Top Ten Saddest Cartoon Show Episodes


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21 Weirdmageddon Part 3 - Gravity Falls

Because of the ending! - PeeledBanana

Awesome! - MabelPinesJessieJ

22 Arnold's Christmas - Hey Arnold
23 Yuri and the Bear - We Bare Bears V 1 Comment
24 Father Come Home - Nifty Nineties Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Reminds me of Snowball the cat from the Simpsons

V 2 Comments
25 I'm Eggscellent - Regular Show

As much as I love this episode I don't understand how it's sad?

The only Regular Show episode that made me cry.

I love this so much. - MabelPinesJessieJ

I loved this episode, really sad episode

26 Grandma's Kisses - Spongebob SquarePants

Everyone mocks SpongeBob because his grandma kissed him in public.

Everybody was being mean to Spongebob because his grandma kissed him. - Catacorn

Mean spirited - PeeledBanana

That's sad

27 So Many Birthdays - Steven Universe V 1 Comment
28 The Hero - The Amazing World of Gumball

This made me cry the my little ones song made me shed tears

When Richard started singing I was actually crying

What is the plot

Very tragic. - MabelPinesJessieJ

29 Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes - Teen Titans Go! V 1 Comment
30 I Remember Melville - Rugrats V 1 Comment
31 Pony Puppy - My Little Pony V 1 Comment
32 Cookie Chomper III - Alvin and Chipmunks

Ugh, when I was little I cried every time this episode was on. My mom told me that the kitten ran away to his family. But no... I looked it up and the kitten got hit by a CAR. Then the chipmunks have a heartbreaking moment about their dead pet. If you ask me, its pretty depressing for a kid's show. Poor kitten. Its always so tragic when a pet dies.

Reminds me of Snowball the cat from the Simpsons

V 1 Comment
33 Tickled Pinky - Rocko's Modern Life
34 Troodon Night Train - Dinosaur Train

How is Dinosaur Train sad! This is a terrible show! - cosmo

What happen in this episode?

35 Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future - Gravity Falls

This was one of my first episodes. Poor mabel...

Please stop hogging this list with "what happened in this episode" go watch it -_-

V 2 Comments
36 Ugly Duckling - Walt Disney Cartoon
37 One Coarse Meal - SpongeBob SquarePants

It's sad, because this is the worst SpongeBob episode ever. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Its sad because Plankton tried to commit suicide. - Catacorn

It's sad because Plankton almost killed himself

Too sad. - MabelPinesJessieJ

38 Mr. Butt (Teen Titans Go)

Everyone knows Teen Titans Go! Sucks but I hate this. Losing interest... - MabelPinesJessieJ

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39 Amending Fences - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Seriously, Moon Dancer breaking down into tears makes me cry just THINKING about it! :'( - TylertheTitan

I actually literally cried when I watched this episode

Just love this episode to death.

40 Mr. Greg - Steven Universe

It's over isn't it and the song after that made it sad

So sad deserves to be in top 10

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