Top Ten Saddest Days in 2016

2016 has been a horrible year, and we've had a lot of sad days, we've even lost a lot of good and popular people like in 2009.

The Top Ten Saddest Days in 2016

April 21

The day Prince died, he had fentanyl overdose, and he was only 57, horrible. - nelsonerica

January 10

The day David Bowie died, and he was only 69, he had liver cancer, such a sad day. - nelsonerica

2 days after his birthday.
2016 is crappy. I was born on Bowie's birthday. - TeamRocket747

January 14

The day Alan Rickman died, he was an actor for Harry Potter. - nelsonerica

June 12

The day Orlando Florida got terrorized, just by one man alone, Omar Mateen, and he killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub. - nelsonerica

January 18

The day Glenn Frey died, he was a member of the Eagles, one of the most heartwarming bands of all time. - nelsonerica

June 11

It was actually June 10, but we didn't get much news about it until June 11.

The day Christina Grimmie died, she was killed in a concert by Kevin Loibl just one day before the Orlando shooting, where Omar Mateen killed 49 people. - nelsonerica

May 19

The day EgyptAir Flight crashed, it went missing the day before and it was found to have crashed, nobody knows why things like this keep happening. - nelsonerica

July 2

You know the day with the event that killed more than the rest of the list combined? Let's put it seventh. Put gay Americans first, they have privileges. - Puga

The day Baghdad got bombed, killing almost 300. - nelsonerica

June 28

The day Istanbul got bombed at its airport, up to 45 people were killed - nelsonerica

July 1

The day Bangladesh started getting attacked, 20 people were killed. - nelsonerica

The Contenders

July 8

The day a shooting in Dallas Texas killed 5 cops, the deadliest ambush in American history. - nelsonerica

Good. They deserved it. They're pigs. Get a proper job instead of abusing your powers by acting tough. - IronSabbathPriest

Normally I would agree but since It was a black Muslim that did it, I have to take the other side for this one moment. If it wasn't a black Muslim than I would be cheering - bobbythebrony

July 3

The day Baghdad got bombed by terrorists, killing almost 300 people, what a horrible day. - nelsonerica

July 15

The day 84 people were killed by a truck killer, Mohamed, and a month later the another person died from fatal injuries, putting the death toll to 85.

December 27

Quit saying my birthday was the worst day because Carrie Fisher died. Let me guess, you're going to put December 23rd as one of the worst dates next only because that date is the day Carrie Fisher had a heart attack. Yeah, my best friend's birthday is that day. Wondering who that is? Eddie Vedder

The day Carrie Fisher, a legendary Star Wars actress, who did Princess Leia, died, of a heart attack.
Not even the force can help her.

December 25

George Michael died that day. - allamassal

June 14
July 30

The day a Hot Air Balloon blew up and crashed into Texas, killing all 16, making it the worst balloon disaster in history.

June 16

The day a boy was eaten by an alligator at Disney World, changing Disney as we know it.

April 6

The day Ronron died (if you don't know him, check out Foxalbiazul's channel on YouTube)

December 8

The day John Glenn(the first American in space as well as the oldest person in space) died, and the day PewDiePie quit YouTube.
Such a horrible day.

December 19
December 23

The day Carrie Fisher, the legendary Star Wars actress, who did Leia, suffered a heart attack, and died 4 days later, in Star Wars' biggest tragedy.

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