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1 Mufasas Death From The Lion King

Gets me every time. F you SCAR - ToptenPizza

Long live the King


Is sad

2 Brave Soldier Boy - Avatar The Last Airbender

No matter how you look at this, this is by far the saddest cartoon moment. While he was still an active general for the Fire Nation, he attempted to conquer the Earth Kingdom capitol Ba sing se along with his only son. He managed to break through the outer wall after roughly 600 days, but as he was trying to get through the inner wall, his son was killed in the front lines of battle. He withdrew from the siege and spent a long time grieving for his son. Here we are several years later with the easy going, comical, retired general Iroh in Ba sing se. His son's birthday comes up and he spends the day in the very city he tried conquering, wishing his son a Happy Birthday through his tears as he sings "Leaves From The Vine (Brave Soldier Boy)". Think about it, he must blame him self wholly for the loss of his son, as it was his own decision to attempt a siege on Ba sing se. I mean sure, the death of Mufasa and Bambi's mom was sad, but here we have a character with a lot of time ...more

This is by far the saddest thing I ever seen, animated or otherwise. It took me a minute to process, and once I had, it broke me. Mako's frail voice just brought so much feeling to the words. Like Johnny Cash singing "Hurt". I haven't ever been able to wipe that scene from my memory, and I hope I never do.

This was really sad, to make it even sadder, those were Iroh's voice actor's last words and they named his son who died in the show Mako to honor the voice actor. - PeeledBanana

Seeing a character like Iroh like this just broke my heart D:

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3 Snow White's Funeral Scene - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Seeing Grumpy trying not to grieve but finally breaks down and sobs uncontrollably was the pinnacle moment of the film.

4 Little Foot Mother Dies From The Land Before Time

"Let your heart guide you."

Teacher: And that, my students, is how Niagra falls was created

Kid: So someone cried really hard?

Teacher: Yep. - Mewbosses

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5 Bambi's Mom's Death From Bambi

I am the only one that does not find it sad

I agree, but I think the iron giant deserves to be here

Still sad after all these years. - ZZDOORAL

6 Jurassic Bark - Futurama

I don't think I've ever cried more about anything. After watching this and hearing Fry's speech about his dog, I cried for three hours straight. When I thought I'd cried everything out, I went downstairs to tell my mum about it, and ended up slumped in front of the fireplace, sobbing. I literally cried my eyes out - I had to have drops in them that night.

Saddest moment ever in a cartoon even thinking about it is making my eyes water

The Simpsons might be better, but no scene in the Simpsons was sadder.

Change this to A Thousand Summers - Jurassic Bark - Futurama

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7 Homer Says Goodbye to his Mother from "Mother Simpson" From The Simpsons

Homer reunites with his long lost mother and finds out the reason she left was because she was a fugitive who help destroy Mr. Burns germ lab near the end of the episode Mr. Burns invades the Simpson home and tries to capture but thanks to tip from chief Wiggum Homer and his mom escape in time and Homer and his Mother have this heart to heart talk as he watches her leave. - egnomac

8 Terra's Sacrifice From Teen Titans

It happened in the comics, so if you bring Terra into the show, they have to make all that crap happen in the show too - BeatlesFan1964

I prefer beast boy and raven but this was sad

This is so sad!

Screw Raven and BB, Terra was amazing, and by things change, the ending ripped me apart

9 Ellie dies in UP

When I watched this movie in theaters, the whole audience (including me) were crying our eyeballs out when we saw this scene

When I watched this film, I didn't understand what was happening, now I do and it's quite heart-wrenching - RickyReeves

I'm sorry this should be 2 Ifeel like the only reason stopping it is through popularity, however I still feel avatar young soldier boy should be 1

10 Stuffy saying goodbye to his pet Squibbles on Doc McStuffins V 1 Comment

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11 Anna sacrificing her life to save Elsa from Prince Han from Frozen V 2 Comments
12 Cinderella crying to her Fairy Godmother after being savagely attacked by her Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters in Cinderella

It's like a Disney version of Jersey Shore

13 Kenny Dies for Real From South Park

The episode "You're getting old" is 10x sadder. Especially for me because Stan is my favorite character.

Near the end of season 5 Kenny gets killed off for good then brought back at the end of season 6. - egnomac

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14 Tom and Jerry Commit Suicide from Tom and Jerry

Blue Cat Blues was a classic and the darkest Tom & Jerry cartoons ever. Told as a Point of View by Jerry Mouse (Voiced by Paul Frees) about Tom falling for a Gold-digger Kitten who falls in love with Butch (Tom's Rich Rival) and how she betrayed Tom in marrying his rival and how Jerry thought why Tom's girl wasn't like his girl who was loyal and faithful until she betrayed him by marring another mouse and how Tom & Jerry decided to end it all by sitting on the tracks and waiting for the express train to end their miserable lives.

It was sad, not one moment, the entire episode of "Blue Cat Blues". Tom fails to get a dame's love, he drinks, later sitting on the train tracks, waiting for a train. Jerry watches his girlfriend drive off with another mouse. He joins Tom.. the episode ends with... a train horn.. due to this, it was barely aired. Ever.

Very Depressing

That was actually just wrong Y U DO DIS MGM!

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15 Brian's Death From Family Guy

I cried for like 3 hours lmao

16 Ai's Death in Pokémon: The First Movie

This 10 minute long sequence was cut from the international version due to its sad and depressive nature but is featured in the original Japanese version. This is heavy material you wouldn't expect from such a movie so be warned before continuing to read or even watch it.

During this cut opening scene, we see Mewtwo, still looking young, communicating telepathically with other clones all of which are still asleep in their tubes. The three gen 1 starters, and a young girl called Ai. Ai was the daughter of one of the scientists involved in the clonibg process. She however died. The scientist puts his entire life into cloning, longing for so much progress that he can fully clone his daughter. His wife, Ai's mother, leaves him, the process is too painful for her. Her daughter is gone, she knows that. In the meantime, the clones create a fantasy world in their imagination, and Ai teaches Mewtwo what wind is, what humans and Pokémon are and ultimately what tears are (all of this ...more - Martin_Canine

17 Kerchak's Finally Accepting Tarzan As His Son Before Passing Away in Tarzan
18 Spongebob and Patrick dry out and die at Shell City

This should at least be in the top 30

I cried so hard dangit! - Heyo_Simba

Saddest.. moment ever

19 Baby Birds Funeral Scene From Song of the Birds

This is from an very old cartoon most of you probably never heard of its about this little kid with a toy gun who shoots down this little bird and then worries that he may have accidentally killed this bird, the mother and father bird show up and try to revive him but when he doesn't wake up they think he's dead and then it moves to this scene of the baby bird funeral where all this birds are singing very sadly and it show the little boy crying and then suddenly the bird wakes up and everyone's all happy and the kid makes peace with the birds, just watch it and you'll understand. - egnomac

There were two versions of Song of the Birds the original version and the Famous Studios remake starring Little Audrey. The Original was better with the hauntingly beautiful funeral song sung by the birds in grieving during the funeral scene.

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20 Rose's Scabbard from Steven Universe

"...Well, I think you're pretty great."

One of the saddest cartoon scenes I've seen in a while

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1. Stuffy saying goodbye to his pet Squibbles on Doc McStuffins
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1. Snow White's Funeral Scene - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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