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1 Yesterday

Believe it or not, this has just finished playing on the radio and I was in that relaxed state where you really listen to the lyrics and let them take you on a journey with them. Forgive me, but I'm not ready to come back yet.
Beautiful list by the way! - Britgirl

2 The Long and Winding Road

I get emotional every time I listen to it... I know its not about that but I always think about how much Paul misses John and longs to see him in heaven "don't keep me waiting here, lead me to your door"

I will not watch the Beatles documentary Let It Be because I am afraid I will cry.

Why did their last number one hit have to be this song?

This song is really sad.

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3 Eleanor Rigby

About two old people who are lonely and cross each others paths everyday but are too shy to meet each other. Then, one of them dies and the other feels sad. - marmalade_skies

All the lonely people, where do they all come from? - MontyPython

too late

4 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I wasn't putting the white album version on here, I intended for the anthology version because it's so hauntingly sad but beautiful. - Beatlesboy9

I may have the mind of a 50 year old, but still I weep to this song in Anthology

In my top 3 Beatles songs but it is not really sad.

4?! Wow...

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5 She's Leaving Home

When I first heard this it made me sad... very sad... and so I listened to it over and over and it made me more sad when I look into the lyrics... so this should be on 1. BEATLES forever

How Did this one get so low on the list? - Beatlesboy9

It may be sad because 1. It may be about suicide and meeting her unborn brother and how he would've been. 2. It's about 2 parents crying about their daughter leaving/committing suicide. The lyrics was also perfectly described.

I feel like I'm about to cry when I hear this. So sad.

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6 Julia

I always liked this song - beatles5

Definitely the saddest John song

7 Because

You can feel this song right down to your bones

8 For No One

I've recently revived my appreciation for this song while listening again to the entire phenomenal Revolver CD. anyway, For No One is so well done and personally felt. - Billyv

It's so sad and beautiful about a relationship that "should have lasted years" but fell short

Expected it to be number 1 by far.

Absolutely amazing. Makes me cry every time.

9 Across the Universe

Nothing's gonna change my world... - ethangrossman5

Beautiful song

So beautiful and sad

10 Let It Be

How is this not number 1? this is so sad, even if the lyrics aren't!

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11 A Day in the Life

This is the greatest Beatles song in HISTORY!

Beautiful song


It's so happy

12 Here, There and Everywhere

Absolute beauty! SO simple and calming!

13 In My Life

It shows videos about memories.

Lovely melody that represents the songs overall feeling.

One of the saddest songs ever. Absolute classic, though.

Remebers the nostalgy of the good people wich made me happy and has gone, for many reasons...

14 Strawberry Fields Forever
15 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
16 Real Love

It's so hauntingly beautiful, plus the fact that this was a demo from the deceased John Lennon, it just feels so sad. - DERPDERP

17 Help!

Listen to John Lennon's original performance on the acoustic guitar, much slower, and it conveys his message much more clearly.

18 Golden Slumbers

A definite Top 5 contender...along with "She's Leaving" "Fool on the Hill" "Eleanor Rigby" and "The Long and Winding Road"

Listen when facing difficulties, it help me to carry that way

The third last Beatles song

19 The Fool on the Hill
20 Revolution 9

Avant garde make me feel crazy

21 Girl

The best hit by the Beatles at all- the top of their creative peak!

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22 Yer Blues

A look into John Lennon's depression. "Yes I'm lonely wanna die" "In the morning wanna die" "In the evening wanna die" "I feel so suicidal"

23 Blackbird

Definitely in my top 3 saddest Beatles songs.

24 Long Long Long

This is really hard to listen to, sometimes j can't bear it, and it's so underrated. I'm surprised it isn't in the top 5!

The way I hear it, it’s about someone who spent lots of time and tears searching for someone or something that they love. The they are finally reunited and he wonders how he could have ever lost them. Then he finally tells them how much he needs them and how much he really loves them. It’s also extremely calming for anxiety attacks. Is it the saddest? Probably not? Tear inducing? Yes

25 Hey Jude
26 You Won't See Me

I'm surprised that no one added this one! It's my favorite song by them, and it's very sad yet beautiful.

"Though the days are few. They're filled with tears. And since I lost you. It feels like years"

In all sad Beatles songs, this one is the most beautiful.

I’m Gaye

27 The End

The last song recorded by the Beatles. This is where the legend ends. that's why I find it to be the saddest song

28 I'm a Loser
29 Dear Prudence
30 I'll Be Back
31 Free as a Bird
32 For You Blue
33 I'll Follow the Sun

This song is sad in my opinion. It always cheers me up, because I can relate to it
"But tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun"

34 When I'm Sixty-Four
35 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
36 This Boy
37 Fixing a Hole
38 If I Fell

The Hard day's night song more beatifull and calm

39 Happiness is a Warm Gun

Many have different theories to what this song means, personally I always play this song when I'm feeling suicidal

40 Nowhere Man
41 Honey Pie
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