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41 The Final sequence from The Last of the Curlews
42 The Sacrifice of a Mother Deer to save her fawn from a monster Giant Salamander in Magic Boy
43 Charlie's Final Goodbye to Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go To Heaven
44 The Orphans Realizing that their Christmas was Ruined in Christmas Comes Once a Year

Teen Titans Go Characters ruined it!

45 Bobby Generic finding out that his friend Abe the Crossing Guard Passed Away in Bobby's World
46 Cinderella crying to her Fairy Godmother after being savagely attacked by her Evil Stepmother and Stepsisters in Cinderella

It's like a Disney version of Jersey Shore

47 Casper Grieving After His Little Fox Friend died in There's Good Boos Tonight
48 Lars Dies in Steven Universe

So sad!

49 The Hero - The Amazing World of Gumball
50 D. W.'s Pet Spanky Dies From Arthur
51 The Girl Squirrel Finds Out Arthur/Wart Is Really a Boy From The Sword In the Stone

During the scene where Merlin turns Wart and himself into Squirrel's and one of the female squirrel's falls for him and chases after Wart he tries to get away and keeps telling her that he's a human boy and then Merlin tells him she only know one that that he's a he ans she's a she, later she rescues hims from the wolf and the is all over him then Merlin transforms Wart back into a human when she sees him as a real human she's heartbroken and runs off crying as Merlin and Wart are leaving we see her on the top of the tree still crying. - egnomac

52 Vitruvius Death - The LEGO Movie

Never EVER kill Morgan Freeman

53 Lisa Simpson finds out that Bleeding Gums Murphy has died - The Simpson
54 The death of Squeaky the Mouse (The Smurfs)
55 Patty Rabbit's Farewell to her friend and family of Maple Town from Maple Town
56 Baby Kimba Discovers that his Mother perished in the Typhoon - Kimba the White Lion
57 Cornelius Robinson nearly meets his Birth Mother before she leaves him at the Orphanage in Meet the Robinsons
58 Pocahontas' Goodbye to John Smith from Pocahontas
59 The Homeless Dogs Dream Sequence from Barney the Sheep Dog's Christmas Episode

This was a dream sequence that Barney the Sheep Dog had about homeless dogs and puppies in a cold snowy Christmas Eve night trying to find shelter that was accompanied by a moving song how Dogs and Puppies could a friend in life.

60 The Sacrifice and Death of Tails' Girlfriend Cosmo On Sonic X

In the 4kids version, Tails just says "Cosmo, you are my friend. You mean a lot to me." UGH. The scene is pathetic and emotionless and after Tails kills her, he calls her name. SHES DEAD, YOU NITWIT!

Lot sadder like the Outlaw Star episode "Girls, Cats and Spaceships"

What happened in 4kids version? I'm just curious.

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