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21 Alice's Tearful Lament Being Lost in the Middle of Nowhere in Wonderland in Alice in Wonderland
22 Ron Moves Away From Kim Possible: A Stitch In Time
23 "Little Brothers" From Phineas and Ferb

Whither you like Phineas and Ferb or not it does have its fair share of moments one such is when Candice finally busts Phineas and Ferb and they get send to this special camp even though she's finally been able to bust them her victory feels totally hollow and begins missing them all the while her friend Staci singing the song "Little Brothers" - egnomac

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24 The Debut of Dora the Explorer

This was super sad. - Goatworlds

How is that sad?

Because the show excisted

25 The sudden death of Old Major the Prize Boar in Animal Farm (1954)

In the book, he peacefully dies in his sleep a few nights after the meeting.

26 Remembrance of Courage's Past (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

This is one of the saddest moments from my childhood is when courage's parents are shot out into space, I don't know why is isn't greater in the list here

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27 Gary Come Home From Spongebob Squarepants
28 Pops's Death from Regular Show

I teared up at this

Pops died? - Heyo_Simba

29 Dot's "Death" in Wakko's Wish

Sure it did turn out that she was faking it but that scene was really just sad.

30 Optimus Prime Dies - The Transformers: The Movie

Michael Bay learned a lesson from this, never kill off the best, or at least bring them back yo life later on.

I'm cried for Optimus. - 05yusuf09

31 Laval's Exile - Lego: Legends of Chima

I no right. Especially when Eris cries when he comes to tell her goodbye.

The beginning isn't THAT sad. But when Laval starts to leave the lion temple, that's where you are going to cry. I mean think about it. Laval can't be in the tribe or talk to ANYBODY!


Sorry, but I am a huge LoC nerd - michaelthecritic

32 Numbuh One Leaves (Codename Kids Next Door)
33 Maude Flanders Dies From The Simpsons
34 Eren Gets Eaten By Titan - Attack On Titan Parody - Animation Domination

They befriended and raised a Titan

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35 Jessie Reminiscing about She was Emily's Favorite Toy before she was abandoned at a donation box on Toy Story 2
36 Lars's Sacrifice From Steven Universe
37 Rose Wish's for the Destruction of the Hunts Clan From American Dragon Jake Long

Right before the Hunstman could make the wish that would destroy all magical creatures Rose snatches the Aztec skull and wishes for the destruction of the Hunts Clan which means she would be destroy as well, she does all this to protect Jake and his family, and in return Jake wishes that she was never taken by the Huns Clan but by doing so it also means they never met and everything that had happened between them would be erased, he see's her again the next day only to find out that she and her family are moving away to Hong Kong. - egnomac

She sacrifices her own life to save Jake and his family and then he Sacrifices his own happiness to insure that she has a life without the Hunts Clan with own parents. - egnomac

They could have at least had more seasons where they eventually ended up getting married and having kids! Cutest couple ever!

38 The Cast of Freakazoid Singing "We'll Meet Again" at the End of the Series Final From Freakazoid
39 The Death of Bleeding Gums Murphy (The Simpsons)
40 Kimba's reunion with the Spirit of his deceased Mother out at sea from Kimba the White Lion
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