Is 2016 worse than 2009 and 2012 combined

After hearing about the death of Actor Gene Wilder yesterday, I have begun to realize that the amount of deaths this year is higher than that of 2009 and 2012 combined

So let's realized who died during those years

2009: The Death of Pop
Starting with the death of Saturday Night Fever/Grease Actor John Travolta's son, the list expands to the deaths of Brittany Murphy, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. The Death of Pop Superstar Michael Jackson on June 25 shocked the world (and almost killed the Internet in the process)

Death of the year: Michael Jackson

2012: We are not 'Stayin Alive'
The year saw the deaths of Davy Jones (Member of the Monkees), Donna Summer (Queen of Disco), Dick Clark (Host of American Bandstand) and Robin Gibb (Member of The Bee Gees and Brother to Barry, Maurice and Andy Gibb) The death of 80's Pop Singer Whitney Houston brought in pourings of grief. The year ended with the death of Jenni Rivera in December (and there was no end of the world)

Death of the year: Whitney Houston

2016: Heaven is partying like it's 1999
This year's deaths include Maurice White, George Martin, Frank Sinatra Jr., Nancy Reagan, Chyna, Lou Pearlman(Yes the most successful manager since Brian Epstein died), Gene Wilder and Antonin Scalia.
The Deaths of British Rocker David Bowie, 80's Rock/Pop star Prince and Champion Boxer Muhammad Ali brought the most shock.

Death of the year: 3 way tie so far (Bowie, Prince, and Ali)

Other years with Major deaths
1959: The Year The Music Died
1970: The 27 Club Expands
1977: The Death of "The King"
1980: The Murder of A Beatle
1984: The Death of Motown
1991: Death of a Champion
1994: Death of a legend and Birth of a Disgrace
1995: The Death of 'La Reina'
1996-7: The Double Murder
2001: The Death of R&B and Another Beatle
2004: Death of Soul
2006: Death of The Show Business
2008: The Joker Dies
2011: She should have gone to Rehab
2013: The Death of Fast and Furious
2014: Death of Comedy and Film
2015: Like Mother, Like Daughter

In conclusion, Hopefully something good comes out of the rest of the year (And don't almost die on us again, Little Richard!)

PS: Comment Down on Who you think will die next and who you hope dies next (Yes, Justin Bieber Qualifies)