Top 10 Saddest Cartoon Moments

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1 Mufasa's Death - The Lion King

I cried the first time I saw this. Poor Simba lost his dad..

Long live the King

2 Bambi's Mom's Death - Bambi

So sad I can't even read about it, let alone watch it, without envisioning Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Darth Vader, Voldemort, Osama Bin Laden, Cinderella's stepmother, Ted Nugent, Cruella Deville, Ingrid Newkirk, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees crying hysterically at the same time

Still sad after all these years.

3 Brave Soldier Boy - Avatar The Last Airbender

No matter how you look at this, this is by far the saddest cartoon moment. While he was still an active general for the Fire Nation, he attempted to conquer the Earth Kingdom capitol Ba sing se along with his only son. He managed to break through the outer wall after roughly 600 days, but as he was trying to get through the inner wall, his son was killed in the front lines of battle. He withdrew from the siege and spent a long time grieving for his son. Here we are several years later with the easy going, comical, retired general Iroh in Ba sing se. His son's birthday comes up and he spends the day in the very city he tried conquering, wishing his son a Happy Birthday through his tears as he sings "Leaves From The Vine (Brave Soldier Boy)". Think about it, he must blame him self wholly for the loss of his son, as it was his own decision to attempt a siege on Ba sing se. I mean sure, the death of Mufasa and Bambi's mom was sad, but here we have a character with a lot of time to immerse ...more

This is by far the saddest thing I ever seen, animated or otherwise. It took me a minute to process, and once I had, it broke me. Mako's frail voice just brought so much feeling to the words. Like Johnny Cash singing "Hurt". I haven't ever been able to wipe that scene from my memory, and I hope I never do.

This moment alone makes Avatar the best show ever created. It didn't even have to tell us what happened to Iroh's son for us to feel sad. I hate to admit it, but this moment manages to make me teary-eyed every time I see it.

It is simply the most defining point of the series. Until that you saw iroh as a crazy carefree old man with only tea on his mind. A wise one but still crazy. But only at that moment you cone to realize.You see iroh's deep pain and with that the depth of his character

4 Jurassic Bark - Futurama

I don't think I've ever cried more about anything. After watching this and hearing Fry's speech about his dog, I cried for three hours straight. When I thought I'd cried everything out, I went downstairs to tell my mum about it, and ended up slumped in front of the fireplace, sobbing. I literally cried my eyes out - I had to have drops in them that night.

When I first started watching Futurama, I never imagined that it would be the type of show that would give me the FEELS. This episode and "Luck of the Fryrish" proved me wrong.
There's a reason this is my favorite show of all time.

The Simpsons might be better, but no scene in the Simpsons was sadder.

This is one of the few scenes in a cartoon that almost made me cry.

5 Little Foot's Mother Dies - The Land Before Time

This was sadder than any other cartoon death. Killed on screen, with her son watching in horror, helpless. No jump to a happy future (Bambi) or surrogate parents to sing everything's fine (lion king). Very real take on depression and loss.

"Let your heart guide you."

Teacher: And that, my students, is how Niagra falls was created

Kid: So someone cried really hard?

Teacher: Yep.

6 Snow White's Funeral Scene - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Seeing Grumpy trying not to grieve but finally breaks down and sobs uncontrollably was the pinnacle moment of the film.

7 Baby Birds Funeral Scene - Song of the Birds

There were two versions of Song of the Birds the original version and the Famous Studios remake starring Little Audrey. The Original was better with the hauntingly beautiful funeral song sung by the birds in grieving during the funeral scene.

It was the original.

8 Terra's Sacrifice - Teen Titans

It happened in the comics, so if you bring Terra into the show, they have to make all that crap happen in the show too

It was so sad to watch.

This is so sad!

9 Homer Says Goodbye to his Mother in "Mother Simpson" - The Simpsons

This is second only to Jurassic Bark when it comes to "saddest cartoon ending".

Pretty sad he just stood waving in the Credits so sad.

10 Chuckie Finster Learning About His Mom's Passing When He Was a Baby - Rugrats
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11 Baby Kimba Discovers that his Mother perished in the Typhoon - Kimba the White Lion
12 Cinderella Crying to Her Fairy Godmother After Being Savagely Attacked by Her Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters - Cinderella

Cinderella's crazy stepsisters throw away an old sash and a necklace and then go bonkers when they see Cinderella wearing them in a XXX-rated attack scene? Preposterous!

13 Ellie Dies - Up

When I watched this movie in theaters, the whole audience (including me) were crying our eyeballs out when we saw this scene

I would rather Carl died than Ellie. Ellie is way better than grumpy old carl

I'm sorry this should be 2 Ifeel like the only reason stopping it is through popularity, however I still feel avatar young soldier boy should be 1

14 Kenny Dies for Real - South Park

Honest, this episode takes the sweeter aspects of the boys (minus Cartman, duh) and makes it heart wrenching. The fact that Kenny's last words were "Where's Stan? " Ice off the cake.

The episode "You're getting old" is 10x sadder. Especially for me because Stan is my favorite character.

Near the end of season 5 Kenny gets killed off for good then brought back at the end of season 6.

This episode was way too heartbreaking for me. And Kenny is my favorite character.

15 D.W.'s Pet Spanky Dies - Arthur
16 Dot's "Death" in Wakko's Wish - Animaniacs

The way Yakko was reacting during this scene was what really got me. He's the type of character where nothing ever seems to faze him, but he just breaks down crying here after he believes that Dot just died.

Sure it did turn out that she was faking it but that scene was really just sad.

17 Darwin's Love Song - The Amazing World of Gumball
18 Rose Wishes for the Destruction of the Hunt's Clan - American Dragon Jake Long

She sacrifices her own life to save Jake and his family and then he Sacrifices his own happiness to insure that she has a life without the Hunts Clan with own parents.

They could have at least had more seasons where they eventually ended up getting married and having kids! Cutest couple ever!

19 Brian's Death - Family Guy
20 SpongeBob and Patrick Dry Out and Die in Shell City - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
21 "Little Brothers" - Phineas and Ferb
22 Rose's Scabbard - Steven Universe

"...Well, I think you're pretty great."

23 Gary Come Home - Spongebob Squarepants

Honestly, I did not find this song sad at all. I actually thought it was boring, weird, and corny. The faces spongebob made were not sad at all but rather ugly and a little creepy. The part where spongebob and Patrick die in Shell City was way more sad and actually made me cry. I also feel that part was forgotten because of other spongebob moments that weren't even sad like this stupid song.

It was super sad.

24 Pops's Death - Regular Show

I teared up at this

25 Optimus Prime Dies - The Transformers: The Movie

Michael Bay learned a lesson from this, never kill off the best, or at least bring them back yo life later on.

I'm cried for Optimus.

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