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121 Sign - Naruto Shippuden
122 Utakata Hanabi - Ost. Naruto Shippuden Ending
123 Yuuzora No Kamihikouki - Hajime No Ippo Ending Theme Song V 1 Comment
124 Misty Goodbye - Pokemon

Sad song of Pokemon anime it makes you cry. A 1min song with all the friendship between ash and misty and all the moment they travel together.

125 Loneliness - Naruto Shippuden

When I first listened to it it was night and I couldn't sleep it just reminded me of all the deths in naruto especially jiraiya sensei n I just sulked all night

126 Orange - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso / Your Lie In April

It's definitely one of the saddest songs I've ever heard, and it goes so well with the story... The feels :'(

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127 Kiramaki (Kousei & Kaori Version) - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso / Your Lie In April

Without a doubt one the saddest songs in history of anime :'(

Love this song, always gets me when I watch the ending :'(

128 I Will - Ao Haru Ride

It's a relaxing song with a nice tune, makes you think of something like your high school graduation or maybe the first time you confessed to a girl or something like that, brings up memories

One of the best indeed.

129 Sorrowful Stone - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
130 Aisetsu - Fullmetal Alchemist
131 Never Meant to Belong - Bleach

199?! seriously?! It is truly the saddest and most amazing piece. Just hear it once and you will actually feel sad.

132 Ultear and Gray - Fairy Tail
133 Ai Wa Itsumo - Detective Conan
134 Courage - Sword Art Online II

Okay, before I say anything about this song, I'm sorry for putting SAO EVERYWHERE. I can't help it, SAO is my fave.

But I cry when I hear this song because it reminds me of Yuuki. It's also a beautiful song. - Absolite

135 The Rootless - One Day

The melody is good, every time I heard it I always rememberred luffy and ace moments, Ace's death, and when I know the meaning of the song I cried even more! Dammit :" how can this below fairy tail

If I saw n heard this song, I always remember about monkey d luffy n his brother ace

136 Ai No Uta - Pikmin

This song is really sad if you have played the game
At first this song seems happy and playful but the lyrics are just so sad, heartbreaking really

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137 Torch - Clannad After Story

I really cried like a baby

138 Dango Daikazoku - Clannad

I'm surprised to not see this in the top 5, although, I won't argue with it because I agree that they're depressing as well. In my opinion, Dango Daikazoku on it's own isn't really sad. If someone heard it, they would find it adorable. What makes it sad are the memories that it leaves behind. I'm pretty sure that after watching Clannad and Clannad After Story, this song brings back the sad memories that was Clannad. None the less, this song is awesome

Clannad is probably the saddest and most realistic anime ever. Why? Because the story in Clannad is real and somehow, you feel like you can relate to it. Friendship, Love, those are what we are experiencing everyday in our daily life. And the memories we obtained from them, is priceless. Although Dango Daikazoku seemed to be a song that is not really sad, it fits the anime perfectly. I don't think I can think of any other song that suddenly reminds you of the characters and their stories in Clannad. Overall, Dango Daikazoku is a very beautiful song.

Before, I started to search for anime's sad soundtracks and I came to this site. After awhile, I watched Clannad because it was rated as the saddest anime (in this site). First, I was so suprised this song isn't listed in the top ten. Then I thought about it back. Yes, this is not a sad song. It is a beautiful song. What make me sad every time I hear this song is the memories that are wearing this song as its mask. You will know the feeling when you watch every episodes of Clannad; season 1&2. Basically, I have other anime's song that are sadder than this (for me) but I rated for this song because I think this song does not deserve being in the 20th place.

I'm really surprised. But, in another way, I can understand why people don't found it very sad : if you just look at the song on YouTube, it will annoy you. BUT, if you wanna go further, watch the anime, you'll found that song very sad, and especially and After Story. It's my case, but I'm far to be the only one. In fact :
First time : Oh my God, what's that s**t?
Some times later : Please, don't tell me I'm loving it?
At the end of Clannad : That song is just pure sadness.

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139 Kimi Ga Tame - Utawarerumono
140 From the Beginning Till Now - Winter Sonata
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