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21 The Genie says Goodbye to Aladdin After he is freed from the lamp in Aladdin
22 Spongebob and Patrick dry out and die at Shell City

This should at least be in the top 30

Saddest.. moment ever

I cried so hard dangit! - Heyo_Simba

(weakly) I'M A GOOFY GOOBER, YEEAAHH! (both SB and Patrick) YOUUU'RE A GOOFY GOOBER, YEEAHH! WE'RE ALL GOOFY GOOBERS, YEAH! GOOFY, goofy, goobers, goobers, yeah! (both die)

23 Ron Moves Away From Kim Possible: A Stitch In Time
24 "Little Brothers" From Phineas and Ferb

Whither you like Phineas and Ferb or not it does have its fair share of moments one such is when Candice finally busts Phineas and Ferb and they get send to this special camp even though she's finally been able to bust them her victory feels totally hollow and begins missing them all the while her friend Staci singing the song "Little Brothers" - egnomac


25 Pops's Death from Regular Show

This absolutely deserves to be number 1

I teared up at this

Pops died? - Heyo_Simba

26 The Debut of Dora the Explorer

This was super sad. - Goatworlds

How is that sad?

Because the show excisted

27 Tom and Jerry Commit Suicide from Tom and Jerry

Blue Cat Blues was a classic and the darkest Tom & Jerry cartoons ever. Told as a Point of View by Jerry Mouse (Voiced by Paul Frees) about Tom falling for a Gold-digger Kitten who falls in love with Butch (Tom's Rich Rival) and how she betrayed Tom in marrying his rival and how Jerry thought why Tom's girl wasn't like his girl who was loyal and faithful until she betrayed him by marring another mouse and how Tom & Jerry decided to end it all by sitting on the tracks and waiting for the express train to end their miserable lives.

It was sad, not one moment, the entire episode of "Blue Cat Blues". Tom fails to get a dame's love, he drinks, later sitting on the train tracks, waiting for a train. Jerry watches his girlfriend drive off with another mouse. He joins Tom.. the episode ends with... a train horn.. due to this, it was barely aired. Ever.

Very Depressing

That was actually just wrong Y U DO DIS MGM!

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28 Gary Come Home From Spongebob Squarepants
29 Elmer Fudd's Grieving Over Bugs Bunny's "Death" On What's Opera Doc?

Almost Kind of reminds me of Aeris sad scene from Final Fantasy 7
(Insert Aeris theme)

30 Laval's Exile - Lego: Legends of Chima

I no right. Especially when Eris cries when he comes to tell her goodbye.

The beginning isn't THAT sad. But when Laval starts to leave the lion temple, that's where you are going to cry. I mean think about it. Laval can't be in the tribe or talk to ANYBODY!


Sorry, but I am a huge LoC nerd - michaelthecritic

I think lavurtus's is sadder

31 Lars's Sacrifice From Steven Universe
32 Maude Flanders Dies From The Simpsons
33 Eren Gets Eaten By Titan - Attack On Titan Parody - Animation Domination

They befriended and raised a Titan

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34 Jessie Reminiscing about She was Emily's Favorite Toy before she was abandoned at a donation box on Toy Story 2
35 The Massacre of Marlin's wife and eggs by a Barracuda in Finding Nemo
36 Rose's Death from the Redwall TV Series

Season Three, also entitled Martin the Warrior after the book it was adapted from, has one of the most heartbreaking deaths of any animated character. She never tried to hurt another creature and didn't deserve to die. I think Martin's reaction is what really makes it sink in. For the first twelve episodes, things go well for Martin and Rose, and they kiss in episode 13 (the last one). It looks as though they'll end up living happily ever after in Rose's home, Noonvale, then WHAM - Rose is killed in the final battle and Martin goes south, after swearing never to use his sword again. Disney may have some sad deaths, but none of the main protagonists have died just minutes from the end and stayed dead. And that's what makes it so different from other sad animated moments - the target age for the films, unlike the books, is the same as Disney films, but the death rate in Redwall is much worse.

I'm so glad Badrang died for killing Rose this is the second saddest death in the series only behind Felldoh's death

37 The Cast of Freakazoid Singing "We'll Meet Again" at the End of the Series Final From Freakazoid
38 Don't Leave Me (Lyle Lyle The Crocodile)
39 Kimba's reunion with the Spirit of his deceased Mother out at sea from Kimba the White Lion
40 The Captain's Sacrifice From Space Cruiser Yamato
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