 14th - D. Greyman
88 Happy End - Mirai Nikki

This is one of the saddest anime song. Well done Faylan, you sang amazingly and beautifully!

Very sad song
If you haven't watched the anime or heard the song you really should!

89 Bird - Kuroshitsuji 2

Dear reader, you should try to download this song! I believe you can't hold your tears if you watch the anime (By thinking about Ciel's Death)

It's really sad the way they put it as the ending theme to the season

I feel like I miss somebody whenever I listen to that song...

I Though I Was The Only One! Just The Melody Makes Me Cry!

V 1 Comment
90 Nakushita Kotoba - Naruto

This is extremely touching man

91 Town, Flow of Time, People - Clannad

One of the best of clannad I can not believe I am the one putting it up

92 Farewell - Steins;gate

This song accompanies the most powerful scene in all of anime and singlehandedly makes it tenfold better. One of the best sad melodies played in one of the best shows out there.

93 Shukumei - Fairy Tail
94 Einsamkeit - Hetalia
95 Rain - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This played as the ending of the second to last episode of the series, and the montage that played alongside this song was enough to cause me to bawl my eyes out. Fullmetal Alchemist overall is one of the greatest pieces of art ever created, and its soundtrack is no different.

96 Here With You - Future Diary

Very beautiful! - jtikey

V 1 Comment
97 I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Metropolis
98 Sanctuary - Kiba

This is not even a sad song - RateItMyself

99 Hiro No Tsuki - Outlaw Star
100 To the Beginning - Fate/ Zero

Fate Zero and all the sequels of Fate/Stay Night has the best music... This also includes the saddest OSTs.

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