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1 Death of L Death of L

I cried when I watched L's death

Well OF COURSE L's would be the saddest. He's my favourite character! And I don't like Death Note as much as I used to before L's death. Naomi's death is the second for me. - Goku02

L was such an inspiring and amazing character, and many fans agree with me too. He was intelligent and cunning, and always knew the rival's moves which lead him to reach closer and closer to solving the mystery. It broke my heart when he fell off the chair, and Light ran to save him, as his blank eyes actually showed some emotion in them before they glazed over.

He died to save humanity. He was a good guy, and good guys never deserve to die. He also was honestly the best character, after his death, the story line became stupid because it was just about Light's success at being 'L two'

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2 Death of Light Yagami Death of Light Yagami

As twisted as Light was, I was still really sad when he died.

If you don't vote for light your a criminal

I cried for days after watching him die. He realized he f-ed up, and then dies in the claws (hands? I don't know) of ryuk and Near on the staircase representing that he can not go to heaven or hell, as he is in the middle of the stairs. Light is by far the character I cried for the longest time for in death note.

It's terrible because I feel that when he was dying, he finally realized what he'd done wrong and that he shouldn't have killed L, who was actually his best (and only) friend.

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3 Death of Naomi Death of Naomi

Light Yagami's death made me so satisfied

That is when I started to hate Light Yagami. - Arcxia

I felt like some part of me new this was going to happen but I hoped and hoped that I would not but unfortunately it did I could not stand light after this

4 Death of Soichiro Yagami

It's sad because he died a proud father. Proud of his son. But it turns out that Light is in fact Kira. A father's dream is dead.

Bro, this was super duper sad. Even if Light said he would kill anyone to get his goal achieved, deep down he did care for his dad, L, etc.

5 Death of Raye Penber
6 Death of Mello

Mello was my favorite character.I wanted him to win! Anyways,he helped Near with catching Kira.Without him,I tink Near would not catch him. His personality is like mine. He is the chocoholic just like me...I think he was misunderstood... He deserved much more! I hate Takada! His death scene was so heartbreaking and schoking to me...

I hate Takada so much

L’s was the saddest one in my opinion but Mello should by higher up! I thought Mello’s death was one of the sadder ones! It was sadder then Naomi Misora. This should be at least number three.

(eats chocolate on the outside and says that 'Geez, he had small screen time anyway. Girly-head with a chocolate bar, who the hell adds a fashion reject? Stupid! )


(Dies inside after watching Mello's death)

7 Death of Watari
8 Death of Rem

Killed by love, probably the saddest death in any anime.

9 Death of Takada Kiyomi
10 Death of Misa

You call it saddest! for me it's the happiest death of death note! - zxm

I want this so bad - Sassy13crown

She most likely committed suicide after death of light - zxm

She was my favorite character :'(

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11 Death of Hirokasu
12 Death of Matt

Matt's death showed us the significance of Kira. Mindlessly killed for a dumb reason. By far the most heartbreaking part of the entire show.

13 Death of Aiber

He died in front of his son whos like 7 or something

14 Soichiro Yagami

He in my opinion was a great model of a dad, and all Light wanted him to do in he last moments was to write of Mellow...


15 Death of Near (alternative)

All though I didn't really care about Near, and thought he's just a recreation of L with white hair, it is decently sad anyways.

16 Death of Mikami
17 Death of Lind. L. Tailor
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