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21 Gary Come Home From Spongebob Squarepants
22 Dot's "Death" in Wakko's Wish

Sure it did turn out that she was faking it but that scene was really just sad.

The way Yakko was reacting during this scene was what really got me. He's the type of character where nothing ever seems to faze him, but he just breaks down crying here after he believes that Dot just died.

23 Pops's Death from Regular Show

I teared up at this

Pops died? - Heyo_Simba

24 Laval's Exile - Lego: Legends of Chima

I no right. Especially when Eris cries when he comes to tell her goodbye.

The beginning isn't THAT sad. But when Laval starts to leave the lion temple, that's where you are going to cry. I mean think about it. Laval can't be in the tribe or talk to ANYBODY!


Sorry, but I am a huge LoC nerd - michaelthecritic

I think lavurtus's is sadder

25 Optimus Prime Dies - The Transformers: The Movie

Michael Bay learned a lesson from this, never kill off the best, or at least bring them back yo life later on.

I'm cried for Optimus. - 05yusuf09

26 Maude Flanders Dies From The Simpsons
27 Eren Gets Eaten By Titan - Attack On Titan Parody - Animation Domination

They befriended and raised a Titan

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28 Jessie Reminiscing about She was Emily's Favorite Toy before she was abandoned at a donation box on Toy Story 2
29 The Massacre of Marlin's wife and eggs by a Barracuda in Finding Nemo
30 Rose's Death from the Redwall TV Series

Season Three, also entitled Martin the Warrior after the book it was adapted from, has one of the most heartbreaking deaths of any animated character. She never tried to hurt another creature and didn't deserve to die. I think Martin's reaction is what really makes it sink in. For the first twelve episodes, things go well for Martin and Rose, and they kiss in episode 13 (the last one). It looks as though they'll end up living happily ever after in Rose's home, Noonvale, then WHAM - Rose is killed in the final battle and Martin goes south, after swearing never to use his sword again. Disney may have some sad deaths, but none of the main protagonists have died just minutes from the end and stayed dead. And that's what makes it so different from other sad animated moments - the target age for the films, unlike the books, is the same as Disney films, but the death rate in Redwall is much worse.

I'm so glad Badrang died for killing Rose this is the second saddest death in the series only behind Felldoh's death

31 Lars's Sacrifice From Steven Universe
32 The Cast of Freakazoid Singing "We'll Meet Again" at the End of the Series Final From Freakazoid
33 The Death of Bleeding Gums Murphy (The Simpsons)
34 Kimba's reunion with the Spirit of his deceased Mother out at sea from Kimba the White Lion
35 The Captain's Sacrifice From Space Cruiser Yamato
36 Elmer Fudd's Grieving Over Bugs Bunny's "Death" On What's Opera Doc?

Almost Kind of reminds me of Aeris sad scene from Final Fantasy 7
(Insert Aeris theme)

37 The Final sequence from The Last of the Curlews
38 The Sacrifice of a Mother Deer to save her fawn from a monster Giant Salamander in Magic Boy
39 Charlie's Final Goodbye to Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go To Heaven
40 The Orphans Realizing that their Christmas was Ruined in Christmas Comes Once a Year

Teen Titans Go Characters ruined it!

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